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Joined: Jul 20 2007
Happy to be in the miasma of sobriety

Hi all

Good to find this place. Getting sober was tough and one hard aspect was wondering how much of "me" was being lost as so much of my persona had been caught up in using. Sort of like a friend of mine, a professional musician, who was told early in the program that he would have to give up music because it involved playing in bars. He tried that for a short while and realized that it was like having an arm amputated and instead started a musician's AA group. Much better solution. For myself I found that all the best parts of me were still there on the other side only more so, with a lot less fear and shame. I guess I saw the Dead Sober about half the shows I attended, never did connect with the Wharfrat community directly but feel that we were all drifting in the miasma of sobriety and that's good.

Yesterday this day's madness did prepare.

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Joined: Jun 8 2007
so many roads ...

hey kids, wanted to point out that a lot of people think they have everything figured out after a short time sober. sddictions are tricky - well cunning, and that. the point is about getting back on that horsie. way to go arthur! i do not know when it was that you got back and that is not the point even, it is justa thing about "keep coming back." everbody please keep connected, love ya! deer creek - indpls. peace, shack

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Joined: Jul 19 2007
yes, NOW is happening

glad to be sober. My last few shows were sober, but that was then, '90? I've fallen since then, but gotten back up. Any Texas rats out there? We have shows in Austin, no dead related lately. Wish I could see Phil in S.F. I'm a new Whart Rat, don't know anyone yet. Grateful.

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Joined: Jun 4 2007
be here now

tj crowley

thnakyou wharfrats for the option to attend a p.p.t. sobered in early '88 and quickly introduced to the yellow balloon syndrum..again thankyou
oh! clear message(s0 on fried-days 6pm - midnite (e.s.t.) highlights the sounds and vibes of the 60's/70's with a splash of the 50's AND todays sounds/artists
official GD hour 10pm fried-days 6pm - midnite e.s.t.

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Joined: Jun 8 2007
the days between ...

hello rats, ah i am finally what i knew i shoulda been ... a rat! i really do not have anything specific to say, but that sobriety is great. i hear stuff on my ear buds that just wasn't there before, what fun. i love when some misguided person says "they are dead" about the band. what idiots, they just do not realize how little threads like this and these keep it so much alive. just like my ear buds; the creation of new options and of new possibilities is absolutely wonderful. ODAAT!!!! deer creek - indpls. peace, shack

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Joined: Jun 10 2007
thanx for all the hugs....

i never got to see the dead clean.i knew about the WR's,but thought you were all a little i am clean and i KNOW WE are a little strange!lol...i have to say that i have had alot of fun at the furthur fests and other family events since then.i have more fun now because i was always in some horrible haze,unable to see the is great to remember shows now too.what a long strange trip it's been.

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Joined: Jul 11 2007
New to Clean +16 Years

Hope everyone is doing well. I arrived here recently, through the direction of some Dead Head friends I have in the NA Program. Looking forward to the Ratdog Concert at the Greek Theatre in a few weeks. This will be my first Ratdog concert and I'm really looking forward to it. I saw The Eagles at the Staples Center and The Rolling Stones at Dodgers Stadium recently. I expect to have somemore fun at the Greek Theatre too. Take It Easy...

Peace & Hugs,


Joined: Jul 13 2007
Wharf Rats at Council Bluffs RD show

Hey all, Im new 'round here, but wanted to let ya know if your going to be at the Rat Dog show in Council Bluffs IA stop by the Wharf Rat table and say howdy to Clint and Eric and the other Wharf Rats in attendance. I'll be at 10KLF flying my yellow balloons so if you're there say hey:)

Joined: Jun 4 2007
milwaukee ratdog date

Looked for yellow balloons at summerfest ratdog
Were any WR's there? (besides this bear)
Won't make Aragon date in Chicago.

Great 2nd step meeting this am with my homegroup.
Rev Al's, one of the gys at the meeting fronts a band After Curfew(good rockn'roll) plays tonight in hometown music and brat tent The Rev's a bona fide real Rev. and serious heat on the stratocaster.
First show ever Famliy Dog 11/1/69
Too many roads to try to count since then and I've tried
bear's first sober show(s) 3 days at the uptown in Chicago Feb 1981.
First AA meeting 1/24/80. My sponsor gave me Good Orderly Direction and I went with a couple of sober buds, same to this day.
Found the briliant Wharf Rats later on down the line.
Nice to be here.

Joined: Jul 4 2007

good to here from all of you!
lets have a meeting peace and keep it green


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