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new topics

How about books about the Dead (especially the newest- Grateful Dead Gear) and another just about books-other than Dead related. There are a lot of literate foks here who share many of the same interests and inspirations. I know I am not the only one here who lives in the world of poetry, music, art and nature.

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new threads

thanks for your comment, Sunnydrop. We didn't set up new topics for a week or so there while we were waiting for things to settle down a little after the initial start up. You'll be seeing new topics popping up this week (check out MaryE's awesome note with the links and all!) and in the future. Please keep the suggestions coming!

And be grateful for MaryE's discretion, else there would have been a topic called simply, Pee Songs.

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My sugguestion is you need

My sugguestion is you need more threads per forum. For instance, in the "I'm Looking For..." forum, if you are not going to allow people to start threads, then at least start a few yourself.. one for "Looking for old Tour Friends, another for looking for a show, looking for misc.. ect.

Thank you :)

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"MY Songs" Feature

...shall we go, you and I while we can...
Okay, now that I've listed the 168 shows I attended, how about a feature that lists the songs played and the frequency with which I heard them? That weould be kinda cool, don't you think?

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New Topics

Folks, really. I don't make this stuff up.

There is nothing in the current software that will allow us to create some areas with open topic-creation, and some areas with moderated topic creation. There is no function within the software that will set limits, like X number of topics per day/week/lifetime. And there isn't an automatic roll-over or nukage function.

MaryE and I will keep talking about it with the rest of the admin team.

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It would be nice if there

It would be nice if there was a location (folder, discussion) JUST for casual conversation.

Maybe that could be the area where subscribers are able to post new topics.

But first I think "we" need to clarify whether all discussions are designed to last forever, or if some discussions will "roll over" if volume is too high (for instance, a 10,000 message limit, after which the discussion archives and begins again with a new message #1)

Or perhaps a time factor - if a discussion has NO messages in a given time (30 days, 3 months, a year) it archives, or disappears completely.

I know that people really want to be able to post new topics, but it shouldn't result in what we called "ensuction" over in DNC - when the site became so unwieldy partly because of the huge volume of messages, and huge chunks of the site just started disappearing.

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new forum topic

cooking and drink recipes that we all like. think about it...seriously! i think it would probably be the biggest contributed forum. take care!

ps - even a cookbook could be made from head's replies. i know i'd buy it!

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how about:





TV shows

other interests

stuff like that which is not band/music related but stuff that the community likes to rap about

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What about some of the old folders?

What about adding some places to post similar to some of the popular old folders? Not least of which would include:

'60s shows
'70s shows
'80s shows
'90s shows

and most importantly a Garcia folder!

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Good thought, sken...

We're actually kinda thinking about implementing something like that, but at this moment have nothing to preannounce...


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