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Sheba had her operation to remove a Round Cell tumor. Am told the laser surgery lasted about 20 minutes. She is doing very well. Bless you all!

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I followed your link & just wanted to say, what a wonderful article. Its great to see how people have changed over the last decade. For those who have felt hopeless in the midst of a trying time & to prevail, giving the animals a life that many thought would be impossible.
Right on & thank you
that 18 is a cutie, I hope he & Cristal found loving families

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my Callie's 15 minutes of fame

I do this somewhat sporadic pets column for one of the local radio stations' Web sites. I set out to write one about a couple of nice dogs awaiting homes at Peninsula Humane, but like a number of things in my life, it wound up being all about Callie. (Introduced in the first post in this topic.)

If you're so inclined you can read the result here:

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My good friends

We have two cats and 1 dog a scottish terrier
Pumpkin was chosen at a Cat Rescue event- he is somewhat ferril but very friendly on HIS terms. He is orange and white. He can open up doors and loves to walk around at night turning off and on our lights. He will actually come and touch me with his paws if I am behind schedule in his feedings. He loves Ivory our other cat.
Ivory is a white fat cat. She is 90% blind due to her being slammed against a wall by her former owner. Cat Rescue called us because they know we would give her a great home. Ivory "sounds" by sqeeking as she walks. She will cry and cry until someone answers her and then she will find that person. She also brings us her "babies". These are Beenie babies that she carries in her mouth. She deposits 4 or 5 outside of our bedroom door at night. She is very affectionate. she is very spunky and adores Pumpkin but lets him have it if he gets too "romantic"
Then there is Barnie a very rascally Scotty he is like a big goofy kid who loves everyone and is full of energy and joy. He loves to play in my garden and is a great friend. I think he likes the GD when I have ona DVD he watches our HD very intently. He does not like the Mickey and Jerry as Spock and Santa he always barks at that segment for some reason.

And the road goes on forever....

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3 fat furry muses

stellablue, that's an incredible story about the peacock! thanks for sharing : )
when i was a little girl i went to summer camp at St. John the Divine cathedral in New York where i live. they have peacocks roaming freely on the grounds, these great beautiful blue regal things. i used to follow them around secretly- they were nowhere near as sociable as your friend - i wish!

I've got three wonderful old cats, each with her own little quirks. or perhaps i should say they've got me. We adopted the first, Rosie, when i was just seven years old (i'm 16 now). She used to stalk me and pounce on me from behind. On her first night in our house, she somehow found a way to scramble up the (very vertical and flat) ladder to my old bunk bed. (i still don't know how!) i found her purring next to my face only to have her bite my cheek the next moment! i ended up having to walk around the house with a spray bottle until she decided to be nice. My mother called it "showing her that i was the dominant cat."

Over the years we adopted two more, Socks and Angie. Each newcomer on the scene has changed the dynamic of the house in her own way. Rosie is now a fat and furry old lap cat, but still with a temper if you rub her the wrong way (pun semi-intended...). Socks seems to me the oldest soul of the three, a wise graying silky siamese-tabby. I like to have conversations with her - she makes me feel so peaceful. And Angie, our youngest cat is a character if there ever was one. She's black and angular and wired. When we first adopted her, the doctor who was supposed to spay her picked her up, paused, and said "...This cat is pregnant!" She had three beautiful kittens, but two of them died (one shortly after birth, one of pneumonia later on). The last, Pololo, lives in the building next door to us now, and i still occasionally see him. He is pitch black like his mother, except for a white splotch on his chest and all of the area around his nose. His mom's getting old as well, but she still likes to run top-speed down our long hallway and halfway up the wall at the end -- when we're not looking, of course.

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i love to read and hear animal stories.they all are like angles.well back sometime ago my lovebird had a couple hatchlings,which didnt make it.i was told that the first time parents sometimes it'll happen.well she had another clutch.and one hatchling so far.shes feeding it and keeping it warm.which is good she had nothing to do w/the other hopefully this one makes it.i'll keep ya's a pretty cool thing to watch how they feed and take care of each other and help out,the papa bird is crazy,he is very proud!!he sleeps in the nest at night w/them which i think is kind of strange,now i know why they call them 'lovebirds',these two definetly live up to the name..ha,ha. peace

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I once had a great dog named Jake who i am convinced was a very confused angel in disguise. We rescued Jake from an abusive home where he was only being used for breeding as it was a puppy mill. Jake had many emotional issues, but was a big sweetheart. He was abused again by our neighborhood teenagers, who shot him with paintball guns. He got along with everyone, and was one of the most gentle dogs ive ever met. He died last year of Liver and kidney failure. I hope he was reincarnated because there are many in need of a dog like Jake.

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Koki the dog had rice tonight too..we always cook extra when we have it as he adores the stuff (well he was born in Asia..) He is being very affectionate and friendly since his 24 hour escapade, but I know it's all plot to get me to let him off the lead again.

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a hearty repast

Rex and Callie are enjoying a restful snooze after lunching on the Badger's Dog Diet of boiled chicken and rice. Well, I had some carrots in the fridge so they went in too. Some yogurt on top, too, always good for the digestion. I thought a little change would do them no harm. They clearly thought they were getting away with something, so much that Rex forgot to object when I went outside for a minute because he was too busy eating. So we raise a virtual dog treat in salute to our esteemed colleagues in France...

Joined: Jan 19 2008
Happy Animals

We have two awesome dogs named Muggs and Cally. Muggs is a boxer and Cally is a lab/chow. Our long lost Bean passed away this time last year. Simon and Lilly are our cats. They've reached the point in their lives where they are basically fuzzy furniture. They only move when there is food involved. We can't forget Oscar the super cat. We had to put him down a few years back but his memory lives on! I still find shit broken and blame it on him.


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