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Jazz to Zep

Early Ellington 6/25/28

Roy Eldridge "Little Jazz" 6/25/35

Modern Jazz Quartet "Django" 6/25/53

Clifford Brown "The Beginning & the End" 6/25/56

Thelonious Monk "Monk's Music" 6/25/57

Dave Brubeck "Time Out" 6/25/59

Tina Brooks "True Blue" 6/25/60

Led Zeppelin "How the West Was Won" 6/25/72

Left out a few - Bill, Wes, Andrew & lee - maybe next time.

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Happy belated birthday Robert!

Listening to a good 3/18/71 show from St Louis, MO, on Sirius XM ch 23.

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Glad to see

at least one person on this site acknowledged RH's birthday. C'mon people, w/o the words it would have not been possible.

Joined: Jun 13 2007

Whilst listening, I smiled as I felt like Jesus.
I loved you best! If just for a while as I listened
and then I let the duties of another be theirs.

Happy Birthday!
I love you, xo!
more than...

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Louis to Jerry

Louis Armstrong "Hot Fives & Hot Sevens" 6/23/26

Billie Holiday "Complete Colombia Recordings" 6/23/38

Big Brother & the Holding Company featuring Janis Joplin Carousel Ballroom 6/23/68 (Bear's Sonic Journals #1) Invest!!!

Grateful Dead Jai-Alai Fronton 6/23/74

Jerry Garcia Santa Rosa High School 6/23/77

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Great day - great session!

Duke Ellington "The Duke's Men, Vol.2" 6/22/38

J.J.Johnson "The Eminent J.J.Johnson, Vol.1" 6/22/53

Sonny rollins "Saxophone Colossus" 6/22/56

Elmo Hope "The All-Star Sessions" 6/22/61 Where there's Monk & Nichols, there's ...

Miles Davis "Nefertiti" 6/22/67

Grateful Dead Central Park 6/22/69

Grateful Dead PNE Coliseum, Vancouver 6/22/73

Grateful Dead Jai-Alai Fronton, Miami 6/22/74

Grateful Dead Tower Theatre, Pa. 6/22/76

Bob Marley Straffordshire, UK 6/22/78

Lowell George 6/22/79

Happy Friday, y'all!

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07-29-1974 Capital Centre, Landover, MD - To Lay Me Down

This is arguably the best TLMD I have heard... Everything about this is amazing... quality, jerry's sweet soulful voice, The crispness of his guitar, the electric piano and even Donna's singing...

If you want to relax on a friday night... prep yourself and kick back in a comfortable chair and crank this up... It will ease your soul...

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Jack White


Not quite the guitar workout I'd have expected, but I am enjoying the vinyl quite well, thank you.

And thank you jonapi for the Yo La Tengo vid. A nice kick in the ass for a Friday morning. Hard to believe that these guys have been around since the '80s...where does the time go?

jonapi (not verified)
song on a rooftop

Yo La Tengo

Joined: Jan 18 2009

........Dylan & Dead rehearsals vine---one of the finest things I've gotten off this magnificent medium----many thanks to all in their heartfelt love & joy to keep on keepin on---What a long-strange trip it's been.......Keep on Smilin!! Da Roach!


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