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Joined: Feb 3 2012
The Complete Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Vol. I

Less than 100 pages to go! I'm already several chapters into "The Hound of the Baskervilles" but have no idea what to start reading once I'm finished. My first inclination is to finish Michael Chabon's 'The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay', which I put down several years ago, 'The Coming of Conan the Cimmerian', or George R. R. Martin's 'Storm of Swords'.

Decisions, decisions!

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Fulton, Desplaines, Jefferson & Wayman Sts
Bounty Books, a division of Crown Publishers, Inc., New York
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 75-99921

Sears, Roebuck and Company
One of the Largest Commercial Buildings in the World
Covering an entire block in 1902.
Over 700 pages of quality items in epic proportions
for most every need.

Book cover states:

We have No Agents or Solicitors---Persons Claiming
to be Our Representatives are Swindlers

I am basked in a country of yester-year. I can
journey through ~history~ and see me there, dressed
to the nines with my hat a bounty of flowers for all
to see and then I look around and a poem comes to
me...ah yes the men dapper and traveled with a
sword at there side....hmmmmm long ago, yesterday,
some seek a time, a time, a time, a time...ago.

Yeah, this book is indescribable to me but every page
give you a little paragraph about each item and every
item well-made and sure to over perform the investment
in the item. Clothes tailored too. Impossible for me
to tell it. It is the size of a full size big city
phonebook and it cost $0.50 cents! Makes a disgrace of
the Sunday Newspaper Ads, for sure.

If I could only order from it, ahhh quality surely meant
something and pride had not purchased yet, oh the sales,
gambles and deals since then many to never be returned
as there isn't a customer service desk for such things.

Only 111 years ago.

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A People's History Of The United States

By renowned historian Howard Zinn. Zinn taught at Spelman College during the tumultuous 60s and was fired for advising activist students. Later, in 2005, he was invited to give the commencement address.

He is widely reviled by the Ayn Rand conservative types but does not shy away from his sentiment that he speaks for those whom history, written by the conquerors, rulers and leading elite, have chosen to ignore or gloss over very briefly.

I know this book will give me a lot of "energy" (make me mad as hell) but the alternative of ignoring these little known incidents of actual history would be worse.

Some examples:
Columbus slaughtered the Arawak Indians of the Bahama Islands starting in 1492, but is presented as a wonderful ground-breaking explorer to children in school innocently memorizing nursery rhymes; Cortes' slaughter of the Aztecs who saw him as the returning God Quetzalcoatl; Pisarro's pitiless annihilation of the ancestors of the Inca -- all of these European white men in the pursuit of gold, the acquisition of which would rarely preserve their representative country for more than a generation.

Warning, be prepared for the education you probably never got but are now glad you are finally learning. Unless, of course, you are part of the ruling class who need excuses for the wholesale slaughter of hundreds of millions for your own inherited wealth.

Eminently worth reading in either case.

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Good Read/currently reading

"A Walk in the Woods" by: Bill Bryson... no real plot but interesting and funny nonetheless.

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War And Peace

By Leo Tolstoy. This is going to be a hard book for me to get into and I'll probably read something alternatively, breaking my long streak of entertainment type fiction.

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they lost me

after about the 4th installment, but some of the concepts and images will be with me forever.

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Is also one those for me, Noonie. Good reading!

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So I am thinking of re-reading the dune chronicles for the fourth time. am i crazy does anyone else have a book that won't leave them alone?

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Threat Vector

Clancy's latest about cyber warfare. Scary stuff. Not up to his best, maybe his co-writer was the problem. Although I don't agree with his point of view he could be said to be a realist.

I can't believe I've read every single thing by him. I guess I have more time on my hands than I should.

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The Round House

by Louise Erdrich


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