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Joined: Jun 13 2007

Found you here this morning and
wanted to drop you a vibe and love
and a note.

Being sober will not be hard to be if
you remember that's what you want
to be. If you think you'd rather be
(insert your shoice of words) it will
be aweful and you might fail at your
endeavor. *Want* to be sober and you
will succeed. It won't matter where you
are because our wants almost always
win in our behaviors. Like minded friends
just make it super extra fun. Want all good
things for yourself and you'll find your wants;
right at your own backdoor. We are creatures
of our own pleasures; let being sober be what
pleases you most and the sailing will be
smoother that expected. As for the addiction
part, teach your body well, it needs a new
motivation for pleasure. A brisk walk can get you
high as can volunteering and many other
wonderful, exciting, creative, and magical
choices. All the best to you, jaybird13.
One of my dearest friends friend just made it
to a brand new existence and their life
is brand new. Wharf Rats Rock, be proud.
"Whiskey got no hold on me."
-Steve Earle

Joined: Mar 20 2012
New to the Rats, new to recovery

I just went into recovery from alcoholism last Thursday. I love my new life already but I was concerned about going to shows and festivals this summer without any sober friends. A good friend of mine told me to check into Wharf Rats to help me solve this dilemma. Man, am I glad to know you guys are out there! I will keep an eye on what's going on and will post when I'm out and about to see if any Rats will be going to the same places. I live in Jackson, TN and usually go to Memphis more than anywhere else right now. If there's anybody out there that's in the area please feel free to contact me, I need all the sober buddies I can get. Thanks!

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Joined: Aug 24 2007
From the Haight to the Love

Hey family,
Been a while since I checked in. A lot going on. My son is almost 14. Going through the growing pains of the teenage blues with him. I'm doing good. Learning how to show up different in my life, one day at a time. I'm not agro, or stressed anymore, just sort of calm and serene. I've got some inner peace that I didn't know was possible. In fact when I saw others happy and at peace I thought that they were faking it. That it wasn't real. But now I sort of just roll with the punches. Lost my grandmother in September. That was sad. But again, I've learned some tools since I've been clean and any adversity I face is just an opportunity to become stronger and add tools to my tool box. Christmas is here, yet again, my favorite time of year. I've made a lot of good friends now and most importantly I've connected with my higher power. And trust me when I say that that power metamorphasizes from moment to moment sometimes. What ever keeps me clean but I've built trust with my higher power and from that has come faith!! I am so super blessed.
Actually, I used to run to Haight for the love of the family, never understanding the words of the woman at my first show, "we're your family", I guess now that means that I'm right where I need to be. As much as I love the Haight, I don't have to get outside of myself to find the love anymore. I do miss the Fam though!! One Love!! Peace and Inity forIver!!! I love you family!!
21 months and staying strong!!


Joined: Nov 15 2011
Chicago Further Allstate show

Hi, I've been in recovery for 19 days. I am wondering if there will be a
Wharf Rat presence at the Chicago Allstate Further show this Friday. This
will be my first concert that I attend sober. I was hoping to learn more
about the following:

1. Where is the Wharf Rat table generally located? I realize there will be
yellow balloons, but I was curious if there was a designated area inside
the venue.
2. Would I need a floor ticket to access the table?
3. Is there a meeting preceding the event, and, if so, where and when?

Thank you in advance for any help/information.

- VM

Joined: Nov 12 2011
i'm a young kid and i'm

i'm a young kid and i'm really grateful to have a chance at recovery this early in life. i was on furthur tour for a while and uh ya know, whiskey and l was what we lived on like everyone else.
i remember always walking by the wharf rats table and never knew what the hell was going on. never had any idea that those people were sober or that i was an addict. never knew why everyone was always clapping and why they weren't drinking. i always thought wharf rats was like some group of old heads and i wasn't welcome.
anyways i started getting sober over the summer after catching a case in the summer and i've never been happier. i was at the spac show over the summer but couldn't find the table but i'll be at albany on tuesday and that will be my first wharf rats meeting.

i live in schenectady, ny right now and go to aa meetings around the area. if you live in the area, give me a holler. i would love to meet ya and would love to know if there is already wharf rats meetings up here, and if not, i'd like to try to get it going

see ya tuesday

Joined: Nov 12 2011
nov 16th columbus oh show

my husband n I are both old heads that recently got sober and we are looking for info on the Columbus meeting before the show any info will be helpful thanks

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Joined: Nov 11 2011
MidAmerica further tour

I see you're from Indy. I'm going to St. Louis shows with two sober friends and then to Indy by myself. Will be my first sober show by myself. I'm a guy that just turned 50 and I've been sober a year and a half. Are you going to St. Louis or Indy shows?

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Joined: Nov 11 2011
St Louis and Indy Furthur Shows 11/20 - 11/21

Hey, I hadn't seen anything but a couple of Ratdog shows since 95 until Furthur at Red Rocks last month. Was awesome and I'm going with two sober friends from Little Rock to the St. Louis show. But they're going home and I'm not going to miss the last show of the tour the next night, so I'm heading to Indy. Thing is, it'll be my first time in the environment alone since I got clean/sober March 19, 2010. I expect I need to hook up with some sober Deadheads that will be in Indy. Anybody out there?

Joined: Nov 11 2011
Who's coming to Furthur Chicago/Rosemont shows?

I will be there. Driving up from Indy alone this time. Look forward to seeing the Rats.

Joined: Feb 28 2011
Who's coming to Chicago/Rosemont shows?

Looking for the WR's @
Allstate Arena, Rosemont, IL
Fri, Nov 18, 2011 07:30 PM

Happy to have met Cosmic Charlie E. and the Wharf Rat Group.
Thursday nights at Holy Innocents Church SF
Gave me a Treasured wooden "Chip" that I carry always.
'69 -"80 going to shows lit and "Owled"
Started on the Road to Happy Destiny then and had a time out.
Back to shows since '82 and yellow balloons.
See Ya'!
bear 14


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