Grateful Dead

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What are you listening to? What should we be listening to? Share here, in the latest version of this beloved thread.


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Pacific Northwest Box

I have listened to the three '73 shows and will hold off on '74 for a week or so.

I mentioned to someone that the sonics seem to improve with every release - this sounds fantastic!

The only criticism is that the Portland show starts off a little lacklustre, as though either the drugs hadn't kicked in yet, or that they were maybe the wrong drugs.

And a side note: this set really deserves to win awards for the packaging - absolutely stellar!

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Trouble No More

I am listening to this box set of Bob Dylans gospel songs from 1979-1981. The songs are all fairly new to me, and they are holding my attention, inclining me to to play each disc in turn, then start again from the beginning. Great band, too.

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Believe It If You Need It

This compilation sounded so good I ordered the box.

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Pacific Northwest Box

I am fortunate to have purchased the newest box set (fist collection like this from GD I have ever purchased). I was attracted by the art. A love of Northwest people's art iconography culture spiritual message... the first show is beautiful. Thanks GD for this project. Uplifting music excellent sound. I am considering purchasing an Emotiva CD player that decodes HDCDs because this music is so special. Peace, brothers and sisters.

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Richard Thompson

13 Rivers, new album. My favorite singer/songwriter/guitarist of all time not name Jerry Garicia.

I got a notification that I hadn't logged in to this site for 5 years. Wow, really? Used to be here a lot, but I guess that changed!

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Jazz is my thing these days.

I'm currently in a Jazz Faze. Dizzy Gillespie "A Night In Tunisia" great stuff.

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I still have my old walkman, have old dead tapes my art

I have been collecting cassettes since 1977,I'm now 53 and 32 days old, used to record off radio,Kpfa,Kfog,KRQR,KOME and hearts of space and musical star streams in the 1980's,as well as the chill room here in Sonoma county were I lived since 1988,origionally from Sunnyvale both in California,my latest find was at Last Record Store in Santa Rosa,it is a Charlie Parkers Cassette with a little interview of him :)Called Charlie Parker "Choice Bird On JazzBird Label Jaz~2008 haven't heard it yet but must be good,Love good JaZZ as well, some old Relixs cassette that used to be in our Deads Relixs mag, Tangerine Dream,and a huge range of other cool stuff, mostly obscure.I could send you a few if your interested,Be Well Smitty1111

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TOO -> Stella Blue

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Anton Bruckner

Symphony No. 9 in D minor

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listening to

just got the 3 cd hunger. its the lp, test pressing and a disc of related material. its called hunger, strictly from hunger. great organ guitar rock pysch from 68.


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