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'I was fresh meat': how AA meetings push some women into harmful
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From Don Bryant

ATTENTION ALL WHARF RATS: Tuesday in Atlanta Mom AKA Caroline The original East Coast Table coordinator and Honorary Wharf Rat Queen will be attending the Show. Mom contributions to the Wharf Rat Group are myriad, too numerous to count really. From 1988 until 1994 she tromped up and dow the East Coast doing the Table and making sure it was done right leaving a rather large wake of pure LOVE everywhere she went. She started the newsletter and kept it going for years getting help wherever she could. Bumperstickers, Stickers that you all wear with the one show at a time, so many things about the wharf Rats that we take for granted all credit can be laid at Caroline's feet. She saved the Wharf Rat Table from banishment during a particular episode of very bad behavior by wharf rats who should have known better and I don't know if anyone else could have pulled it off. She doesn't make an appearance very often so if you are in Atlanta come by and give her some Love.

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Good morning rockers!!!!

As many of you may or may not know, I am a bit of a “1971 Dead fanatic”. I have taken on a slightly ambitious project, documenting all 1971 Dead shows, the end result of which I hope will combine numerous “facts/factoids” about shows with recollections of folks who actually attended Dead shows in 1971.

In order to accomplish this, I need the help of the Dead fan community.

ALL contributions will be properly and specifically credited.

If you attended ANY shows in 1971 and have ANY recollections to share, PLEASE consider participating. Please PM me for details.

While of course I’m happy to hear from anybody who attended “classic 71 shows” such as Port Chester, Fillmore East, Harding Theater, Felt Forum, etc., I’m particularly interested in hearing from folks who may have attended lesser known, “out of the way” shows, such as:
1/21/71 Davis
1/22/71 Lane Community College
3/5/71 Oakland
4/14/71 Bucknell
4/18/71 Cortland
6/21/71 Chateau d’Herouville
8/4/71 Terminal Island
10/19/71 Northrop Auditorium
11/11/71 Atlanta
11/17/71 Albuquerque

In addition, if ANYBODY out there has “paper ephemera” related to 1971 shows, Please consider participating. I’m looking especially for:
Newspaper/print media articles
Show posters/handbills
Ticket stubs

Thanks in advance to all who participate and contribute!

Rock on,
Doc Gillespie

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IDK if the other recovery programs have them but I have seen it in 12 step groups like all walks of life. Can be good to listen to some elders. Denver is big and maybe there is a recreational 12 step club to go to. I would research your options rather than try something that is not working for you after you have given it a chance.

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write any time

Many of the people I know did not like AA at first. Stick with it is the 1 program I know of that accepts us no matter how we are there are no clicks it might seem like your to young yet it will stick I believe in you.

Your life is going to get so much better beyond your wildest dreams trust the process Good luck and write me any time you want john

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Many other recovery groups

SMART Recovery - Self Management for Addiction Recovery

Rockers in Recovery

To name a few.

Joined: Jul 30 2015
Denver area

Greetings lovely Wharf Rats,

I just joined the forum. I am based in the Denver area. Very early in my recovery from alcoholism. Got 2 months sober last summer otherwise it's been a struggle to even get a week. I am getting help now from a therapists and group. Any Wharf Rats in the area that can recommend a meeting or support group? I have tried AA several times, I guess I just haven't found my home group yet. I find the age gap tough for me as I am only 26. Anybody else not like AA at first? I am willing to try again, but if anybody knows of a meeting that is especially awesome let me know!
Thanks for this forum and recognizing the need within the music scene. I can only hope as I get furthur along in my recovery I can help others struggling with addiction. We are such a conscious and spiritual group of people I feel the poisons out there are holding many back from reaching full potential. Including myself.

Love you all
Unbroken Heart

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Last nights meeting at the show

was freaking Hugh!Tried to post a pic of 1/2 of it but could't because anonymous.

Hope this info helps

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where are the wharf rats

where are the wharf rats going to be at soldier field?

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@ Christmas

Well said, Sir John....just like the day before Christmas


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