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What Are You Listening To RIGHT NOW? - Part 9

It is WAY past time to have a new version of this! So here it is! What's coming through your speakers and headphones?


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Joined: May 4 2010

I'm a new listener to the dead, in my early 30's. Was never really exposed to any of it until
a couple of months ago. Lately I've been listening to the complete Winterland recordings
from 1973 and 1977. I bought them both! My favorite is the Saturday night show from the
73 box, especially the Weather Report Suite. Also been diggin on Dick's pick's vol. 4 and 8.
I really love the complete concerts, get to hear a lot on sirius. hoping to buy some more dick's picks soon any recomendations?

Joined: May 8 2010

Thanks for the perspective- I agree I can't envision Nicky playing for the Dead but sometimes I wonder where a stronger player may have taken them. The two drummers comment made me think of Billy Cobham with Bobby and the Midnites -don't want to play dream bands but.. imagine where they could have gone....and PS you made me put on "Straight, no chaser"

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Hopkins vs. Godcheaux

Nicky was as much a leader when he was with Jerry as was Jerry. Nicky loved his blues and Keith played blues - or whatever genre - but he had a love for gospel and was a natural at jazz. Had there been two drummers when he joined the band the band's development would have been a lot different. Keith gave Jerry space and took a back seat almost always. He will forever be seen as lame by many, but his unforced, graceful style is what I'll always admire. I don't see Nicky Hopkins playing for the Dead, but he sure laid it down real hot in Jerry's band!

Thanks for sparking my thinking about piano, jaynndonna - it's a favorite instrument. I'm listening to Thelonious right now!

" Where does the time go? "

Joined: May 8 2010
JGB keyboard players

Been listening to JGB @ Keystone with Nicky Hopkins. Finished and put in "Don't Let Go" ... and had to ask if anyone else noticed the amazing difference. Hopkins was just infinitely more talented, fit in better, supported Jerry more, and added to the performance in ways Keith just couldn't seem to imagine. Not just trills and frills but solid playing with a real contribution!
PS I'm not a newbie; 55 yo seen at least 100 shows(if you count the dead, JGB, bobby and the midnites, ratdog, some rex shows) Am I alone in this?

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Joined: Jun 13 2007
Zero Live at Chi Chi Club on 1987-04-24

from Internet Archive

Rigor Mortis
Tangled Hangers
Higher Ground
Blues Thing
Tear Tags Off Mattresses Baby I Love You
Goin' Down

If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.
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Jim Croce is great!

I am listening to "Time In A Bottle" by Jim Croce. This is one of my favorite songs.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

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Got to get over the hump...

Here, here, Rider! And what a hump day it was... geesh

Got KJazz online radio streaming our fave program, Jazz on the Latin Side. Check it out:

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Joined: Oct 23 2007
Primal Gems 66, not sure which show.......

Thank you kindly Stuman!

Pigpen Preachin is a perfect way to start hump day :)


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Small Faces "First

Small Faces "First Steps"
Black-Eyed Peas "T.H.E.E.N.D."
NY Metropolitan Opera "The First Emperor"
Searchers "Best of"

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go jonny go go go go johny go go go johnny be good!!!
Teddy Dave Says!!!


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What Are You Listening To RIGHT NOW? - Part 9