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Joined: Jul 28 2007
checking in

Not gonna make Chicago, but will be at both Levi's shows...feeling lots of emotion as I begin the all too familiar process of getting ready for shows..especially with all the drama with these being the absolute last shows with all the remaining members of the band. I am also extremely excited just to see everyone, to be able to look out at a sea of deadheads, all dancing and singing along with the music we know like we know our own name...
I know we all miss Jerry so much...he passed on my birthday and his passing forever changed how I 'celebrate' that day...I totally believe that his spirit will be there with us as we conjure up that X factor, the good lord willing..I'll be looking for the WR table!!!

Joined: Nov 16 2009
Looking to hook up with some Wharf Rats in Santa Clara

Coming all the way from Florida to see The Dead for the last time. Looking to find and hang out with all the Wharf Rats. Been a "rat" for over 20 years and am psyched to see the boys and share some fellowship. PM me if you'll be at the show!

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Joined: Apr 20 2015
soldier field

hi friends, i am sober many years now and will be going to the show on sunday 5th was wondering if i can team up with any one who is also on that road and going on the 5th?

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Joined: Sep 28 2008

Checkout WR website or FB WR

Joined: Jan 29 2015

Hi, how can I get a "You Don't Need Drugs To Dance" shirt for the Santa Clara shows?

Joined: Apr 13 2015
Santa Clara?

Hey guys! looking for some folks to hook up with in Santa Clara. Its been a while since I've been to a show and hoping to find some like minded folks to hang with...will definitely look for balloons but would love to connect before hand...Smiles and Hugs

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Joined: Feb 17 2015
WR Chicago attendee!!

Hey All,

Me and a buddy both sober will be in Chi as well. Definitely will be looking for the Yellow Balloons and table etc.

@Brianinnj I sent you a PM from your post on the other page..

Keep in touch. Keep on Trudging!!

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Joined: Apr 2 2009

Ok, you found it already! Great, this is the spot to connect w other like minded. I'll PM you, check your inbox.

Joined: Apr 5 2015
Sober in Chicago

Going to shows in Chicago. These will be my first sober. Looking for like minded people to meet up with I am familiar with Wharfrats meeting at shows but want to make some contacts before the dates. I am in NJ but would like to hear from anyone going sober. Thanks!!!

Joined: Jun 17 2007

Excellent. Will look for the balloons and hope to see you. Grateful for today!


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