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Joined: May 20 2008

Hey man - thatz awesome and congratulations. 30 days is long time.

I have been a wharf rat for over 11 years.

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Joined: May 15 2008
30 days today

after years of struglin on junk n countless attempts of getting clean somthin finally clicked in my head like i want to stay alive to go to the next show but that does not mean this is goin to b easy (though im not sick(physicaly) still cant sleep right at night) i know this will pass with time but ineed more thn that i need t talk to some family that under stands what its about im in north jersey(sommerset county) so if any ne on wants to chat pm me please i also would like to hit some phil n friends or some bobby this summer but i know i need to b around clean fam for this to work
peace out

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Joined: Jun 8 2007
what did i miss?

brothers and sisters, i haven't checked the page for a couple of weeks and wow! positive vibrations, rastaman vibration! mike, what you said was well put and to the point. dude, you are welcome to write me 24/7. if i take my eye away from reading wrats page and i could be next to slip. things are way cool and much mo bettah without booze for me. and then my brethern in the post before me reaches his hand out; killer! and "z" before that kicks around some more positive "+" signs. in monty python dialect; "very nice!" ahhhh, it's everywhere: + + + +, it? them! + + + + +'s . hey my dear friends, keep connected because that is helping me at this very moment. anybody email me, anytime. in closing: this art student dude at iupui gave me this beat up cd with garcia/ grisman scratched on it in sharpie. i was checking this little fragile morsel out and knew those selections at first; then zap-ola! some solo robt. hunter with an acoustic terrapin, get this, really; 15 minutes and 51 seconds! love! blah blah more songs, then this jgb tune with jer bear doing "when smoke gets in your eyes!" i am honestly not certain i have heard it ever. in the back of my mind, i knew it was in the jumble of jgb repertoire. i had to tell ya all this. have a grateful day! peace, shack

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Joined: Feb 9 2008

Hi Mike. Nice to meet you. My name is Robert, I live in Sedalia MO. There are no wharf rat meetings here, just NA. Its good to see some new people checking out this forum. Send me an email if you ever need to talk.
Peace, Robert

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Joined: Jun 21 2007
hey now...

had been very involved with the rats in the late 80`s early 90`s,way before tables were admitted to shows.. i then met a woman,who was/is a pothead,stopped working my program,and ended up going back out to insanity for about 13 years..fortunately enough i didnt kill myself,and was able to crawl back, beaten broken and bankcrupt.. now i am back 100+ days or so,looking to pick up (sobriety) where i let off.. would appreciate any/all contact from clean/sober individuals, especially with info reguarding gatherings at summer festivals.. live in nyc area,if anyone wants to hook up for travel,please let me know.. ive used up all of my 9 lives,and cant possibly afford another slipup...
"nothing left to do but---> smile...." mike (nj)

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Joined: May 26 2007
There was a fairly sizeable set-break meeting

at the Phil show at the Greek last year, and a table as well. But I can't speak to the current reality.

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Joined: Aug 24 2007

Are the Warf Rats still going to shows like Phil and Friends? I didn't see any the last time I went to a Phil show. I have hung out at the Warf Rat baloons more than once though, but it would be nice to see them out in full force again. I've been clean and sober this time 3 and a half years. I've been trying to get clean since ninety though, so I feel like my recovery is always very fragile. Maybe this time I have a handle on it.

Seattle Head,

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Joined: Jun 8 2007
boo hiss!

hey kids! well, "frankly" really laid into poor little shack, boo hiss! i am sober sober and i can not let idiots like that destract me from my mission. i am engaged into the wharf rat page here. if anyone cares to look; after a lapse of any sort when nobody is posting, i try to put our choo-choo back on track. thanks to marye for sticking up for me. my post was in no way to promote those fu days. i am saying that things are better now, for a while i did not even want a bike. i am getting pretty disappointed here tho. good luck all and have a grateful day! peace, shack

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Joined: Apr 28 2008
Hey Shoninsf

Good morning. I'm just up the road from you a little ways in Lodi. I've heard of the SF Wharf Rat meeting, but have not yet attended. Used to go to a Friday night Wharf Rat meeting in Indy when I lived there, and we didn't have too many "kids" there, either. I think that it's mostly because we're an older crowd overall, so our meetings tend to attract older folks. Hopefully it's not that us old guys are scaring people away. I think that it's really just that the scene isn't there attracting folks any longer, so new blood doesn't really get mixed in with us remnants. Just my impression.

Hope to see you around. Perhaps I'll find out more about that SF meeting and show up some day.


Joined: Mar 26 2008

I'm in S.F. Thats San Francisco folks.This is where it all started, and I go to a Warfrat meeting and there is only one other "KID"there besides myself there whats up with that????
Where is the FAMILY!?!


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