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Joined: Jul 7 2007
Who are you...

... calling a plant?

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Joined: Jun 4 2007
unfettered capitalistic badger?


me myself, I'm pretty frigging fettered these daze....

keep up that ad copy, Madison Ave suits never did it better themselves.

'sell the sizzle, not the steak'

works every time.

and yeah, welcome to the site.

( -:


Joined: Oct 31 2009
I liked the "glowing beacon

I liked the "glowing beacon of time's relentlessness" blurb. Of course, all I need to perform that function in my life is a simple hand mirror. :D

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Joined: Jun 13 2007
shock horror

Website owned by band's marketing company attempts to sell their products!

If the GD are as American as baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet. then so are unfettered capitalism, marketing, advertising and money making. You can't have it both ways..that is unless you are one of them socialists!!!!!!!

And as for 'planted posts' encouraging people to buy stuff, well I would say the majority of posts about the releases are complaints. About the full shows/compilations argument and about the dreadful mail order service.

Still I have just ordered my Gold GD tour alumni classic ring for a very reasonable 259.00 and I am going to tell all my friends about THAT.

Also I can't wait for the new seniors range of products including

'Steal Your Face' viagara

and the new tie dye adult diaper range..Tie Diapers.

welcome to new folks by the way.

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Joined: Jun 4 2007
buyer beware

if somebody is 'convinced' by an internet shill, so be it.

if there are actually shills HERE, who gives a fuck?

whatever happened to buyer beware?

people getting paid to post on THIS frigging forum?? sheesh!!!

I'm still waiting for the residuals and royalty checks for the game show and the song parodies and the yuks, ain't never seen a dime from that. ) -:

I'd love to see some incontravertable evidence if anyone really thinks that this shit is going on here.


"You were indicted for conspiracy To obstruct the right of way The plea was civil liberty But it wasn't a judge that day"

--Hunter *****

what i would criticize is the especially hokey and schlokey ad blurbs I seen in the Almanac page;

such as:

"Upgrading the rumpus room Time is all relative, especially when you’re lost in deep thought in your man- or woman-cave. Let this glowing beacon of time’s pestering relentlessness gently shock you back to the quotidian. Battery operated clock and AC neon bulb. Skull ‘n’ Roses Neon Clock $35.00"

"Got tix? Set of 3 encased in lucite and magnetically assisted for heavy-duty refrigerator deployment. Cal Expo Ticket Magnets $18.00"

"magnetically assisted for heavy-duty refrigerator deployment."


yikes!! that copy is downrite scary.

and, yes, I could do better if someone wants to pay me. (no free samples) but I will accept veggie burrittos in a kind trade. ( -:


ps. I hope, I really hope, marye had nothing to do with THAT copy writing

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Joined: Dec 26 2007

all i know is, i come to this website to interact with other deadheads, i have met some of them, they are real people. as far as i know they have not been paid to interact with me (and if they have been, why, i must be either pretty special or a piece of drek)

lamagonzo (not verified)
Who knows...

... what the truth is. Internet marketing is a bold new world. The only thing I ask is that if you're pushing GD merchandise, let me know you're a GD merchandise pusher, not a pretend fan who is writing a false review or recommendation.

The internet sure is convenient and deceptive all at the same time.

Joined: Mar 12 2008

that would really suck if true, and I think folks can tell they've never offered to pay me to kiss their ass. It does seem like there's an awful lot of marketing going on here though.

And you know I'm only in it, for the gold

lamagonzo (not verified)
The name brand "Grateful Dead"

The stealie is the main trademark of the GD brand. The GD are as American as baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet. Most people want to know what is being offered for sale regarding their favorite band and they decide what to buy. Isn't freedom wonderful?

How do you sustain sales as time marches on? One way is to create a website that has the whole catalog. Another is to let the fans interact. Another, more controversial, way is to create the impression that something is popular and because everybody else has it, you should have it too.

There is the old way of creating need by, say, limiting the amount of "bonus" discs being offered. Some people don't like that but at least we all know what it is. The new way is to have people write posts in the forums praising it, even though they aren't fans who never have, nor will they ever, spend a nickel on anything related to the Grateful Dead. Perhaps these people are even paid to write these posts. That may or may not be happening but there is no doubt that people are being manipulated to buy.

I guess what you don't know can't hurt you. Ignorance is bliss. Enjoy your Dead stuff

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Joined: Jun 4 2007

"Just a song of Gomorrah I wonder what they did there Must have been a bad thing to get shot down for

I wonder how they blew it up or if they tore it down Get out, get out, Mr Lot and don't you look around

Who gave you your orders? Someone from the sky I heard a voice inside my head in the desert wind so dry

I heard a voice telling me to flee The very same voice I always believe Said: a lot of trouble coming but it don't have to come to you I'm sparing you so you can tell the rest what you been through

But don't you turn around, no Don't look after you It's not your business how it's done You're lucky to get through

You're a good upstanding man A credit to the flock But if you don't face straight ahead You could not stand the shock"


"If you get confused, listen to the music play

Some come to laugh their past away Some come to make it just one more day Whichever way your pleasure tends If you plant ice, you're gonna harvest wind"


"marketing schmarketing"

-- cc

( -;



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