Grateful Dead

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Joined: Oct 23 2011

Check out the excellent sequence of MD>PITB>UJB>PITB. I especially love the MD, as Jerry's vocals are strong and his playing superb - particularly in the last few minutes prior to transitioning into PITB1. Happy Friday!

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Joined: Jan 19 2012

I've really been digging Jesse McReynolds plays the songs of the Grateful Dead, a tributie to Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter. It's got a killer version of Birdsong and I think the best Alabamam Getaway I've ever heard. He's a bluegrass legend. Kind of ironic that Jerry use to follow him and his brother, Jim, around back in the day and now the teacher pays tribute to the follower.

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Joined: Apr 7 2009
Art Bell

I miss Art's show so much! I listened to him for years and just the sound of his voice and late night explorations were just amazing! Good idea!

Joined: Nov 29 2011

I currently have the entire 72 boxset in my ipod. Took way to long to encode all the discs to mp3's. There's alos a ton of old Art Bell shows on there as well.

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Tom Fogerty - Excalibur..............who's next in line

If this has never been released on CD it should be. I can see that this LP might have worried some?

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Joined: Apr 7 2009

I just can't stop listening to the Omni, Atlanta, GA show right now. I was there and it meant a lot to me to be at the show, going through life changes and all at the time. But, mostly I can't get Eternity>Liberty off repeat. I tear up everytime I hear it! My iPod will probably start smoking if I don't select something else. Sooo, heartfelt!!

Also, I have 10/9/89 (no explaination needed), 6/22/92 Star Lake, 5/19/92 Cal Expo, 3/20/92 Copps Coliseum and 8/19/89 Greek Theater currently on the playlist. Almost time for a reload, but not quite yet!

When confronted by bears.......

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Currently loaded onto my Creative ZEN.

Allman Brothers....At The Fillmore East...deluxe edition.
Allman Brothers....03/18/04...Joe D'Amico Neumann KM184 source.
Furthur....06/30/10...Official Live Download.
Government Mule....12/16/06...Official Live Muletracks download.
Grateful Dead....04/07/72...Official Live Box Set Item.
Little Feat....07/27/04...Chris Cafiero Sennheiser source.
NRPS....09/19/09...Digital Soundboard.
Ratdog....11/08/02...Digital Soundboard.

Happy Days !.

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Treasure trove for iTunes
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....Joy Division Closer album. all of them are in my mp3, Still and Unkown Pleasures RIP Ian Curtis

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I listen to Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, Jerry Rafferty,Journey, Beatles,R.E.M.,Prince,MIchael Jackson,Led Zepplin,AC/DC,Aertha Franklin,Barbra Strestand,Bruce Springsteen,Elton John, Rolling Stones,Who,Kiss,Madonna,Meat Puppets,Johnny Cash,Early U2, The Alarm,
Guns and Roses with Slash, Mettalica,Nirvana,Turtles, Eric Clapton, David Bowie,Lady Gaga, Aerosmith, Golden Earring, Mott the Hopple, Queen, Jerry Garcia Band,Adam Ant,
Alicia Keys, Berlin, Beastie Boys, Bob Seager,Cinderella, Eagles, George Harrison, INXS,
Black Eye Peas,Iron Maiden,James Taylor, Carol King, Melody, Kate Bush, The Knack,
Lynard Skinner, Police, Yanni, Peter Gabriel, Genesis with Peter, REO Speedway, Susan
Boyle, Robert Plant, The Cure, Kanas, Poisin, Lord of the Ring Soundtrack, Boney M. Soundtrack to Nicholas and Alexandra, PInk, Lady Antabellum, Seal and The Smashing Punpkins.


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