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Joined: Jan 23 2009
new member

hi everyone, I am wayne and am sober this time around about seven months now. I am in the no. orange county ca area and am hoping to meet someone here to go to a few meetings with and maybe catch some of these shows this year. I would love to do a tour sober! Been to one show sober and caught an intermission meeting in La colliseum 1991, had a blast! Anyway just saying hello and hoping to make some new friends.

Joined: Jan 21 2009
Greensboro show 4/12

Looking forward to another sober show and meeting fellow Trudgers along the Golden Road of Happy Destiny.

First Dead show 4/12/71 ... got sober 12/31/82 ... didn't think I could attend a show until I was 5 years sober and only then did so with a friend who was 6 years clean n sober (whom I had taken to Blacksburg, VA show on 4/14/78) and much to our mutual delight we found others like us ... We were not alone ... Wharfrats everywhere

Looking forward to finding the Yellow Balloons and the meeting between sets in the hallway to the left of the stage.

One Show At A Time

Grateful for another Day

Stephen T
Kingsport, TN

Joined: Jan 7 2009
Possible Documentary in Denver 09 and Thanx

I am a student here in Denver and have been participating in a Masters' course on Documentary Production. I am also a fan of the Dead since I can remember listening to music. I have also been sober for just over two years. I am working on pitching a Doc. to my class to make and would love to somehow focus on Sobriety groups in Music concert settings. At the moment the project is in its very early stages of development and there is a very large chance that it will not be made but I wanted to send a message to anyone who might be interested in participating or even talking a little more; especially anyone who might live in denver or be going to the show on May 7th.

**** I realize that this idea comes into the territory of breaking anonymity and am very mindful of that boundary. I would love to hear anyone's feed back on this matter.

I want to say thanks to every one here.


Joined: Mar 12 2008

"The journey is the destination"
Jerry Garcia

Broken heart don't feel so bad......You ain't got half of what you thought you had.

Joined: Jan 14 2009
Thanks HCM and UL

Thanks to you guys HCM and UL it helps to hear helping words from kind like peoples. Peace nad Love

Joined: Jan 18 2009
Me again!

Anyone...I mean anyone...that would like to contact me and talk can e-mail me at

Later ya'll.

Joined: Jan 18 2009
Looking for Community,Kindess, and Love

It's been a while since I have involved myself in any type of Grateful Dead forum. A visit from a friend and a weekend of GD DVD's inspired an overwhelming urge to reconnect. I was a newbie, I started touring in 1990 and saw The Boy's off and on until Jerry's passing. I tried to hang on for Further, The Other Ones, and The Dead but as we all know....times have changed. Although I picked up from my days with the Dead an amazing path of discovery...I also picked up drug addiction. I tried to start a family, tried to make it in babylon, but I picked up opiates (pharmies) and I fell...and fell hard. Even though it is is all part of the path...and I am better off for it. I am clean..I am sober...and I am now a Wharf Rat...never woulda thunk it!

Watching those videos inspired me. I miss all of you. I... love...all of you, and I need to reconnect with my family. Sitting in this boring old town of 16000 people I realize how few of us there really are, although then I thought we were going to take over the world :). It's kinda sad that we have to rely on a cybercommunity but beggers can't be choosers. I know it's still out there...but it's alot tougher than any time in history (just ask the old schoolers what they thought of us newbies). But I absorbed something, and I live with it everyday.

I wish to make some new friends here, and in particular those who understand the ramifications and consequences of drug addiction. Along with the drug addiction, I have had a string of unhealthy relationships. And I don't mean to debase this forum as simply a place to "hook up", but I am looking for that sunshine daydream that contains all of the light that the Grateful Dead personified. Drug addiction and unhealthy thinking has jaded my perception of the American woman, and I had a flash that If anyone had the kind of understanding, compassion, and light that I needed it would be a wharf rat that could restore my faith in a female.

I'm a 36 year old male with a passion for philosophy and esoteric religion (throw in some conspiracy theory) who is seeking a Sugar Mag ,preferably an old schooler who saw the boys in the seventies or eighties, that would like to be my friend and/or promulagate a relationship.
I also look forward to making some friends here along the way.

With all Love, Light, and Laughter................Crypticalmystic

Joined: Jan 19 2009

Checking in as I'm new to this site. I saw 13 shows back in 86-88. I got sober in 89. 20 years later, I'm on board for the DC and Charlottesville shows in April! How do I find you guys at the shows? Much love, Ted

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Joined: Sep 28 2008
2 balloons

thanx dancer. i havent thought of that song in years. saw jerrry joseph here in portland yrs ago.theres another song that hits close too. need to get that CD again. talk about a god shot!

Joined: Jan 18 2009
two balloons

I find the conversation here inspiring. As one who lost some friends along the way, and knowing many on this forum had their own brushes, I thought I would post the lyrics to a favorite Jerry Joseph tune - a kind of reminder and tribute to our journey:

I got two balloons - a red one and a white one
well, I found them underneath somebody's tongue
Two balloons - a means to find my courage
well, it's easier and cleaner than a gun

I lie to you - and everybody else I know
I'm embarrassed to acknowledge I am well
And I fear the truth - and lie at every meeting
it's important to impress you with the chill - with the chill

If I could give you any gift I'd give you strength and comfort in your eyes
But I left my higher power and I did not have the nerve to say goodbye - say goodbye

If I could fly I'd make like a coyote
well, I'd try to shake the shame like it's a trap
Afraid to die - while killing myself slowly
it means paying less attention to the map - to the map

Girl, I'd love to tell you something but I haven't got the words you wanna hear
so I sit here with my balloons - a painless way to kill a couple years - a couple years

And I will try to cool my head and calm my heart

Well, I know that it will kill me but I hope that I can own it in the end
til then I'll be proud and happy to consider my balloons my only friends - only friends

I got two balloons - a red one and a white one
well, I found them underneath somebody's tongue
Two balloons - a means to find my courage
cuz it's easier and cleaner than a gun

I got two balloons...

-Jerry Joseph on "Love and Happiness"

(lyrics might be a little off, but close - this is the way I play it these days, anyway)


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