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I don't think that I realized how much the E72 listening experience skewed my Dead brain until I started through this show for the second time. I keep waiting for "Black Throated Wind" and some combination of "Mr Charlie" and "Chinatown Shuffle" to pop up in the first set, and it just doesn't happen. And no "Playing in the Band?"

In some ways, it's kind of a relief. But still, I do miss Pigpen...

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GOGD 12/31/81

This show was three sets electric, 1 acoustic with Jone Baez hanging out all night after the 1st set acoustic and adding in her vocals at points. She ends the night with Jerry on Baby Blue. Always wanted to hear this but was disappointed, even with Kesey's lead-in to New Year countdown... Kesey isn't bad but you can hear the air going out of this scene in the first electric set when Jerry improvises on Big Boss Man with the line "...and you won't let poor Jerry stop."

They should have taken at least a three month break after this run. They only did about seven shows in Cali and nearby Reno before starting the East Coast Spring tour on 4/2/82, but it still makes me sad to hear this. 82 was not a stellar year for the gogd, nor was 83 -- but there was still some good reasons to be on tour. There were always moments and some good, solid shows in this 2 year period.

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gogd 12/28/69 Miami Rock Festival

Cold Rain & Snow; Stage Banter; Too Hard To Handle; Mason's Children

They left the racetrack a "smoldering ruin". Mason's Children is off the hook.

The Nakano Pancake (not verified)

great selection fritzworld!
the D.A. Srinivas video is wonderful.
anyone who mentions Tin Hat Trio, Incredible String Band and Gangubai Hangal in the same post is okay with me!!

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Here's a few YouTube links to

Here's a few YouTube links to my present favourites:

Tin Hat Trio
IncredibleStringBand-The Half-Remarkable Question
The Incredible String Band - Painting Box
Shakti - 1977 Pori Jazz Festival
Tinariwen - Live at Womad
Amy Winehouse at Glastonbury 2007
lakhan das
Thaamra Lochani Lathangi (Dr.M.Balamuralikrishna at Perla

...I could go on forever...for more go to my YouTube Channel <321Vetter>,there's lots of playlists and abo's of other amzing music channels.
I hope you enjoy!

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Elvis Costello and the Attractions

Get Happy!

Words I'm struggling to live by right now.

Haven't listened to this one in a few years...nice Friday drivetime tunes. Elvis is King!

New Amsterdam it's become much too much
Till I have the possession of everything she touches
Till I step on the brakes to get out of her clutches
Till I speak double dutch to a real double duchess

The Nakano Pancake (not verified)
lost in laos

yeah, jadublu!! Dengue Fever are excellent!
their first record on Web Of Mimicry is fantastic!
check out this live performance at Amoeba if you haven't already -

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Run Chicken Run

Listening to the Felice Brothers, the Duke and the King and Dengue Fever.
Can't seem to get enough!!!!

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Yonder Mountain String Band

Playing this Saturday in Knoxville, and the party has already started ... 46 hours to go ...

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Spotify gogd?

I just tried to create an account on Spotify as just announced they have "8 hours of classic tracks" there. I found it impossible to create a user name and password on Spotify for the free account. Alternatively, you can log in through Facebook, and they offer to set up that account for you.

I guess if they can't make money off of you, you can't set up the free account. Anybody else trying to set up the free account?


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