Grateful Dead

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Monk to Dead

Gerry Mulligan/Thelonious Monk "Mulligan Meets Monk" 8/13/57

Tiny Grimes With Jerome Richardson "Tiny In Swingville" 8/13/59

Freddie Redd "Shades of Redd" 8/13/60

Paul Desmond - Gerry Mulligan "Two of A Mind" 8/13/62

The Great American Music Hall "One From the Vault" 8/13/75 This was my first boot - got it on vinyl at a tiny place called the Grok 'bout thirty years ago. It was an abridged version of the show but the absolute heart was left intact with Jerry's guitar much hotter in the mix. When it was released as FTV, I was ecstatic - happy, too. It's such an uproarious occasion -the whole place is so charged!!! It's truly one for the ages. Thanks, GDP/Rhino, and the GOGD.

"Where does the time go?"

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"a typical daydream"


"Maybe the sun is shining, birds are singing,
No rain is falling from a heavy sky."

Robert Hunter

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From the West to the East and back again...

Clifford Brown "Jazz Immortal" 8/12/54

Art Pepper "The Artistry" 8/12/57

Red Garland "Rediscovered Master, Vol.2" & "Stretchin' Out" 8/12/59

Coleman Hawkins "With the Red Garland Trio" 8/12/59

Sacramento Memorial Auditorium 8/12/72 What a Bird Song!

Salt Palace (Salt Lake City, UT) 8/12/81

"Where does the time go?"

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Umphrey's Mcgee live of couse

Old Dead Head trying to learn the computer

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WWOZ/ new orleans

streaming wwoz outta new orleans! it's the best. champion jack dupree baby... we should have a gathering of dead heads who hang a lot in the big easy--we need to stick together. see you on frenchmen street.

Joined: Aug 12 2008
what am I listening to?!

Friend of the Devil!!!!

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BSO Dead Symphony

Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
Dead Symphony:A Symphonic Tribute to the Grateful Dead
Joseph Meyeroff Symphony Hall

source:Neumann SKM 140->Lunatec V2->Sony SBM1->Tascam DAP1

01.Finniculi Finnicula
02.Saint Stephen
03.Here Comes Sunshine->
04.Mountains on the Moon
05.Blues for Allah
06.Sugar Magnolia
07.To Lay Me Down
08.If I Had the World To Give
09.Stella Blue->Jam->
10.Bird Song
11.China Doll
12.Finniculi Finnicula

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Spanish Jam

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Viola Lee Blues ~ Very fitting for Today!


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New Riders

New Riders of the Purple Sage
Gathering of the Vibes
Seaside Park
Bridgeport, Connecticut

01 Contract
02 I Don't Know You *
03 Ghost Train Blues
04 Henry *
05 Deep Elem #
06 Garden of Eden *# >
07 The Last Time *# >
08 Garden of Eden *#
09 Louisiana Lady
10 Panama Red

* with Donna Jean Godchaux
# with Jeff Matson

Source: (OTS 15ft ROC) Neumann U89i (Subcard, NOS, -80h)> Apogee Minimp> Apogee Minime> (Digital) + Neumann KM184
(DIN)> Grace Design Lunatec V2> (Analog) Edirol R-44 (with Oade concert modification). All 4 channels recorded
at 24/48 on a 8gb Transcend class 6 SD card. All 4 microphones were on the same microphone stand at approximately

Transfer: SD card> Card reader> PC. Samplitued SE No. 9 (Normalize, fade in/out, resample, dither, merge two
sources)> CD Wav (tracked and converted to Flac).

Recorded by: Ed Guidry ( Email me with any reseed requests.
Thanks to Rob Clarke for the clamp space and patch from his 184 rig.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Spanish Jam

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Hey You-grdaed73

just saw your post of 8/6/08, TC-how funny-it was that PR from '69 why I didn't go off to college right away.......instead-wanted to "walk off & look for Amerika"............went to see the grandkids-left town listening to Quicksilver's Happy Trails.......
right now-listening to the 2008 Olympics-man they're amazing! xox Gypsy Cowgirl


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