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Joined: Nov 4 2014
not listening yet, but ...

am looking to download the 6/28/88 show at spac (this was my first show.)

on another note, did you see that furthur has announced that they are calling it quits?

we should be getting that 50th anniversary tour announcement any day now.


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I've not been paying particular attention to the dwindling daylight, so tonight's run became an unintentional affair in darkness. While 1745 seemed adequate as a start time for pup & I, just over 30 minutes later we were ensconced in black night and, after 7+ months of habit ingrained by not requiring a light before 2000EST, I was caught short. However, redemption in the form of nearly barren trees and a 2/3 silvery moon saved the evening, and we made it through 8.5 miles of trail along the main range's foothills in about 90 minutes with a net temperature drop of 12 degrees (F).

Of pertinence to the current thread, it was the brilliant arrangements of desert psychedelia and Dylanesque lyrical accompaniment spun by the Meat Puppets that assuaged my early concerns about quickly descending nightfall and, thereafter, running in darkness miles from another living soul.

Much like my love for the Dead outside the friendly confines of similarly ethnic neighborhoods like, there aren't many who share love for the Puppets; yet, they are the ONLY band of the last 20 years whose new music I purchase unheard. Anyway, on this particularly chilly night, I spun through Lollipop, Up on the Sun, and Rat Farm. Genius arrangements, novel progressions, and esoterically poetical lyrics put Puppets, along with the Dead, among my elite list of performers. Genuine novelty is its own brand of luminescent beauty in a world of dreary conformity./K

Joined: Nov 3 2014
Acronym - River Red Gum Mike

Acronym - River Red Gum Mike Parker im loving it <3

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Joined: Sep 29 2014

...what show are you referring to? FT wasn't played until mid-'75. At first I thought you'd mistakenly misrepresented 12/2/81, but that occurred at Assembly Hall, U.I. (and there doen't appear to be a 12/2/91 show)...put me on the right track so I can listen to whatchayer hearin'!/K

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Still Sounds good....

Franklin's Tower 1971-12-02 Boston Music Hall - Boston, MA

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...Or Even Less About Those Remarkable Things

Surgeon - ambient set at Freerotation 2014, Baskerville Hall, Herefordshire

'This hybrid DJ / Live Set was recorded in a yurt structure at the Freerotation Festival in Wales. This time my idea for the set was to take us all much further out, much deeper inside than the set from last year. A more disembodied experience.

As I had done last year, I sat on the floor in front of the speakers to perform instead of behind them as a DJ normally does. This greatly enhanced my feeling of experiencing the set with the audience, dissolving the usual performer / audience divide.
Below is the list of tracks that I played in addition to live improvisation using a eurorack modular system.

Many thanks to Steevio, the whole Freerotation crew and everyone who experienced it there with me.'

Lars Von Trier - Intro from Europa
Henry Wolff & Nancy Hennings - Crossing the Line - Tibetan Bells III
Delia Derbyshire - Running - Inventions For Radio - Dreams
Compound Eye - Hydraulic Regime Vibrates Within - Journey from Anywhere
Coil - Copal - Moon's Milk (In Four Phases)
Cosey Fanni Tutti - Such Is Life - Time To Tell
Coil - Die Wölfe Kommen Zurück - Black Light District
William S. Burroughs - The Cat Inside: Excerpts - The Best Of William Burroughs
Jo Johnson - Words Came After Music - Weaving
Coil - Bism - Worship The Glitch
Delia Derbyshire - Colour - Inventions For Radio - Dreams
Long Distance Poison - Signal I (Drew McDowall Remix) - Gleise Translations
Coil - Caged Birds - Worship The Glitch
Coil - Magnetic North - Winter Solstice
Aphex Twin - Rhubarb - Selected Ambient Works, Volume II
Coil - We Have Always Been Here - Worship The Glitch
Jo Johnson - Long Shadow (Anthony Child remix)
Rapoon - We Danced Like Sticks - The Kirghiz Light
Alessandro Cortini - Resta - Forse 1
Delia Derbyshire - Falling - Inventions For Radio - Dreams
Compound Eye - Open Interval 1 - Journey from Anywhere
Rapoon - Dala - The Kirghiz Light
Coil - Ended - Worship The Glitch

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Joined: Nov 26 2007
scarlet begonias

Live at the cow palace new years eve 1976

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Joined: Jul 30 2012
another door

Orphx - Smoke Machine Podcast 066

MSBR - The Blaze Of Collapsing, Part Two
Minser Space - 02
The Infant Cycle - Sand Rays One
Anenzephalia - A.B.C.
Vromb - Locomotive Magnetique
Orphx - Devourer
Kangding Ray - That
Mike Parker - Pulse Trader
Forward Strategy Group - Elegant Mistakes
65D Mavericks - The Search
Rrose - 23 Lashes
Desonanz - 2nd Next
Tommy Four Seven - G (Regis Mix)
Systemic - Phi (Orphx Mix)
Hecrom - Sirius
Systemic - Raven
Surgeon - The Power Of Doubt
Imugem Orihasam - Gemikunat
Orphx - Density Current
Orphx - Cut Through
LADA - Indust
CH-BB - Neger Brauchen Keine Electronik
Kareem - Usher
Orphx - 1200 μRH

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Joined: Jul 30 2012
go and make memories

Dasha Rush - process part 276 - for Modyfier

Vromb - Repose toi
Vladislav Delay - Kohde + (12" German lessons on Melodia records)
Mitchell Akiyama - Meridial
Alva Noto - Modul 3
Efdemin (Koze remix) - There will be singing (voice extract)
Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto with Ensemble Modern - Attack/Transition
Nicolas Jaar - Etre
Autechre - VI Scose Poise
Monolake - Watching Clouds
Voices From The Lake - Drop 3
Oleva - Set the controls for the heart of the sun
Liquid Watch - Deep Factory + Yamatcha Moogwalzer - Der Räuber und der Prinz
Mewark - Nuiclid
Asyncron - Vogel Zang
Diversion Group - Shirts and skins
Stomu Yamash'ta, Hans Werner Henze, Peter Maxwell Davies - Prison Song
Alva Noto - T3
Drum Komputer - EPL
Raime - If Anywhere Was Here He Would Know Where We Are
Liquid Watch - High

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Joined: Jul 30 2012
sensitivity expands of activities borderless

Yu Kawabata - Beatnik Podcast #026

Intro - The Knife
untitled summer 1993 - Richard Chartier
Naematoloma sublateritium - Lawrence English
Austeria - DSCRD
Untitled 2 - Madteo
Crippled Nurse And Water - James Ruskin, Regis, O/V/R
(Or: War) - Burial Hex
Nightforce Scopes - Vatican Shadow
Puritan - Randomer
Slovakian Ruata - Pan Sonic
While The Flies Pray - Splatter
Hollerei Lx - Reformed Faction
Mute (Third Eye Foundation Remix) - Faultline
A New Brutality - Perc
Wet Wool - Untold


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