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Joined: May 26 2007
wow, that's quite a lineup!

where is it?

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Joined: Apr 25 2008
The best

for sure Rothbury, new festival started of very well. First year and already loaded with great performers.
-Phil Lesh and Friends
-Mickey Hart
-Trey Anastasio
-Dave Matthew's Band
-John Mayer
-Taj Mahal
-Dweezel Zappa
-Jakob Dylan
-Tea Leaf Green
-Sam Bean
- Yonder Mountain
and a bunch of others i cant remember

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Joined: Mar 3 2008
Just got back from vibes and

Just got back from vibes and wow!!!!

phil's saturday night show was amazing!!!!

cumberland went on forever and when you thought they were heading into another direction, they came back in....

it was just amazing!

so much else, but phil made me shiver and shake my bones!!!


Joined: Jun 4 2007
Best Festival?

In a word, ROTHBURY!!! That's where it's at. Those who went this year know it's the best festival ever, and those who didn't, please don't go next year.

Joined: Jun 4 2007
10K review part II

Phil & Friends on Saturday night- Perfect cool Minnesota evening with a little breeze, and they start around the time that the sun is setting. Then take a break and come roaring back with the light show and so much more!!!!

Glorious and majestic interplay between great players at the top of their art.

I believe this is accurate for Phil's seltlist, but after that 10 hour drive home yesterday, I maybe a bit muddled, but here goes:

1st Set: Shakedown Street, Alabama Getaway, Ball & Chain, New Minglewood Blues, BIODTL, Althea, Cosmic Charlie (Scofield & Campbell absolutly ripped it up on Althea and went wild on Cosmic!!!! )

2nd Set: Casey Jones (at double time speed), Jam > Don't Let Me Down > Eyes of the World> Jam > Wheels on Fire >Mason's Children, Viola Lee Blues >Deal >Viola Lee Blues >Bertha > Viola Lee Blues reprise. E: Tom Thumbs Blues

John Scofield sat in for the first set, but he was the only guest that night. (Teresa Williams was not there @ 10k). I thought Phil looked energized (he was grinning up a storm), as the band jammed well and they teased us constantly (china cat tease, TOO tease, Wheel tease, Mr. Charlie tease, etc. etc.) during those wonderful jams. I gotta say that I truly enjoy this version of Phil & Friends. Greene, Campell, Molitz, and Molo were charging right out of the gate! (Wasn't there a rider tease in there as well, or am I having a flashback of '77?)

Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, please give a listen to their version of "Don't Let Me Down", it was a wonderful surprise of a John Lennon song with perfect vocals from the boys. Exceptional!!

Also, I would have LOVED to see Kimock sit in, especially in that second half. Kimock's stratospheric guitarwork with Mickey Hart Band (on Thursday) was transportive, and the MHB's version of Sugaree was stellar (Kimock had some amp problems during the first 3 songs or so, but then got it 'just exactly perfect'). And his playing was so expansive, textured, atmospheric runs, and just downright tasty (shit, I ran out of adjectives). Jen Durkin and George Porter's vocals were wonderful (and his bass playing was the BOMB, er as my boys would say). Hollingsworth, Reyes, and the master of the talking drum Sikiru Adepoju completed Mickey's palate of colors that day.

I was just excited to see both Phil and Mickey having so much fun, playing so well, and surrounded by musicians that they are inspired by and they want to play with. In my opinion both the new and old blood there, enhanced the whole show and there was fine improvisation, musicianship, exploration, heart and soul, all those qualities that drew me to the Dead back in the early '70s. I saw both bands pushing it, taking chances, not playing it safe, either in song selection or in their performance. Phil and Mickey both looked like they were having the time of their lives. And I was along for the ride. Big time.

BUT I suppose if Master Kimock had graced the stage with Phil that second half, it might have just cracked the spacetime continuum and that could have then erupted with a new crater (in my mind) at the 10,000 lakefest venue, which might have endangered us all.

Or maybe the boys are saving that for next time?

Ahhhh, next time!! (Homer Simpson voice and saliva drool).

Joined: Jun 4 2007
10,000 Lakefest Update

MICKEY HART BAND was simply outstanding last night!!! The Other One> Scarlet Begonias> Fire on the Mountain > GDTRFB was transendent. TOO was a wonderful ride and I wept at the wonderful Scarlet and this suite was grin and dance inducing throughout. It really was beyond words, such fine new tunes and tremendous renditions of favorites.
Mickey has assembled such a fantastic group of musicians (don't ever miss Kimock!! and such sweet vocals and ensemble play) and this show ranks as one of the best post GD shows I have been lucky enough to witness.
And then they treated us to an encore of Pappa was a Rollin' Stone that would make the Temptations proud.
10k is unbeatable for the vibe, the venue, line-up, and times with new and old friends, brothers and sons. This is alread a classic and we get Phil & Friends tomorrow night!
I am so grateful!!! So that is the news from the northlands.

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Grateful Garcia Gathewring '08

Hey now Deadheads, Hippies and Kind Folks, DON'T MISS THIS REAL GOOD TIME THIS SUMMER!!! We welcome you to the Grateful Garcia Gathering 2008 at beautiful Legend Valley (formerly Buckeye Lake Music Center) in Ohio! This venue can hold 50,000 of your kindest friends! Come hear some of your favorite bands from the midwest performing on TWO stages (NOT IN A SHED) with lighting, projection screens, and a sound system that will BLOW YOUR SOCKS OFF!

Tickets are on sale now. Its going to be a WOOT!

Dates are July 31st, August 1st Jerry Garcia's Birthday, and August 2nd. So tell me, how many friends can you fit into your car?

The 3G's Will Shine With You, SO DON'T MISS THE BUS!

ARTIST INCLUDED: Jackie Greene, 2 Nites Melvin Seals & JGB, Donna Jean and The Tricksters, Moonalice w/ Barry Sless, G.E.Smith, Petes Sears, Roger McNamee, Ann McNamee, Jimmy Sanchez. David Gans, New Riders of the Purple Sage- NRPS w/ David Nelson, Buddy Cage, Michael Falzarano, Ronnie Penques, and Johnny Markowski, BoomBox, Waterband, Splintered Sunlight, Baghdad Scuba Review, Covert Operations, Professor Louie & The Crowmatix, Grateful Beth, Lyle, JiMiller Band, In the Dark, Fire Dancers,and MORE!

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Vince with a bluegrass band!


Casey, see about a tape on that one...:-)

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Joined: Jun 5 2007
Cropredy 2008

Thursday 7 August

* Anthony John Clarke
* Whapweasel
* The Gathering
* John Tams & Barry Coope
* Supergrass

Friday 8 August

* The Family Mahone
* Peggy & Pj Wright
* 3 Daft Monkeys
* Bbc Radio 2 Yfa Winners: Siobhan Miller & Jeana Leslie
* Stackridge
* Paul Brady & His Band
* Joe Brown & His Band Featuring Special Guest - Dave Edmunds
* Levellers

Saturday 9 August

* Richard Digance
* Lark Rise To Candleford
* Legend (Bob Marley Tribute)
* The Muffinmen Featuring Jimmy Carl Black
* Julie Fowlis Band
* Midge Ure
* Fairport Convention

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Spanish Jam

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Joined: Jun 1 2007
wow, i would've never

wow, i would've never expected to go out of my way for vince gill. I definitely will now, apparently he's bringing out his bluegrass band for this show...a rare treat. I'll give a report

When you want that groove that invokes dreams, close your eyes and focus on the dream not the groove


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