Grateful Dead

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Joined: Jun 4 2007
Bob, Mickey, Phil and Friends

Can't bring myself to delete 02-04-2008 from my mp3 player. Its nice to hear Mark Karan again, as well. Jackie provides great vocals and well, the show pretty much rocks.

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the goods

well obviously a good variety of the dead. i don't put too much of the dick's picks on my ipod as the sound is too quiet... also have some pink floyd, ani difranco (coming to town!), tori amos, the doors, gov't mule, ray lamontagne, van morrison, joan baez, janis joplin, tea leaf green, bob dylan, and then of course all that other crap that keeps me moving at the gym.


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My iPod was loaded by a teen

A teen back in San Diego loaded it with punk rock - but he also put some Dead and Metallica and Primus and The Offspring. I also like the Cypris Hill. I added some Pink Floyd albums and soon I hope to add "Midnight Moonlight" by Old and in the Way and some Bobby McFerrin "Simple Pleasures".

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my i pod saved my life

been listening to dead pods
he has a few jerry shows on there that kill
1/11/08 i think has a great let's spend the night to gather
besides that tea leaf green
the mother hips
green lemon

just to name a few

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and also added the recent Umphres PodCast....

...forgot that. one..... Monday at work is going to fly by so I can get home and listen to DH 4 Obama!!

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Just put in the Phil show from last week....

Being that it sold out in mins... I waited ever so patiently to see it online and this morning I added 1/29/08 - Portland to my list of iPod goodies. I now have 4GB full of Phil,GD,Zero,S.Stills,Pink Floyd, and the Doors..... Nice :)


Joined: Jul 20 2007
Thanks for the

tooth beams! Doing grate today!!

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Joined: Jan 31 2008
IPod songs

I received my first i pod for xmas this year and everything on it is still new for it, but classics to me. Scarlet -Fire from Copps 3-22-90 is getting a lot of play. Those 2 nights in Canada were some of my all time fav shows. Sooooo much fun in Hamilton. Also, Fat Boy Slim "Better living through Chemistry" and Dead "Go to Nassau" I still have 400+ hours live dead on tape that is going to the computer soon. I can't wait. Some is some fine sounding material.

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hey mom ~

Hope they hooked you up with some Laughing Gas. Feel better soon :-)


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