Grateful Dead

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For My Philly Crew

"Tales of the Great Rum Runners" Robert Hunter > "Cassidy" Furthur - Mann Cntr 7/10/10

It was wonderful to be together again if but for a few hours; I love you guys and hope to see you soon!

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Jimmy Buffett from Gulf

Jimmy Buffett from Gulf Shores Alabama on Margaritaville[XM 55]

Joined: Jan 2 2008
Dicks pk 18

This is so beautiful...I am starting to really dig 1978 ..of course May and June of 77 are some of the hottest.Funny thing about this band...It is really like 5 or more different bands...Late 67 sounds nothing like late 1974.....1970 sounds nothing like 89 and 94 sounds nothing like 1972...Thats what makes this band so great...Kind of like the beatles...Meet the Beatles sounds nothing like Sgt. Pepper. Hard days night sounds nothing likeThe White Album. same with Miles Davis compare Kinds Blue To Bitches Brew ....ahhhhhhh all this great music.Sometimes I wonder if I should get a life...I spend 75% of eachday listening to Music...I don't mean background music while I read but seriously LISTENING...I think I would go mad w/o music any simalar feelings

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Furthur on

Still 5/30/10 FurthurFest

Terrapin Station set

Oh my, major spam avalanche on the forums this morning....Green Tea, anyone?

lamagonzo (not verified)
12/26/80 Oakland Auditorium Arena

Alabama>Promised, TLEO, CCRider, Althea, Cassidy, Fenerio, Sailor>Saint>Deal

Once again proving that they fit this venue like a glove and that this was a place to call home.

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A High School Radio Station

Something happened to radio reception at work several weeks ago during the time of some building work and remodeling. Normally I listen to WXRT for background sound, too much to deal with CDs and such, but it is more static than station now :( The only station that comes in clear is from the high school a few blocks away. Since it is summer there is no one live on the air, most likely a computer play list. It is an odd mix that I would expect from college radio and well I don't think I've ever heard a high school station before. Old Iron Maiden from the '80s, the full version of the Star Wars theme I heard earlier, U2, Rage Against The Machine, Foreigner and something modern alternative that I can’t name but have heard before. Now it is Cuts Like a Knife by ummm darn his name is on the tip of my tongue>info>a fairly recent mellower Aerosmith song, I don’t know the name. And now some more older Iron Maiden again, I’ve had several interruptions while writing and well I am at work so that comes first. Another interruption and I come back to hear the end of Tales of Brave Ulysses>Girls on Film. They have a 10 minute or so bit on the boys, history and discography, probably a student project. If I was not all over the place here this week I'd bust out the portable satellite radio again and put on the Dead channel.

As far as Dead related I've got Road Trips VOL 3 NO 1 in the car CD player, yeah yeah I’m a little behind LOL.

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Baseball game...

ended @ 15-2! Go Giants!

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Red Rocks July 8, 1978

What a way to end a show!

Wharf Rat > Franklins > Sugar Mag > Terrapin > Saturday Night > Werewolves of London

"Lazy lightning you say you never strike the same place. I want a double dose in any case" ... "You got to hear my supplication. Got to hear me now. A little bolt of inspiration"

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GD Live in Port

Live in Port Chester
"Beautiful Jam"

Can't find this song anywhere else.
It rattles my insides....

"Honest to the point of recklessness...... "

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Back to our regular programming...

Furthur, 5/30/10 FurthurFest

The Aoxomoxoa Set

I'm loving this stuff!


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