Grateful Dead

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The mighty Q107 (Toronto)

Psychedelic Sunday w/ Andy Frost.

A classic radio program that has been around for what seems an eternity. Anything and everything from 65 to 75.

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Jazz 2 Dead

Sidney Bechet "The Best of" 6/08/39 just Summertime

James P. Johnson "Snowy Morning Blues" 6/08/44

ROAD TRIPS 6/09/76 Boston Music Hall

I'm so ready for an announcement I can taste it y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jonapi (not verified)
the ever pulsating centre of the Universe

oh, do please stop being so annoying gratefaldean!!! you're a troublemaker you are!! ha ha ha!!!
i can see how that Paul Simon song could keep you awake; it has a rhythm like a train on the tracks which sounds mighty fine to my ears. man, those early simon & garfunkel records brings ol' jonapi to tears. absolutely beautiful music.
these last few nights it's been The Orb's Little Fluffy Clouds keeping myself awake; impossible to extract that bassline from the brain, infusing one's senses causing a flood of lucid dreaming like bobbing in warm cushioning water.
ahhh, the sound of early '90's bliss; rural idyll, countryside bathed in sweet summer sunlight with a beautiful righteous doobie in the hand and my wife by my side.
was that really 21 years ago? my how time flies....

have wonderful weekends everyone.

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Can you delete a post?

My prior one double-posted, so this is the edit to make it look just a little less annoying...

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Paul Simon

The Obvious Child

Has been on full-bore repeat loop in my head all through a sleepless night. I keep hearing the same verse:

Well I'm accustomed to a smooth ride
Or maybe I'm a dog who's lost its bite
I don't expected to be treated like a fool no more

So was this swirling all 'round my brain all night BECAUSE I couldn't sleep, or was it the REASON I couldn't sleep? Cause-and-effect, or self-fulfilling prophecy?

Next up, Zevon's "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead," no doubt...and then the Beatles' "I'm So Tired." And so on...

jonapi (not verified)
a full English if you please

V/Vm - White Death.

A release based around the account of Valerian Albanov and his crew of sailors who aboard the Saint Anna were left trapped in pack ice. It's a tail of survival in the extremes.
Available for free download with the artist's express permission -

The Caretaker - Patience (After Sebald).

The Caretaker - An Empty Bliss Beyond This World.

Nurse With Wound/Stereolab -

adventures beyond the ultraworld. battersea dub lighting the third eye. cream teas and spliff. cucumber sandwiches and columns of smoke. proud to be british.
worried about the economic crisis? let's smoke a joint.
transit of venus across the morning skies. that'll be british sausage time to you and me.
thank you good doctor, thank you.

The Orb -

The Orb -

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Not Fade Away

Lyrics By: Hardin/Petty
Music By: Hardin/Petty

I wanna tell you how it's gonna be, you're gonna give your love to me,
I wanna love you night and day, you know my love not fade away.

You know my love not fade away, not fade away!

My love is bigger than a Cadillac, I try to show you but you drive me back,
Your love for me has got to be real, your gonna know just how I feel.

Our love is real, not fade away, not fade away!

Played a few times by the Grateful Dead in their earliest years, and became a staple from the end of 1969 onwards.


Come ON....xo

jonapi (not verified)
nihon DMT envelop en-ve-lo-ping

kawai Max, kawaiiiiiiii

jonapi (not verified)
bad year indeed, the 'morrow's heart

just passing through....

but that's lovely that you asked! thank you gratefaldean!

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Jonapi sighting!

Are you back, or just passing through?


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