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Rooney Fest

It no longer happens, but my favorite festival fo all time was the Rooney Fest. I was lucky enough to be able to go for about 10 years in a row...
This was in Deposit, NY (Upstate)...

I would love to hear from anyone about this festival, as it was like a big Family Reunion of Freinds and Kind people dancing and getting muddy for 3 days - It always rained! I have not touched base with many in a long time...

It was an old-time bluegrass/jam band festival. Once you got off of the road to the festival it was all private land and 'Johnny Law' was not allowed on the premises.

Now I live in Big Rapids, Michigan and I think the festival of choice is Dunegrass, previously posted, DSO and Grisman.



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Camp Zoe

For me its Schwagstock, located in southeast MO....festival of around 7,000 located deep in the Mark Twain National forest. A dead tribute band by the name of The Schwag hosts 5-6 of these stocks a year.....on 330 acres of private property, beautiful campgounds, including sinking creek...I could go on & on!
Seems everyone on here is from the west, Im from the deep south! LOL! AR baby!

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UP-DATE: David Kemper

UP-DATE: David Kemper (original Jerry Garcia Band member) will be joining us!
We welcome all you Deadheads and friends to this Grateful place, where Garcia fans will be Gathering this summer! This mellow gathering will be a grateful celebration of Jerry Garcia's 65th Birthday, plus the 12th Annivesary of Jerrys untimely passing. This is going to be a very deeply humble, and special time for camping and gathering with friends from everywhere! Fireworks, vendors, a Jerry Garcia Shine, and lots more! The 3G's will Shine with you! Last chance this month to get your on-line tickets before they go up to $80.00 Day of Show! 'Come on, get on the Bus!

Artists Performing: Melvin Seals & JGB (featuring two original Jerry Garcia Band members "Melvin Seals", and "David Kemper") - The Grateful Dead's Donna Jean and The Tricksters (featuring Mookie Siegel of David Nelson Band; formerly Phil & Friends, RatDog), - MoonAlice (featuring Roger & Ann McNamee formerly of the Flying Other Brothers), Barry Sless (of the David Nelson Band-Phil & Friends), G.E.Smith,( SNL, Bob Dylan), and Pete Sears (formerly of Jefferson Airplane/Hot Tuna), with drummer Jimmy Sanchez, - Boris Garcia - Rootstand - One-Eyed Jack - Baghdad Scuba Review - Bowser - The Northwoods Band, Covert Operations - Chinese Fingertrap - Macyn Taylor - The Orin Project - The Weavils - Grateful Beth & The Volunteers - Bar Tab Band - Jana Holland - Space Quakers - The High Strung String Band - Downer's Grove - The Wandering Fools - The Yokanizu Project - MC Bear - The Weavils - The Cedar Town Boys- and more!

Tickets at festival web site:

Festival Website:

"Welcome all you Deadheads, Hippies, and kind folks to this Grateful place, where Garcia fans will be Gathering!

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oh my goodness

that would be pretty darn gorgeous. I was once in that area around that time of year and I'm still amazed.

And music too!



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Desert Rocks Music Festival

Desert Rocks, Moab, UT Memorial Weekend

This is a smaller festy, perhaps about 1500 people. The atmosphere is just amazing. It's in the middle of the beautiful red rock desert of southern Utah with primitive camping on site. The music was a mix of local acts including 10-17 year olds in the School of Rock. They blew me away with their talent. Eric Mcfadden Trio, Blue Turtle Seduction, Delta Nove, The Dukes of Ted, Wisebird, Stonefed, Dead Horse Minstrel, Al Howard & the K23 Orchestra, Kan'nal, Puddle Mountain Ramblers, Fire Dancers, Belly Dancers, and much more. The size made it nice and personal, plenty of space to stretch ones self, physically and mentally. Check it out next year if you're in the area!

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High Sierra Music Festival

Not sure if anyone previoulsy put this on here, but 10 years ago I went to the High Sierra Music festival in Bear Valley,CA (now in Quincy) and it was a blast... I believe their website is


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10,000 Lakes Festival

Anybody else going to this? My brother and I are.

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Monterey Pop: 40th Anniversary Celebration

For those who are interested in "commercial" festivals...

The 40th anniversary of the original Monterey Pop festival will be held at the Monterey Fairgrounds, the site of the original Pop Festival, as the "Monterey Summer of Love Festival" on the weekend of July 28th and 29th, 2007. The concert plans to feature some reunions of band members who played the original festival, as well as several tribute bands. The festival will try to recreate some of the aspects of the original Summer of Love in '67. Tickets are available through starting June 1st 2007.

The Bands Include:

  • The Riders On The Storm - Sun, July 29th-Robbie Krieger & Ray Manzareks' version of The Doors.
  • Jefferson Starship - Sat, July 28th
  • Big Brother and the Holding Company - Sat, July 28th
  • Rock Star Alumni - Sun, July 29th
  • QuickSilver Messenger Service. - Sat, July 28th
  • Electric Flag - Sun, July 29th
  • The Music of It’s A Beautiful Day with David LaFlamme & Friendes - Sat, July 28th
  • The Grateful Deads’ Tom Constanten - Sat, July 28th
  • Alam Khan - Sun, July 29th

    The Tribute Bands Include:

  • San Francisco's Summer of Love Revue featuring Carlton Poward as Jimi Hendrix performing on both stages- both days.
  • Second Flyte as The Byrds Both stages, both days
  • The Sun Kings & Liddypudlians Both stages, Sat. July 28th
  • The Floyd Project - Sun, July 29th
  • The Unauthorized Rolling Stones Sat- July, 28th
  • The RaveUps - Tribute to The Yardbirds on both stages- both days.
    In celebration of the anniversary, VH-1 aired Monterey 40 a documentary about the festival.

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    anybody going to AllGood in WV? DarkStar and RatDog amongst others, Keller and the Keels included. see you next weekend...

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    Burning Man

    for me there's burning man and then there's everything else.

    the gathering of the vibes is one of my favorite music festivals. i've been going since the first year. the vibes staff has always supported our psychedelic art gallery and leda and aly, the vendor coordinators, are the best allies to have in any festival situation.

    like many, i'm psyched to see them return to bridgeport and look forward to seeing my vibe tribe out there.

    other shows? oh, i do a bunch of them. some are great, some are not. i've heard great things about gratefulfest but never been.

    horning's hideout for cheese's final run there? ought to be as epic as cheese shows get. i may make it, hard to say just yet...

    the burn is the only annual event that i do everything i can to never miss. everything else seems to pale by comparison.
    groovin' the light fantastic at


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    What's Your Favorite Summer Festival?