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mystic bounce by a bridge under blue

Linafornia - Beat Cinema Podcast Vol. 41

1. 10.4 ROG- 51st State
2. mndsgn- schwinn
3. flying lotus- a cosmic drama
4. hudson mohawke- spotted
5. thundercat- tron song
6. Tek.lun- all that
7. samiyam-cloud level
8. ras g- 2kushy
9. madlib- static invasion
10. C.R.I.S.T.E.N. - in africa (with vocals)
11. karriem riggins- double trouble
12. linafornia-rargroov
13. TSURUDA- 30 min madlib type beat
14. Space Gang - Jugg'n (Wylie Cable Edit)
15. linafornia-????
16. Mono/Poly- Check-+ (A 432 hz)
17. DJ ORC- Time
18. P.U.D.G.E.- World Needs
19. eraserfase- peach
20. The Astronotes- Space Bag Lady (linafornia SP edit)
21. linafornia- brownies

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That's a nice list!

That's a nice list!

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Joined: Jul 30 2012
To Set The Darkness Echoing

An interview with John Coltrane

The Jazz musician, John Coltrane, discusses his art, the meaning of music in human experience, and his particular spiritual approach. This rare interview was done in November, 1966, less than a year before his death.

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Everyone was fine tuned and in beautiful sync

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turtles sun and stare at trees

Ancient Methods - Smoke Machine Podcast 085

1. Philip Jeck – All That’s Allowed (Autofact)
2. Kevin Drumm – Grace (Hospital Productions)
3. Chris Korda – Save The Planet, Kill Yourself (Gigolo)
4. Deecoy – Abide (Udek Music)
5. Khixxbrr - Digeridont (Northern General)
6. Fishermen – Dhow (Skudge White) / Villalobos & Lodebauer – Rekondakion (ECM)
7. Vromb – Variation (Hymen)
8. D.Carbone – (Metem Psychosis) (Repitch)
9. Mike Dred – Phelix (Marguerita) / Shelley Parker – Power Station (Structure)
10. G-Man – Northern Tribes (Swim) / Surgeon – Posture (Ideal Trax)
11. Fangshi – No Living Thing Paul Damage Remix (Round Records) / Mondkopf – 33000 12.Bells (Perc Trax)
12. BBS – Joyride BBS Remix (R&S) /Teatro Satanico – Ulrike Meinhof (Treue um Treue)
13. Ultradyne – War Drum Live (SCSI-AV)
14. Northern Structures – Session02 (Sonic Groove)
15. Henry & Hazel Slaughter – Sideways Gas Washer Track3 (American Tapes) / Pete Swanson – Punk Authority (Software)
16. Sole Tech – Jit The Anthem High Density Mix (Detrechno)
17. BMB – Dead Sun (Liberation Technologies) / Alberich – Idealogically Weak (Hospital Productions)
18. Polar Inertia – Major Axis (Dement3d)
19. Container – Refract (Spectrum Spools)
20. Max Duley – Raw (Knee Deep)
21. Traversable Wormhole – The Wormhole Nexus Monolith Remix (Traversable Wormhole) / Ondo – Forrest (Paradigms)
22. Radial – Caveman Sawf Remix (Audio Assault) / Bad Sector – VLBI (Old Europa Café)
23. Vainqueur – Lyot Maurizio Mix (Maurizio) / Regis – Broken On The Wheel (Downwards)
24. Mass-X-Odus – Gang Wars (Foundation Sonore)
25. Keith Fullerton Whitman - Twin Guitar Rhodes Viola Drone (Kranky) / Rome – The Night Born (Trisoil)
26. Bocksholm – Forging Hammers (Wrotycz) / DRH – CRS 4.0 (Curse)
27. Sosak – Editorial (Overlee Assembly) / Andrew Lewis - Mirror Fragment (Blackest Ever Black)
28. Forward Strategy Group – Mandate Sawf Remix (Perc Trax)
29. Paula Temple – Cloned (R&S) / Atom TM – The Sound Of Decay (Raster Noton)
30. Tomohiko Sagae – DSPS (HueHelix)
31. AFX – Isopropophlex (TVT)
32. Burial Hex – Final Litany (Cold Spring)
33. Flutwacht – Rostgeschmack (Steinklang) / EDMX – Cerberus (Power Vacuum)
34. Shifted – Unveiled (Our Circular Sound) / Maria Zerfall – Toten Zone (Membrum Debile Propaganda)

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DJ Bus Replacement Service - Bus Replacement Service #5

'There are too many songs about things that happen in December; here are some of them.
Special thanks to my Kings of Christmas, John "Bowtie" Barstow & Bob Dylan.'

"Make a wish upon your kiss."

Slade - Melted Xmas
The Klezmonauts - Joy To The World
Reel Big Fish - Mele Kalikimaka
Bob Dylan - Christmas Island
John "Bowtie" Barstow - Do You Hear What I Hear?
Bob Dylan - Here Comes Santa Claus
Joe Pesci - If It Doesn't Snow On Christmas
The Little Stinkers - I Farted On Santa's Lap (Now Christmas Is Gonna Stink For Me)
BoA - メリクリ
MC Jin x Bow Tie (ex-Hong Kong Chief Executive Donald Tsang) - 聖誕歌 Rap Now 2010
Adam Buxton - Christmas Country Party Time
John "Bowtie" Barstow - Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer
Bob Dylan - Winter Wonderland
Coil - Walking In The Air
John "Bowtie" Barstow - The First Noel
Bob Dylan - Must Be Santa
Eilert Pilarm - Blue Christmas
Gelfilte Joe & The Fish - Hanukkah Rocks
Yellowman - Santa Claus Never Comes To The Ghetto
David Hasselhoff - Feliz Navidad
John "Bowtie" Barstow - Deck The Halls (2009 Autotune mix)
Steve Mauldin - O Holy Night
Manowar - Silent Night

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Have Yourself A Very Wrong Christmas

Queerhawk's Very Wrong Christmas Mixtape

DJ Spoiled Child - Worst Christmas Ever
Kazoo Christmas - O Christmas Tree
Gottabeandrew - Wake Up Everyone, It's Christmas
Charlie The Hamster - Christmas Yodel
The Jingle Cats - Little Drummer Boy
Flatulina - Dance Of The Sugarplump Fairy
Star Trek - Let It Snow
Foxdye - I Saw Mommy Donking Donkey Claus
Queerhawk - Last Christmas (I gave you my penis)
Dr. Demento - Jingle Bells
Jakazid - DMX Rudolph
Kasio Kristmas - Deck The Halls
Flatulina - Christmas Dance Mix

Sublime mix of 64-320kpbs mp3s (I think there's even a FLAC in there too). Levels are all over the place to make sure you're listening properly.

Joined: Nov 4 2014
not listening yet, but ...

am looking to download the 6/28/88 show at spac (this was my first show.)

on another note, did you see that furthur has announced that they are calling it quits?

we should be getting that 50th anniversary tour announcement any day now.


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I've not been paying particular attention to the dwindling daylight, so tonight's run became an unintentional affair in darkness. While 1745 seemed adequate as a start time for pup & I, just over 30 minutes later we were ensconced in black night and, after 7+ months of habit ingrained by not requiring a light before 2000EST, I was caught short. However, redemption in the form of nearly barren trees and a 2/3 silvery moon saved the evening, and we made it through 8.5 miles of trail along the main range's foothills in about 90 minutes with a net temperature drop of 12 degrees (F).

Of pertinence to the current thread, it was the brilliant arrangements of desert psychedelia and Dylanesque lyrical accompaniment spun by the Meat Puppets that assuaged my early concerns about quickly descending nightfall and, thereafter, running in darkness miles from another living soul.

Much like my love for the Dead outside the friendly confines of similarly ethnic neighborhoods like, there aren't many who share love for the Puppets; yet, they are the ONLY band of the last 20 years whose new music I purchase unheard. Anyway, on this particularly chilly night, I spun through Lollipop, Up on the Sun, and Rat Farm. Genius arrangements, novel progressions, and esoterically poetical lyrics put Puppets, along with the Dead, among my elite list of performers. Genuine novelty is its own brand of luminescent beauty in a world of dreary conformity./K

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Acronym - River Red Gum Mike

Acronym - River Red Gum Mike Parker im loving it <3


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