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Joined: Jan 10 2009
Shakedown Street,,, vending @ shows and Fests

Hi all... A friend and I are thinking about doing Shake down at a show or 2 this year... We have questions of how to go about it. I have heard if u don't follow proper channels the powers that be can just take your wares and kick you out....We will be truly grateful for any info on this. (~):}

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Joined: Jan 23 2012
I also saw these hoodies. I

I also saw these hoodies. I used the pre order form on the edens rose foundation ( website and was emailed back right away. They said they would be able to take my money thru paypal. I bought the hoodie and it will arrive at the end of the week!

Joined: Jan 23 2012
New Novel About a Hippie Van

We just published a cool book that traces the "life and times" of a 1964 VW microbus, from its "birth" in a West German factory to its final resting place in San Diego. The book is told in a series of vignettes, and it's not always clear how the van figures into each section. The author, Lee Irby, has earned critical praise for his previous books, 7,000 CLAMS and THE UP AND UP. Check it out.

Joined: Jan 19 2012
Where to buy alpaca hoodies?!?

I found a website (Eden's Rose Foundation) and they announced a team up with the band for a good cause. The site does not sell the (yet) but had a form for preorders. I found some of these awesome hoodies on ebay but they don't seem legit. Does anyone know how I can get ahold of an official grateful dead alpaca hoodie that supports the good deeds of the Eden's Rose Foundation?!?

Joined: Jan 17 2012
GD Cassette Tapes Wanted!

Please don't throw away those wonderful live GD tapes. I'm still in love with analog cassettes and would love to see my small collection continue to grow. Please send me a message before you throw your tapes out or put them on Craigslist. I'll gladly pay for postage and packaging to get them from where you are here to sunny LA.

Thank You!

jonapi (not verified)
sweet sweet music

hello everyone,

just to let people know that i have a Discogs account and am selling all kinds of music and video.

some are brand new releases, some a used; lots of rare vinyl and CDs.
all styles of music; rock, techno, dub, jazz, classical, dubstep, experimental, name it. you can browse my entire stock at the above address.
anyone interested, please let me know and i'll make sure you get a discount, including friends of anyone here. just mention the Dead and it'll be cheaper!!
i ship all around the world and have a 100% feedback rating.

Kynd Music For Kynd Folk.

Joined: Jan 1 2012
New Grateful Dead inspired Longboard
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We're giving away 2012 Grateful Dead Calendars

This week only, Sunshine Daydream Hippie Shop in suburban Chicago is giving away a FREE 2012 Grateful Dead Calendar with any in store purchase of $100 or more. we have a huge selection of Grateful Dead Goodies for your favorite deadhead, including the Grateful Dead Alpaca hoodies that you may have seen on the recent Furthur tour. We will be open late all week and open from 9-3 on Christmas Eve.

We are also giving away the calendars on our Facebook Page with a Grateful Dead trivia contest every day .

Your friends at Sunshine Daydream wish you a Jerry Christmas, and a Happy New Weir!

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Joined: Dec 16 2011
I've had this print for 20 years, but now its got to go!

9 months of Unemployment have forced me to start selling some of my treasures. This is one of them: a 18" x 24" black and white photograph of the band from the sixties in Golden Gate park. This print was done in the 80's and was left in our communal house basement in a pile of junk that I had the fun task of cleaning out. At least this particular dirty job had a great reward when I found this collection of prints!

I am interested in serious offers, and I wanted to post it here in front of some true fans before I post this on Ebay. I have about 18 different photographs. Some have slight water damage around the edges, but would look very clean and nice if properly framed.

If the bid is right I'd be willing to sell the whole collection but otherwise I'll be selling these one at a time. My profile pic is the main photo of interest. There are lots of crowd shots, a few more band shots, a Haight Street scene, and some Hells Angels shots. I am working on getting the pictures uploaded to my website, which should happen later today. Thanks for looking!

Joined: Nov 20 2011
HOOKOOEKOO- Grateful Dead mountain bike for sale

I fell in love with the Dead and biking at the same time.
Gary Fischer Hoo Koo E Koo Dead Bones. 1995
Limited Edition 15.5 frame. Any wear on the bike is from time, not use.
I bought this new and I rode it twice in the mountains of banff.

When Jerry passed I put the bike up in my house on display with my other Dead memorabilia.

Over the years, after 4 children and 8 moves, I still have my bike.
To me this bike was symbolic of everything about me, my true Dead spirit of roamin the open road with an open heart.

I am in my last year of nurse anesthesia school and crunching numbers to pay the last bit of my massive tuition. I have hung on to my bike to the bitter end. Unfortunately, it is time to sell it. I have had multiple offers but no one who would love and appreciate this bike for the spirit it exemplifies.

The frame is inscribed the golden road to unlimited devotion...

Its time to let my bike go

"So take off your shoes, child
And take off your hat
Try on your wings
And find out where it's at"

I will send pictures to any interested buyer. It is in Minneapolis. , 702-217-4808


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