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Hi, Im also new here! It's


Im also new here!

It's nice to be on your community hope to have many friends here.


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that would probably be

the In Search of Info topic...

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Which forum for show questions?

Attended a very amazing show in the early 70's in Atlanta, but cannot find it in Archives, or anywhere else I have looked. I think it was in the Fox Theater, but could have been in the old Atlanta Municipal Auditorium. The band started off with an acoustic set - with Jerry playing pedal steel guitar almost the whole set. Then they took a break and came back out and did two electric sets. It was one of my earliest, and one of the best shows I ever saw (out of nearly 300), but I can't find ticket stubs or a show like it.

Which forum might I find an expert on this sort of thing in? Thx!


lamagonzo (not verified)
According to Dead Base

The album you mention would have come out 2 days before their first gig. By contrast, the first GD album came out 3/17/67 while it's first performance was 12/4/65.

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First album?(Warlocks)

I think I have the first Warlocks album dated May 3,1965 just two days before their first gig please someone help me to find out. Any info would be kind

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Hello all

hello, I am new on this forum and hoping I will have some great time here.

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we love Festival Express so much

it has its own topic!

As for the movie, it seems to go in and out of release. I suspect with the impending theater release something is up. I'll make inquiries.

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My new hobby

I am really excited to have found this forum. I have long loved the Dead. Although I'm coming up on 55 years old in a few months, I will never forgot the magic of a Grateful Dead concert. First time was driving up to San Francisco from Los Angeles in probably about 1977, at an indoor venue. I only wish that I could remember where we went to see them. It had to have been Winterland or Fillmore Auditorium.. Also saw them at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado at night, UCLA Pauley Pavillion, and UC Santa Barbara (outdoor/daytime). Also saw Jerry Garcia with Merle Saunders at a converted movie theater on Lincoln Blvd, in Venice, Ca. Very nice performance. I suppose one regret I have in life is not going to see more of their concerts.

I am just now starting to compile some stuff through ITunes. One tip I'd like to share, I found this DVD for about $6 at Amazon. Festival Express a documentary of a concert tour in Canada, from about 1970. Really some great film making, which includes a very well done New Speedway Boogie, and also some great informal jam session, that includes Jerry Garcia.
Here you are

Could anyone could help me find a reasonable priced DVD of the Grateful Dead movie. They are priced at almost $100 on Amazon. Time to go have a look at the rest of

Thanks, Don

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Hello Everyone

Hi everyone
Been Listening to the Dead for some time
and I am glad that i can talk to everyone about the Dead

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Hi, I'm Mike
I consider myself both a Deadhead and a Juggalo, hence the name.
I'm 18 and have been a fan of Dead for a few years now.
I've met some pretty awesome people already, so i'm digging the site.


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