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music of the moment & mp3 player

Although I have no mp3 player or ipod or even a cellphone, I do have a CD player in my car. Today I was listening to the end of the Richmond Mosque show from 1977, Dave's Pick #1. Oh, and Dave, in case you see this, fantastic job on the series, I got a subscription and am real glad I did. Great choices so far; you even released the very first show I saw. That was very cool. So, just, Thanks a lot Dave! Also, I like the seaside chats you use to introduce these sets. But anyway, listening to "The Wheel," and I'm wondering: HAS the thunder ever gotten anyone? If so, please tell the story.

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Stella Blue

I believe April 19 1982 Baltimore. Damn he sounds good! Sing me away!

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Del McCoury Band

at the Shade Gap Bluegrass Festival (Pa.) 8/08/69 Beautiful three and four part harmonies.

A great BWV 488 is by Murray Perahia. Really articulate and warm-toned - hits the spot.

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Track: Over It
Label: Punch Drunk
Cat#: DRUNKCD001

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@katky111 re: Goldberg Variations

Check out András Schiff:

Tureck (quite different and quite slower):

The Gould '81 remains inspiring to me and I'll likely get it. I already own the Schiff, some of the Tureck (among a couple others: Simone Dinnerstein, Vladimir Feltsman) on tape or cd.

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{{{{Skee, JT & WTJ}}}}

After an 11 1/2 hour day, spent entirely at a desk researching and writing (0730 to 1830) without reprieve, it was wonderful to open this thread and find your posts (as well as your lovely message, Randall).

Skee: I'm not familiar with GP, but as I don't own any mobile devices (gasp!), it would probably be of limited utility, though I'd love to be suddenly possessed by the demonic inspiration required to enter my collection in a printable/reviewable database.

Don't I know Spring '77(?!) Like y'all (probably), I've got the commercial catalogue plus some exquisite SBDs for the run of the 7th through the I recall, 5/15 was a forum favorite during the raging post-release debate!

WTG: First off, I'm a deep shade of emerald over the mere fact you have a "local shop"; naturally, you WOULD know the proprietor's name (sigh)...such a small addition to our county commerce would make my dark corner of Appalachia oh so much nearer to thee, my Lord!

The transformative power of G's GVs does not dim with time or repeated listening. Great, great, great call. I'd be curious to know what release(s) you're listening to as, in the past, I've only borrowed copies from a Judge I work with, though Sony's remaster of the vaunted '55 original recording has haunted my Amazon Wish List for a year now.

JT: Earlier, in the 'what's yer job' thread, I explained how the opportunity to work behind closed doors w/o any public and only marginal coworker interaction played an important factor in the acceptance of my current employment, despite forfeiting $$$, professional visibility, and upward mobility had I stayed in the courtroom. Obviously, your duties of monitoring the fleet present a much greater distraction than any I face, but it also sounds like you have the opportunity for valuable quality time with your music! Keep posting your play lists.

It's becoming rather (painfully) apparent that I've barely spoken with anyone since sunrise :O ...however, before signing off, let me get on point: Today, all day, I listened exclusively to a staggering array of magnificent performances courtesy of Toscanini and the NBC SO (I bought the Complete RCA Red Seal collection), to include Shostakovich's symphony 7 (brute military strength); LVB's 3rd (my favorite) and 5th; Dvorak's 9th; Brahms 1st; and a first exposure to Cherubini's symph. in D major plus various overtures./peace and out, kate

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They tell me to so I must

I have taken my vast collection of Dead shows and uploaded them to Google Play. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Google Play I highly recommend it. They allow you to upload 15,000 songs for free. That is an insane amount of music. I have spent the better part of the last year uploaded darn near everything I have into the cloud and I am at around 9500 songs. 3250 of those are Dead tracks which include studio albums. Now I have access to my entire library basically anywhere I go. I am fortunate in that I am able to stuff by buds into my ears at work and listen to music all day long. You have to love the world we live in from a technology perspective. I digress.

All of my live Dead stuff is broken down by date. Take the latest Dave’s Picks 11 for instance. I have split those out into their 2 respective dates. Some of these are incomplete shows and some are just 1 or 2 songs from a show. Anyway, I have 180 shows in my spreadsheet. does the rest. It spits out a number and that is the show I go with. The caveat being that at least 3 months needs to have passed since the last listening. The magical computer beings tell me what to listen to. Who am I to argue?

Today the beings have instructed me to transport myself to St Louis Arena 1977-05-15. This show is of course part of the May 1977 box set. Looking at the playlist the biggest thing that separates this show from the other 4 in this set is that neither “Fire On The Mountain” or “Terrapin Station” are part of this show. The other 4 shows contain at least one of these two songs. I have not yet been through this entire show. I have heard parts of it but am looking forward to hearing it from beginning to end. That was pretty long-winded but I like to hear myself read. See y’all when I get back from St Louie.

1. Bertha
2. Good Lovin’
3. Row Jimmy
4. Minglewood
5. Tennessee Jed
6. Lazy Lightning
7. Supplication
8. Jack-A-Roe
9. Passenger
10. Brown-Eyed Women
11. Dancing in the Street
12. Estimated Prophet
13. Eyes of the World
14. Drums
15. Samson & Delilah
16. Ship of Fools
17. St Stephen
18. Iko Iko
19. Not Fade Away
20. Sugar Magnolia
21. Uncle John’s Band

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Track: Eyen
Label: Warp Records
Cat#: WARPCD84

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1968-02-14 - Carousel Ballroom


I didn't see your comments until after I had listened to the show. I am definitely with the community consensus on this one.

The first set is raucous, raw and up-tempo. The second set continues as the first left off until Cross-Eyed morphs into Spanish Jam and then everything changes. Spanish is a wonderful journey in and of itself. Alligator-Caution-Feedback continues the trend and then they polish everything off with Midnight Hour which ends in a fantastic jam.

Solid from start to end. The more I hear the very early stuff the more I appreciate it. It is fun to hear them just starting to work on what we know follows in the years to come.

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Ian and Tull

Hi Katyky....

Well I haven't seen the documentary but I do know he is owns a fish farm. :)

I am not really sure if any other members of JT will be with him in Austin, it's billed as IA doing the songs of Jethro Tull so it does make me wonder. I have a "long lost" 1st cousin, actually I have yet to meet him, that lives in Austin. He is a professor of art at one of the universities there. We hooked up online via Facebook and found that we have many things in common, so he invited myself and my two sons over to Austin for the concert and bought our tickets!! Yay!!! It will be a very interesting night I'm sure.

I have been a fan of JT for many years and I did catch the Rock Island tour some 20ish years back in New Orleans. I know no matter who will be there as his band it should prove to be a great show.

Right now, I'm not listening to anything but the phones ringing as I am settling in for an overnight shift dispatching trucks. However once it gets closer to midnight and things slow down, I'll dig up some music to listen too... maybe some Tull!

Peace! JT (my initials!!)


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