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I've recently been listening to a site called radioio dot com / channels / dead. All Dead, all the time, with some commercials. They go real deep into the good stuff. Haven't been disappointed with it at all since I stumbled into it last week. But, you have to refresh if you want to see what you just heard. Check it out, it's a winner.

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Happy 39th Anniversary Watkins Glen Summer Jam

Listening to the 7-27-1973 Watkins Glen Summer Jam Soundcheck......"And the fields are full of dancing, full of singing and romancing….and the Music Never Stopped”!

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Ray Wylie Hubbard

The Grifter's Hymnal

This album is real good.

If I was going to name a probable guest star on a RWH album, Ringo Starr probably would not have made the list. If I was going to name a songwriter that he might cover, Richard Starkey would not have made my list either. But "Coochy Coochy" is there with Ringo singing and playing, and somehow it all still fits.

Not from "Coochy Coochy":

And sure I drank a lot of gin and tonic
But I never threw away my Panasonic
I kept that turntable through my divorce
Playing Neil Young and Crazy Horse
Drunk out of my mind singing Tonight’s The Night
It was as lethal on vinyl as China White

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Lyrics to My Sisters And Brothers :

I wanna say to my sisters and my brothers
Keep the faith,
When the storm flies and the wind blows
Go on at a steady pace,
When the battle is fought and the victory is won
We call all shout together,
"We have overcome!"
We'll talk to the Father and the Son
When we make it to the Promised Land.
Walk together little children,
You don't ever have to worry,
Through this world of trouble
We gotta love one another,
Let's take our fellow man by the hand
Try to help him to understand
We will all be together for ever and ever
When we make it to the promised land.
Our Bible reads,
"Thou shall not be afraid
Of the terror by night
Nor the arrow that flies by day,
Nor for the pestilence
That walketh in the darkness,
Nor for the destruction
That waiteth in the noonday hour."
This world is not our own,
We're only passing through,
Our treasure's all laid up
Way beyond the blue,
Let's do the very best that we can
While we're traveling through this land
We can all be together,
Shakin' our hair,
When we make it the Promised Land.
Children, we can
Make it to the Promised Land, (repeat a bunch of times)
We can all be together
For ever and ever
When we make it to the Promised Land.

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A full show is where I'm going to go, see ya in there, xo!

How sweet...a pre-party is streaming for Jerry!

Are you ready, I mean, if ya had to be ready...HA!

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Rocking to Taper's Section
(ever so delightfully dated, ahem, xo)
(chuckling perfectly too)

Now I need a minute with the
fix I get from this song...

"singing this refrain..."
It's a brain eraser, if ya get crazy with it.

let the Jerry pre-birthday party begin!

It was a all night longer...

"I got plans for you..."

"Come On!"

I Love You, All, xo!

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7/11/12 Cary, NC

Listening to this a couple of weeks after I was there. At the show I was let down a bit by the back end of the second set, felt as if the show kind of petered out. The set started with a 22-minute Playin' followed by In the Midnight Hour >Here Comes Sunshine>Mountains of the Moon>UJB that levitated me right out of the crowd. The No More Do I, Foolish Heart, Days Between, E: Box of Rain that followed seemed to bring me right back down to earth. Fast.

Maybe I was getting tired (it was a looooong day). Maybe it was the Chatty Cathy party girls behind me -- I finally fled during Days, wormed my way out of the pit to the back of the venue, so the mood was pretty much shattered at that point.

Sounds much better now (Days Between, especially). Even if it wasn't the most inspired song combo to close out a show.

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Valentine's day '68. It goes everywhere. I wanted to be there but mt stingy parents had a problem with a 2 1/2 yr old hitch hiking from Illinois to Cali to see a band called the Grateful Dead. With the release of RT 2.2, I have since forgiven them. Can't hold a grudge forever!

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I'm keeping the pre-party rolling
and loving the neighbors accordingly...ha!

My Grandfather's name was really Otto, lol. (true, lol)

Jerry singing God's grace, so soulful and humble, xo!

Jesus loves you the best, xo! Rock ON!


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