Grateful Dead

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Jazz to Dead

Count Basie "Decca Recordings" 2/02/39

Lee Morgan "Candy" 2/02/58

Red Garland "Dig It!" 2/02/58

Gil Evans "Complete Pacific Jazz Sessions" 2/02/59

Paul Chambers "Go!" 2/02/59

Lee Morgan "Here's Lee Morgan" 2/02/60

Bill Evans "Explorations" 2/02/61

Grateful Dead Crystal Ballroom, Portland, Or 2/02/68

Grateful Dead Fox Theatre, St. Louis, Mo 2/02/70

Happy Ground Hog day!

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What am I listening to right now?

Sitting at my desk at work, listeneing to Baltimore Civic Center. Baltimore, Maryland 9/17/72 Dick's Picks Volume 23. Three hours till I can go home. My wife and best friend Sally is getting ready to have our third baby together. Evangeline will be here on the 13th!!! What a long strange trip it's been!!!

jonapi (not verified)
evolution is their game


jonapi (not verified)
covered in blue grey

Widespread Panic - January 25, 2012, The Fillmore, Silver Spring, MD.

jonapi (not verified)
crystal bells seep and tumble

7 Walkers - September 8, 2011, Sun Music Hall, Floyd, VA.

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Tremendously Fascinating.

Sacrifice, xo.

A 700 class for sure.

I love you much
so, so, so much
so much...

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GOGD 7/31/74 Dillon Stadium (DL's Picks)

Thought I'd give it a listen before it gets pulled from the Archive, Not bad at all. I was wanting to hear it before deciding to buy a subscription. This was the show that was described as the rowdiest ever (Altamount doesn't count, the Dead backed out).

You can definitely here Jerry trying to fathom just what the hell is going on with all the fighting & drunkeness & bad drugs. His vocal on Bertha really stands out with this line:

"Try to see what's goin' down, try to read between the lines"

I think the band just about couldn't handle what was going on right in front of the stage (and all over the place) and they all just concentrated on playing their instruments well & mellow. That is why this show is so good. They were trying their best to chill people out.

If you did the 90s like I did, you saw things getting out of hand, but, apparently, not like this show.

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Miles Davis

"Kind of Blue" or: Always sublime.

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The Little Willies

For the Good Times

This, I will say, is weird. My company's block on the website appears to have occasional lapses or gaps. I managed to get in yesterday to order DaP#1, but couldn't link from the store back to the main site.

And today on the 6th try, here I am. My next attempt will no doubt be repelled again, but I'll keep on trying. I feel as I'm fighting a war of attrition, but as seiges go, I've got plenty of patience.

Happy Friday, folks. Glad to be able to say that...

jonapi (not verified)
a column of high

Grateful Dead - August 5, 1979, Oakland Auditorium Arena, Oakland, CA.


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