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Smiles to all!!!!!!!

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aug 9, 1995

having just retired from the navy and looking forward to touring, i had moved my family from cali to my home in tacoma, washington. we had only arrived the night before and my wife had an interview with managers from her company in hopes of securing a position locally. while she was gone i opened up my garage, thinking of surprising her by moving into the house some of the handmade furniture we had brought from the phillipines only to discover it had all been stolen. as i went back in the house to call and inform her the phone rang. it was her, informing me she would have to take a 1/3 cut in pay. more than a little stunned i sat down and turned on the t.v.....guess what was on the news......a black day indeed.

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Hiya Smitty

I remember this day well... I had hitchhiked from Peterborough, Ontario to the interior of B.C., was staying in the Kootenay mountains in a beautiful town called Nelson, with strangers who took us in and shared their home, their love of music, and their amazing collection of instruments... the next morning we walked down into town and heard a buzz - people were talking about the news they'd just heard on the radio - the whole town seemed affected. There was music in the streets that day - people brought out guitars to gather and play and sing - a very communal grieving transformed into celebration... how lucky we were to have shared in the music of such a brilliant soul, and to have those songs to carry into the future... it was clear to me that a countercultural wave was rippling through time, had shed some skin, but had grown another generation... some things change, some remain the same. I'm glad I was in that high mountain town, once an old silver mine. I had the distinct feeling that Jerry's soul was diffusing and spreading out back into the matrix, sharing a bit with everyone. Thanks Mr. Garcia... I'm learning volumes from you to this day. K

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How are you all doing on this day 8/9/2009

where were you 8/9/1995 how did you make it through jerry's death? with friends,with or with out music,I made phone calls, went down to my favorite music store locally here in Santa Rosa,I was surrounde by beautiful people Deadhead and other :},had pizza and rootbeer,went on walks,slept,hugged,rode by bike around town,went throught my deadbases to review reminisce,traded music,went to bookstores were books on the Grateful Dead almost over night popped out,so we could talk with other not so strangers about ourselves and shows,most fans are'nt this deep about what they love,it was intelligent,fun,definitely that unspoken thing wrapped in Synscronicity,the cosmic joke that seasoned Deadheads "got it",I honestly felt I was at the right place at the right time,and never felt better,so we can still trade our music ,our wares via Shakedown street,share our food and thoughts about things,because thats what we do best.Be Well. Larry The Deadhead of Santa Rosa,California :}

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Just jumpin' into these boards...

...and the water's fine, so I think I'll stay in the pool a while :)

"Inspiration, move me brightly"

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any place is good for wishing Jerry a happy birthday, but if you click the great big Jerry picture on the opening screen it'll take you to the Jerry Week topic...

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Birthday Boy!

Could not find where in the forum to place this so here we go,

Happy Birthday Jerry! :) :) :)


ka.swan (not verified)
new to the,to forums computer use as well

went to many shows on the west coast mostly in the eighties to mid was themost wonderful high times Ihad in America! then Ihad to go back to France and never looked back. Thankz to the web and computers which I finally decided to learn to use a bit I find out deadheads spirit survived to it all:time separation, illness or whatever other hardships,even worlds aparts,the daily grind of rotten politics,westill survived.didn't get to meet in one of you personnally of course,and all these funny computer nicknames don't ease me in tofigure out who is talking yet but if you knew my name and still like good vibes or just want one more overseas pal or relate to me all sort of news about deadheads these last 14 years be welcome to contact me .a couple days ago Iwas reading the years lists of the shows and the places where Iwas there and suddenly it was a river rush of vivid memories tha ffood me in,live memories,the sounds,the spirit beings there,the high vibes! the best of America is the Grateful Dead and their gratefull fans .Iam sure glad to find out iam still a live deadhead forever!

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Why? Why? Why?

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Hi Dee Ho!!

Been a Dead fan since I saw 'em as a wee tadpole in 1975 at S.N.A.C.K. Sunday Benefit - Keezar Stadium SF,CA. Glad to be here. Look forward to "sharin'" SB


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