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From AParr:

Hey Folks! So... I've got an idea for a GD-related book, and want to get feedback from everyone in terms of whether you'd be at all interested in contributing to, or ultimately buying such a book.

I love reference books of all kinds, am a huge travel nut, and obviously a Deadhead. So this idea occurred to me about a year ago, and I'm just now getting around to taking the temperature of the community.

Thought it would be cool to have a book whose sole focus is on the various fantastic & storied venues the Dead played over the years.

- Why this particular venue is significant (Most-played, etc.)
- How many shows occurred there
- Cool & interesting facts, particularly GD-related, about the venue in question
- Actual STORIES and anecdotes from anyone and everyone who attended show(s) there, and why they love the place so much
- Photos of the venues
- Stories about particularly special and/or significant shows which occurred at a certain venue

I've done a good bit of digging, and seem to have found out that there isn't a book like this currently out there. Who knows? This may very well mean that it's not a good idea, or it would already have been done. OR, it just might mean that I may be pursuing something worthwhile which hasn't been actively pursued by anyone else.

What do you think? Would you like to contribute stories of your own to something like this? Think the book idea has any merit? Would you buy it, if reasonably priced & well-done? Any and all feedback will be very greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.




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I hope you are reading this stuff Adam

What has transpired in the last few days with the ticket stuff is history in the making.

It might be a major turning point in history, kind of like the 69 Altamont thing is considered.

The whole ticket/venue/big money/internet/...etc. stuff surrounding this event is crazy.

Excellent material for the book.

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Right on Adam


I really like the idea of you building this story organically from the fans. That is a great way to capture all those great first hand accounts, and allow the reader to really feel what it was like to be at those shows of years past.
I only got on the bus in the 90s when I was in high school, so I really enjoy talking to old(er) deadheads about their experiences at all those shows.
And the time span from 1965 - 1995 and then 2015 is a better window to explore change in the music business, technology, and more than any other 50 year span.
Keep in touch!

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Hey guys. Thanks a ton for

Hey guys. Thanks a ton for the encouraging feedback! Very much appreciated. Definitely makes me a little more confident about pursuing the idea now.

Dan - excellent thoughts man. You brought up some very good points & ideas which I hadn't considered, and I'll definitely be getting in touch with you, and taking you up on your offer! As previously mentioned, a fundamental aspect of this project for me will be the contribution & participation of all those who wish to be involved. I believe that it really has to be approached, to a certain degree, as a community/group project. As I see it, that will only add depth & quality.

Not that this really matters right now, but I believe I've come up with the perfect title for this thing, and have already purchased the domain name. For now, I'm gonna keep it to myself. Paranoid probably, but it just doesn't feel like to right time to share it with the world.

Anything in particular that anyone would like to see included or addressed in the book? Any ideas at all that you'd like to throw out there? Comments are always welcome. Looking forward to getting more feedback from everyone.

I'd always envisioned the genesis of this project happening on the forum with you guys. So far so good...

Lastly, you can always email me at:

Thanks all, once again. Talk to you soon!


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Love it!

I would definitely consider buying this kind of book. Lots of stories and lots of pictures though.

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count me in...

I'd purchase a book with the content you listed in a heart beat.

Great idea!

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Cool Idea

Hey Adam,

I think you are right on with your idea.

It could really be an interesting insight into the myriad components of all those venues over all that time. It could really show so many different layers of stories, and be very pertinent to today.
I mean, with this GD 50 thing at soldier and the impact of the internet and big money these days, it really shows how different the whole venue/ticket scene has become.
Doing a book on 50 years (or just 30 years) of venues and tickets and the scene would really be a nice way to show change over time.
I would definitely buy it. It would be a great contribution to not only GD related material, but also to the history of music, the transformation of society in America, and more.

Do it man.

I'd be happy to help (I'm an historian and big Dead Head)



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