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Casey! What a lineup!

I'm going to be on the wrong coast, but my advice is, do not miss Vince Gill. Not pyrotechnic exactly, just a darn good musician and by all accounts a sweet guy. I've never heard this officially, but I've heard that back in the day his playing caused Mark Knopfler to invite him to join Dire Straits. For whatever reason, he stuck with country...

(I recommend to the general attention his duet with Dolly Parton on "I Will Always Love You," which of course Dolly wrote. First time I heard it on the radio I had to pull the car over to listen and find out what it was. It's on an apparently so-so Dolly album, but you can get it from iTunes.)

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DelFest anyone?

Next weekend in Cumberland, MD
Anyone gonna be there? Great lineup, awesome location & Grisman!

Del McCoury Band - appearing throughout the weekend
Vince Gill
Dierks Bentley
Keller Williams and The Keels
David Grisman Bluegrass Experience
Sam Bush
Abigail Washburn & The Sparrow Quartet featuring Bela Fleck
David Bromberg Band with Special Guest the Angel Band
Punch Brothers featuring Chris Thile
Railroad Earth
Emmitt-Nershi Band
Great American Taxi featuring Vince Herman
Jon Fishman - DelFest artist-at-large
Steep Canyon Rangers
Adrienne Young
The Lee Boys
Dre's Rude Awakening
Ronnie Reno and The Reno Tradition
Ronnie Bowman - DelFest artist-at-large
Dan Paisley & The Southern Grass
Mike Garris & Area 51
Davisson Brothers Band
Deep Fried Pickle Project

When you want that groove that invokes dreams, close your eyes and focus on the dream not the groove

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This should be interesting

Hey Kids, here's more scoop...


Jefferson Airplane Originator Marty Balin will perform
with members from the original band, who have not played publicly
together since 1965.

The historic event in Astoria, Oregon will bring together vocalist
Signe Anderson (now Signe Ettlin), bassist Bob Harvey, and
percussionist Jerry Peloquin reuniting with the man who started it
all, Marty Balin.

Their set will morph into a "family band" featuring
members from the Jefferson Starship and the seldom seen Great Society,
the band where Grace Slick began her singing and writing career.
Darby Slick, Craig Chaquico, Slick Aguilar, and keyboardist Barry
Flast will all be in the "family". Other performers will be announced,
while surprise guests will not.

The three day festival ticket includes parking, camping, music, and
access to gourmet organic food concessions, has much more than a
reunion of a lifetime planned.

The spacious meadow, outlined by lush woodlands, also
brings Country Joe McDonald, the Great Society, the Holy Modal
Rounders, the Freak Mountain Ramblers, Alice Stuart, David & Linda
LaFlamme and their band (four band members have 25 to forty years in
the band) playing the music of It's a Beautiful Day, Marty Balin
Band, Craig Chaquico Band, and much more.

Information and ticket sales can be found at:

When: August 22,23,24
Where: Clatsop Co. Fairgrounds, Astoria, Oregon
What: Benefit for the Net Loft Arts Center and Lady of Honor Signe

Other headlining bands will be announced soon!


For those who wanna know, Bingo, Alexa Wiley, Jessica Stiles Band,
Supertrout are also going to be on the program. We are still trying
to snag more Dead related folks. Teddy Deane will be coming down for
the show, by the way. His new Red Newt Records CD, So Far So Good, is
finally here (the release party was up in Friday Harbor, on San Juan
Island, a couple weeks ago).

Gordo (who is the lead conspirator behind this) is trying to snag some
truly major headliners, too.

Early tickets should be a bargain.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Spanish Jam

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this year

this year we will be hitting GOTV (first time for us in the ct location), all good, evolve 2012 in NJ (was fun last year, their first time) as well as bunch of phil and ratdog shows and a few dso thrown in the mix


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I tried to tell everybody but I could not get across

Oh yeah, I forgot about Gathering of the Vibes this year. For sure.

Joined: Oct 14 2007

I tried to tell everybody but I could not get across

Beside a local jamband festival called Come Together Music Festival near Toronto, the other festivals I've been to have been:
Terrapin Station: A Grateful Dead Family Reunion in '02
Mid-Atlantic Music Experience in summer '03
Phish's It Festival, also in '03
moe.down a few years (2, 4 and 5 I think...can't find line-ups though)
Bonnaroo '04

They were all really good, esp. Bonnaroo, one of the moe.downs, It and Terrapin Station. I found weather played a big part. moe.down the weather went both ways. It and Mid-Atlantic had shit weather at times. Bonnaroo was bad (rain, wind and/or thunder) about half the time.
The music was usually good, sometimes awesome, sometimes tired or slow.
Oh yeah, that's another thing. You need your sleep or rest, 'cause the drive, the walking, shopping/Shakedown and eating can take a bit more out of you than you think after a while.
If you got the energy festivals are usually a blast, and pretty well organized, as well. You don't have to think too much, you just have to deal with road bumps here and there. Everyone's friendly and psyched. Big fun.
I hope to go to Mountain Jam, Bonnaroo, either High Sierra or Rothbury, and !0klf. There are so many good bands. I've been hospitalized/recovering from surgery for about three years. I really dug dancing to the String Cheese Incident. That's a bit of a blow. Looking forward to hanging out with kind brothers and sisters.

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SOL 2008
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One Family Gathering

The One Family Gathering will be a three day unity gathering near Christmas Valley, Oregon. The festival intends to unify a variety of cultures from many other peaceful gatherings. It will manifest as a weekend long event encompassing barter fairs, music festivals, parties, and reggae shows, surrounded by a free camping area.

This event has a focus slightly different from other festivals. We will provide a large, secure vendor section inside the event in addition to hosting two stages: a "party" tent with nonstop djs, hosted by DJ4NORML crew and the main "Quetzalcoatl" stage. Both stages will have a dynamic array of musicians performing twenty-four hours a day throughout the event. Featured musicians will include Minimal Control, Deep Sleep Narcotics Company, Dj Reazen, Earth DescenDance, Jack Burton, Ceraphim, Jimmy Rigga, Pressure Suit, Square Wail, Miss Dra, Doughboy, DJ Eff, Timmy, Miss Min.D, Aquarius, Mechanize, DJ Manatea, DJ Owns, Electrick Avenue, Ben Inya, Richie Rich, DJ Kai, Owtbrake, Kid Amiga, Stylus, Aerel, James Renegade, DJ Harlo, Brandon Plank, Full On, Gabriel, Sighnyde, Hara Isis, Quickster, Rambo DJ, Just John, Dash Exp, Tremor, Durbin, The Dub What?, Blister Agent, Ambience, Ben's Jazz Kit, Bijhan, Cosmos Worth, Daphine, Eric Fridrich, Fiddlin Big Al, HannaH*s Field, Herbert Friendly Trio, Hippinshlog, Jahson Ites, Essential I, Dj Sticky Huckelberry, Jensen, Joel Blackstone, Katy Turner, Laurianne, Matt Zeltzer, Naugahyde Nights, Norman Baker, Pirex, Puget Sound System, Rat City Ruckus, Renegade Minstrels, SpiritMoon, The Repair, The Ronz, Tommy Dean, Tyler Spencer Solo Didjeridu, Wehrwolve, Midnight Ramblers, Dag, Basin and Range, Serious De Witness, Jah Shiloh, Singing Bear, John Butler Project, and First Name Michael; with more groups signing up daily.

Set in the high desert, One Family Gathering promises to entertain with over 90 music performances, a barter fair, a rave, an eco-village, a beer garden, exceptional food vendors, and much more.

Tickets can be purchased through "Brown Paper Tickets":

Get noticed fast, with Gener

Joined: Jan 16 2008
For those of us in the midwest

I moved to Missouri from the desert in Ca., I was surrounded by famous artists who just did not jam around town. Although I did hear a garage band practicing down the street from my house one night, only to discover it was the Beach Boys playing a private party.
But I'm sorry some parts of this summer in the midwest were just too darn hot.
But these I enjoyed and recommend.
Dogstock in Kansas, 4 stages for 4 days unbelievable # of bands new and old.
Zoe (schwagstock) south central missouri an awesome experience
Mushroom festival central missouri new event that was good last year and should be better this year.
All had good music, good campin, good people, and reasonable prices.
I have stopped attending the cattle drives of the money grubbers.

older and slower, but still havin fun. watchin the rivers roll on and on. missin all those who've gone on before. I'll wait to hear the jam, when I go through that door. yet I imagine the combinations as I go through my chores.
Take care everyone.

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*NEWS* The new home for the Grateful Garcia Gathering is now at Legend Valley, just 20 minutes East of Columbus Ohio! We are totally excited about this great move to Legend Valley just for the fact that the Grateful Dead actually graced the venue with a few performances:

Legend Valley (formerly Buckeye Lake Music Center)-June 25, 1988,

Legend Valley (formerly Buckeye Lake Music Center)-June 9, 1991,

Legend Valley (formerly Buckeye Lake Music Center)-July 1, 1992,

Legend Valley (formerly Buckeye Lake Music Center)-June 11, 1993,

Legend Valley (formerly Buckeye Lake Music Center)-July 29, 1994,

plus, Bob Weir and Ratdog performed 7 years ago (May 26th 2000) to a smiling crowd of over 15,000 fans! For those of you who have never visited Legend Valley, let me advice you on something. The parking lot/s are fields. Deadbase claims Legend Valley holds around 40,000 festival goers. We feel it holds more!

Legend Valley's (formerly Buckeye Lake Music Center in Ohio) owner Steve Trickle, has been in contact with the organizers of the Grateful Garcia Gathering since last January 2007 about the possibility's of holding the Grateful Garcia Gathering at Legend Valley, a place where the Grateful Dead performed many times before in past years. This would be the natural setting for the Grateful Garcia Gathering to be held each summer. The agreement was made by a mere handshake, and a smile! The 3G's is always set to date on the weekends between Jerry Garcia's birthday August 1st, and his untimely passing of August 9th. The Grateful Garcia Gathering is scheduled for Jerry Garcia's birthday weekend of July 31st - August 2nd 2008.

Legend Valley is Ohio's NUMBER 1 camping, and music outdoor amphitheater. Its also been home to Hookahville, Cabin Fever Festival, and Built to Last festies. Many great artists have graced the stages at Legend Valley such as The Grateful Dead, Ratdog, Bruce Hornsby, David Grisman, Arlo Guthrie, Ekoostik Hookah, Blue Travelers, Willie Nelson, Leon Russell, AC/DC, Waylon Jennings, just to name a few!

Finding your way to the Valley is pretty easy. Legend Valley Concert Venue and Campground is located just off I-70 in Thornville Ohio, about 25 miles east of downtown Columbus, Ohio.

Driving time from some major cities like:

New York City: 8.5 hours.

Pittsburgh: PA: 3 hours.

Chicago, IL: 6 hours.

Washington DC: 6 hours.

Cleveland, OH: 2.5 hours.

Cincinnati, OH: 2.5 hours.

Detroit, MI: 4 hours.

Columbus, OH: 20 minutes.

All of us are united to help keep the spirit of Jerry Garcia alive forever! The Deadhead community is still strong as its ever been. Thus, the music of Jerry Garcia, The Grateful Dead (and all of the suriving members), and the Jerry Garcia Band (and all of the surving members) will never be forgotten! It will be our target goal, to invite each surving member/s of the Grateful Dead and/or the Jerry Garcia Band to perform with their band at some point in the future, on our main stage. They were there for us, and now, we're here for them!!! ~The 3G's Staff~

Early Bird Tickets for the Grateful Garcia Gathering go on sale January 1st 2008.

The 3G's is growing each summer, and as it does, its getting more exciting! Plus, the 3G's has always been about Jerry Garcia's music, art, fans, and his spirit! We hope you'll join us year after year!


"Melvin Seals & JGB" -Two Nights
Stu Allen, Marty Holland, David Kemper (original drummer of Jerry Garcia Band)

"Jackie Greene"
(played w/Phil and Friends last tour)

"Moonalice" -Two Nights
Barry Sless, G.E.Smith, Petes Sears,
Roger McNamee, Ann McNamee, Jimmy Sanchez

"Donna Jean and the Tricksters" -Two Nights

"New Riders of the Purple Sage"
David Nelson, Buddy Cage, Michael Falzarano,
Ronnie Penques, and Johnny Markowski

"BoomBox" -Two Nights
Zion and Russ


"Splintered Sunlight"

"Baghdad SCUBA Review"

"Covert Operations"

"Professor Louie & The Crowmatix"

"Grateful Beth & The Volunteers"

"Back Home"

and more bands to be confirmed coming soon!

~~We'll get by with a little help from our friends~~


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