Grateful Dead

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China Cat Sunflower > I Know you Rider

Monday morning starts moving with good coffee and the real nice jam coming out of China from Oklahoma City on 10/19/73. Great interplay between Jerry and Bobby.

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Mr. Lesh

Phil really is one of Classic Rocks most important bassists. His knowledge of music, with or without the Dead, is amazing. His skills and style can't be compared to anyone else. He is a good definition of a trend setter, because his long jams and creativity spawned so many great bass players. Thank God I got to see him live (with Furthur, due to my age) he, and the band, were great.

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Playin' In The Band from "Closing of Winterland"/"Grateful Dead Movie"

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He's Gone

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The White Album. #9, #9, #9. I got blisters on my fingers!
Did I really listen to this album that much during my teens?

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Learn and Burn

The Sheepdogs

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download vol 11

the show from pine knob 91, on spotify. right now i'm listening to birdsong, and it KILLS! phil is just amazing...

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DeP's #162

Coleman Hawkins "1929-1943" 3/02/35

Gil Melle "Complete Blue Note" 3/02/53

Dave Brubeck "Jazz at Oberlin" 3/02/53 (w/ the fabulous Paul Desmond)

Miles Davis "Kind of Blue" 3/02/59

Tina Brooks "The Waiting" 3/02/61

Grateful Dead Fillmore West 3/02/69

Stan Getz "Captain Marvel" 3/02/72

Grateful Dead Cleveland Music Hall 3/02/81 (courtesy LtaPilot)

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The Dust Blows Forward, and the Dust Blows Back

Captain Beefheart's original cut of "Bat Chain Puller," which was just released by the ZFT ( as well as "Mr. Anonymous" and "Mr. Anonymous 2" by Mr. Anonymous, whom I highly recommend if you're into reggae/dub at all. All his music is free if you go to his website:

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John Stewart was no slouch.

I was listening in for Davy Jones news on Sirius' 60s station on Wed. Callers were telling their Monkees stories, then each got to make a request. I heard three of them: all three requested songs that Mickey Dolenz sang lead on. Wrong guy, dude's still alive!

Nevertheless, I got to hear "Pleasant Valley Sunday," a great Goffin/King song, for the first time in a while. Always loved the opening line:

The local rock group down the street is trying hard to learn this song...


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