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Joined: Dec 22 2007

search engines (like Google) scour websites and index their contents. That's just what they do. And these forums are accessible by anyone, whether or not they are "actual users" or "logged in." Meaning that search engines can and do access and index the site's publicly available content.

So it only makes sense to exercise reasonable caution when posting to a forum. That doesn't mean that people shouldn't post things. It just means that people should think before posting. If it isn't something that you're okay with the rest of the world reading, then you might want to either edit or reconsider.

And this is hardly the only site on the net that gets regularly scraped by the likes of Googlebot, MSNbot, Yahoo Slurp, Alexa et al. In fact, it's that constant scraping and indexing that makes those search platforms so damn handy for hunting things down.

There's good and bad in everything. If you want privacy, the PM's won't be externally indexed or searched. Likewise chat, although anything you post there will be visible to anyone else participating in the chat. A forum post is much more akin to a public announcement in the town square than a discreet aside inside of a private club.

Again, I'm not attempting to speak for the site's owners, this is just my personal understanding as a web-aware computer geek.

Conversation is always more interesting than recitation, so speak your mind and not someone else's.

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Joined: Oct 23 2007
I had NO IDEA!!

Wow, I wonder if that that's the case for all of us?? Very good question!! The stuff I post here is "Our" stuff, so FUCK THAT!!!
I'm really glad you let those of us who didn't realize, what was going on!!

Joined: Jul 20 2007

Why is it when someone googles our new Store that my posts on show up??
What's up with that Privacy clause, i dont need everyone reading our posts, I find that really weird! It even happens when I google my missing brother ,all my posts on show up!
My posts are for friends not everyone in the world :(
Maybe I better watch what aI post for now on! I just may stop posting for good

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Joined: Jul 7 2007
I have that Pigpen tape too...

... I heard it was made for Brent, to school him on the Pig vibe...

Joined: Dec 13 2008
Help on Bob Fried

A friend who has a radio program in Baton Rouge was playing "Bob Fried Memorial Boogie" and asked "who knows how Bob died"?. I've been on the web and can't seem to find much except that he passed away in San Mateo in 1974.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Happy High Holidays.
Jim in Austin

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Joined: Aug 14 2007
Have it somewhere

somewhere in my unorganized mess (in the process of getting organized) is my tape of all Pigpen songs. Don't know if it's all that he did, but the tape is only Pigpen.........hope I find it soon......the grandson is coming & must play it for him!!!!! xxoxox Gypsy Cowgirl

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Joined: Jun 4 2007
my pleasure

badger, et al.

It is certainly my pleasure to share these little tidbits.

anyways, badger, you know I owe you big time.

setlists. net allows you to search by song,

but like in the case of:

The Matrix - San Francisco, CA
Set 1:
All Of My Love
Hog For You Baby

that is all there is... some of those Pig tunes go WAY back... and many ain't got no tape.

setlists also has a lot of links connected into archiv . org so you can usually get the show right up.

archive . org's search thing is a pain.

cheers, mate.


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Joined: Jun 19 2007
Pigpentastic II

I just sent a copy of the list from CC to myself........mucho thanks!

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Joined: Jun 13 2007

Wow thanks CC

your kind researches have unearthed a few I have never heard of or heard. Now I'll have to find them and listen. Tough assignment :-)

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Joined: Jun 4 2007
to the badger:

to the badger: still got a bit more time between flights, here/...

most? some? probably not all...

I repeated a few, I tried to do this from what little memory I have left, and gave up and searched.


Turn On Your Lovelight
Good Morning Little School Girl
Big Boss Man
I'm A King Bee
Death Don't Have No Mercy
Good Lovin'
Hard To Handle
Easy Wind
Mr. Charlie
Chinatown Shuffle
Next Time You See Me
I'm A Hog For You
Hurts Me Too
The Stranger (2 Souls In Communion)
The Same Thing
Katie Mae
In The Midnight Hour
Don't Mess Up A Good Thing
Gangster Of Love

Ain't It Crazy (The Rub)
All Of My Love

Baby What You Want Me To Do
Big Boss Man
Big Boy Pete

Big Breasa

Bring Me My Shotgun
Come Back Baby

Don't Mess Up A Good Thing
Empty Heart

The Flood
Good Lovin'

Good Morning Little Schoolgirl

Hard To Handle

Hey Jude

I Just Want To Make Love To You
I'll Go Crazy

I'm A Hog For You Baby
I'm A King Bee
I'm A Loving Man
In The Midnight Hour
It Hurts Me Too
It's A Man's, Man's, Man's World
It's All Over Now

Katie Mae

Little Red Rooster
Mannish Boy (I'm A Man)

Next Time You See Me
Pain In My Heart
Parchman Farm

Run Rudolph Run
The Same Thing

She's Mine

Sick And Tired

Smokestack Lightning
There's Something On Your Mind

Turn On Your Love Light

Two Trains

Walking Blues
Who Do You Love
You Don't Love Me

might have missed a few, though.


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