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Question About Using GD Iconography

Not sure where to post this....

To anyone who may have an answer...

I'm having my barn painted this year and would like to have a local artist make a barn quilt with dancing bears on it (to hang on the side of the barn). Are there any licensing or other issues that need to be addressed beforehand? Please PM me with answer when convenient.


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Wendy weirs book

I read it a few times she is a very spiritual lady for sure. Yet some of her recollections of the days around Otis passing away are a bit off . Yes bobby was upset am sure we all would be. Yet when she says he did not sing a song that is not a real fact. He did sing during the San fran civic shows in January of 87 maybe not comfortably but he sang. The shows are on the archives and was at them also. The get back show. Shakedown Get Back.
Please do not take it as am dissing her am only stating what's known. The book is a very good read.

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dave's picks 15

this should be released soon. really hoping for Eugene 1/22/78

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Hubba hubba gettin my first

Hubba hubba gettin my first post on.

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2 for 6/28

I have 2 GA Floors for 6/28 Levi's stadium...selling for face
Hit me up at
Local pick up in NY

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Jerrry's spirit -poem

nice post thanku you

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Conversations with Jerrry's spirit -poem... reply

posted as new - meant as reply to poem writing post titled w "Conversations with Jerry's spirit...." :

I had heard of tWendy Weir's book from a fellow fan in 2007 and its obtainable but for whatever reason I neglected to order from 3rd party via Amazon.. Think I will grab copy now- never sure what to make of channeling but feel more comfortable with idea esp. given the close family connection.
I believe that spirits of folks -especially musicians who you have a connection with from many shows. Feels to me a bit like channeling when you jam with their recorded performances.
My playing improved a lot playing w old JGB live performances and Dead along with a pile of jazz greats as well..
I have felt as if I got a master class not just from the music laid down on recording but the whole "vibe" of the moments in sound.. -in last 8 yrs I kearned to improvise when in youth had little ear for it.. sure its practice but there is more than meets the eye for "connected playing" - one feels it just as one could at a Dead show--(minus the other 10k spirits energizing the music!) ..
- not quite your poem moment but I think its likely you tapped inti same place all musicians and artists do if it wasnt Jer directly it likely was guided by your own higher self perhaps activated w some "guidance" - cool thoughts - for sure spirit has ability to be anywhere instantly from that side.. thanks for sharing this..

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hey, welcome

and make yourself at home!

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Thank you!

First post. Excited to be aboard.


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