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Louis to Jerry

Louis Armstrong "Hot Fives & Hot Sevens" 6/23/26

Billie Holiday "Complete Colombia Recordings" 6/23/38

Big Brother & the Holding Company featuring Janis Joplin Carousel Ballroom 6/23/68 (Bear's Sonic Journals #1) Invest!!!

Grateful Dead Jai-Alai Fronton 6/23/74

Jerry Garcia Santa Rosa High School 6/23/77

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Great day - great session!

Duke Ellington "The Duke's Men, Vol.2" 6/22/38

J.J.Johnson "The Eminent J.J.Johnson, Vol.1" 6/22/53

Sonny rollins "Saxophone Colossus" 6/22/56

Elmo Hope "The All-Star Sessions" 6/22/61 Where there's Monk & Nichols, there's ...

Miles Davis "Nefertiti" 6/22/67

Grateful Dead Central Park 6/22/69

Grateful Dead PNE Coliseum, Vancouver 6/22/73

Grateful Dead Jai-Alai Fronton, Miami 6/22/74

Grateful Dead Tower Theatre, Pa. 6/22/76

Bob Marley Straffordshire, UK 6/22/78

Lowell George 6/22/79

Happy Friday, y'all!

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07-29-1974 Capital Centre, Landover, MD - To Lay Me Down

This is arguably the best TLMD I have heard... Everything about this is amazing... quality, jerry's sweet soulful voice, The crispness of his guitar, the electric piano and even Donna's singing...

If you want to relax on a friday night... prep yourself and kick back in a comfortable chair and crank this up... It will ease your soul...

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Jack White


Not quite the guitar workout I'd have expected, but I am enjoying the vinyl quite well, thank you.

And thank you jonapi for the Yo La Tengo vid. A nice kick in the ass for a Friday morning. Hard to believe that these guys have been around since the '80s...where does the time go?

jonapi (not verified)
song on a rooftop

Yo La Tengo

Joined: Jan 18 2009

........Dylan & Dead rehearsals vine---one of the finest things I've gotten off this magnificent medium----many thanks to all in their heartfelt love & joy to keep on keepin on---What a long-strange trip it's been.......Keep on Smilin!! Da Roach!

Joined: Jun 13 2007

"Believe it if you need it or leave it if you dare..."

Happy Summer Dayz A-Head!

Peace, love, music, safe-travels, friends and family...
and every good wish there ever was to You--->All, xo!

I love you...All, xo!


jonapi (not verified)
tracer soul and sunshine hits

Sonic Youth - 5/19/1998, Ogden Theater, Denver, CO.

jonapi (not verified)

yeah, Prince Far-I was mighty.
and the On-U Sound guys are excellent. a good friend of mine handles all their artists for release in Japan.
many a classic story too about Lee Perry arriving in Narita and immediately wanting to smoke a spliff; he simply doesn't recognise that it's illegal. to him it's a normal plant (i'm with ya there Scratch...). spent the entire time traveling with him from the airport into Tokyo with him asking every ten minutes or so, "can i smoke now?"
"no, Perry-san, absolutely NOT!".
he's like a big kid!

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Dubbing it

..thanks for the reminder Deadicated...I have not had a roots session for quite some time (too many dang Grateful Dead releases to listen to ;-) ). I lost a lot of roots gems on a non backed up hard disc a while back and my vinyl is scattered around the globe. A lot can be recovered through the maze of blog sites but it takes so much time.

Don Drummond is a barely recognised genius. If he had been playing jazz in New York at that time he might have been a star...I imagine him as a sideman for it was his life disintegrated into a nightmare. The great Rico Rodriguez kept the trombone tradition going though.

ahh yes..those heavy heavy roots and dub shows in London in the 70s and the chance to see Sly and Robbie almost every week. Prince Far-I was the hardest and heaviest..


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