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Joined: Oct 18 2007

WWJD...something i picked up from shack's posting...what would jerry do?...and i think i will use it, thanx shack!

stay safe and feel good!
>><<<< :>

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Joined: Jun 8 2007
you know our love will not ...

... fade away! bop bop bop - bop bop! ya know kids, the gd were and still are a really wide band. in a ton of ways, they had "dimension." that is what i like about not gettin' buzzed just to be able to listen to them. the "trip" i am on now is one that includes the fellas almost everyday. my first song at my first show was a 'bucket.' go figure, i partied ass. wow, i am glad that viewpoint is over. the stance i have on the music now is all about another dimension. no drugs and no alcohol is a way to stand there and listen (and dance) and have this awesome communication with the artists that i care about most in the world. we have all these people out there telling us how to act and who we owe an apology to (something that happened to me inna email) and these people just do not know the vantage point that includes my perspective. i am so lucky to have seen and feel this whole experience from a range of view. i really like the one i am experiencing now. i already did the other stance. it was good then and this is now. what would jerry garcia want me to do. i think to be true to myself and take a look at the world from "over here." ... you know our love will not fade away! have a grateful day! peace, shack

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Joined: Jun 10 2007
hang in there bro's

HippieChuck-hang tough arthur and jack.there is no law anywhere sayin' you cant still go to meetings,the people are friendly,get a cup o' joe and listen,maybe you'll hear somethin' that works that way sometimes.

Joined: Jan 11 2008
wow!!!after reading this i

wow!!!after reading this i feel like the last addict in the world.but what does sober mean anyway? you can be dependant on nearly everything.feelings,people,moments..etc.nobody is a 100%independant because that would mean he is not connected with live!at least you depend up on oxygene,no???

Joined: Oct 5 2007
hey shack

hey their,thats great im two months shy of 6yrs of sobrity.and this journy only unfolds a dayat a took me some getting used to listinig to shows sober and going to shows sober.but the more you do it it'll get easier.just like living sober.the more you do it you change and get a different view on things,it'll finally click.and you just live each moment as you never have before.and thats not to say that life has its ups and downs cause it does ,but my experience has been,you roll w/ the punches and you trust in a power greater than yourself,clean house and work w/another drunk,or in your case addict,and i can promise you life will take on a new grateful that your jazzed about your new way of life.feel free to share.this is a disease that needs to be talked to death,backed up with action.continue to embrace the music and can always catch a fellow sista or bro at a show so your not doin it alone.may you be launched into the 4th dimenson!!!!!way to go.peace.

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Joined: Jun 12 2007

I have been clean and going to NA for six months now. I agree there are some faults in the program, but it realy has saved my life. Some of the things that I didn't agree with in the begining ( like, that I had a desease ) make more since to me now. I have got back into the music and life now that I'm clean. I live In central Missouri, the only heads around here are meth heads. It is hard for me to relate to the violence and anger that drug seems to cause in people. Turning them on to some dead and JGB helps me feel at home.


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Joined: Jun 7 2007
Clear Head Dead Head

Hey Shack,
I feel ya'! Been clean 18 months now. I work the program in NA. I got back into listening to and collecting Dead shows about nine months ago. Until then I had completely missed the internet revolution. The shows I get now are much cleaner than my old tape collection. And with a clear head, I am discovering what truly awesome musicians these guys were (are). I find the music deeply spiritual and profoundly soul satisfying. Most of my NA family don't get it, but some do.
FYI, there is an NA group in Longview TX called Grateful Heads. Every summer they have a big anniversary party (I think this year will be number 4). I'm gonna go this year and celebrate recovery with a bunch of brothers and sisters.

Keep coming Back!

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Joined: Oct 12 2007
i feel u mr. shack..u know i

i feel u mr. shack..u know i got 2 years and 10 months clean of all drugs and alcohol. i dont know to much about a.a. my heart is in n.a. .there r alot of faults in the program especialy in the people if u look 4 the far as the kind bud and acid not being negative i agree..4 me the disease of addiction is in my thought process. the drugs were just a symtom..what is a highly productive year? love u bro more will b revealed to both of us im sure....

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Joined: Jun 8 2007
those shows are so so now!

firstly, thanks tigerlilly, is that the design on one of jerry's guitars? ahhhh! i love you already. one thing about strict aa people entails this sense of waiting. i am secure in my sobriety and leaning forward towards life. i am not going to pretend that the doses i gobbled and kind budd that i smoked were a negative thingy. the cult atmosphere of my ex-sponsor is not something i want. i am listening to my recently deceased brother fred's first shows in atlanta '90. by the third night's 'shakedown' opener (4-3), he was hooked. this seems like right now, because it is! this grateful dead stuff is timeless, although i will admit that they are not the best at what they do -- they're just the only ones that do it! i never never could have got this far without aa, but i personally am done with it. within these forums are a bunch of mature deadheads that don't really walk around life with a nitrous balloon anymore. i am not going to pretend that i do not know, i do know! i know that i am going to have a highly productive 2008 and it is going to have lots and lots of grateful dead in it. check out set two opener of the show above; "my time coming anyday!" that day is now, rest in peace freddie with 4-1,2,3-90. peace, shack

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Joined: Jul 2 2007
Go Shack!

Tell us whatever is on your mind, and tell us LOUD and strong!!!!!!!!! Nobody's struggles and adventures are being "a pest, or bore" ing anybody!!! 22 months clean and sober-way to go, Brother!
Don't part with your illusions. When they are gone, you will still exist, but you have ceased to live.
Samuel Clemens


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