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Joined: Jun 21 2011
Help to Identify Bear Head Hookah - Grateful Dead - 1960's-70's

I have a friend who was given a Bear Head hookah. He was told that this belonged to a stage hand from the 1960's-70's and that a member of the Grateful Dead gave it to him. There are a couple of symbols in the pottery, but no markings. Does anyone recognize this?


Here are some links to photos:

Joined: Jun 14 2011
Jerry Garcia lithograph

I have a lithograph of the black & white "Banyon Tree". It's framed and in new condition. Very beautiful work, Jerry did. I love the piece to death but must sell for financial reasons. I can't afford to have it put on eBay, since everyone who looks questions its authenticity. Craigslist has no bites...not sure how many deadheads who love fine art shop on there.

It's a longshot, but if anyone is slightly interested I'd love to tell more :)


Joined: Jun 10 2011
Zippo lighter with the ice cream kid

I have a new zippo lighter with the ice cream kid on it Brand new never been used.will take best offer can contact me @ All offers considered

Joined: Jun 10 2011
Grateful dead zippo lighter with the ice cream kid on it

I would like to sell a zippo lighter with the ice cream kid on it will take best offer!!!

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Joined: Apr 11 2009
Dead-friendly bottle return

My good friend opened a bottle and can return in upstate New York called Terrapin Bottle and Can Return (yes, named after Terrapin Station). He's a huge deadhead, so there are lots of grateful dead and furthur posters and stuff around so you'll have a better time taking your cans there than somewhere else.

Its located at
4303 State Hwy 30
Amsterdam, NY 12010

in the Owl's nest plaza - in front of an archery place. If you see a tackyass lingerie shop you've gone too far. But I'm not from there... I suck at directions so here's the number

Tell him Chicago Steph sent you!

Thanks a bundle.

Joined: Oct 19 2007
Dead 2009 and Furthur '09-'10 posters for sale

Garage sale this weekend, June 3rd,4th&5th.
1017 Juarez Street, Napa,CA 8am-4pm
CDs and Hoodies and Tees from those tours.

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Joined: May 26 2007
in the course of the morning spam patrol...

I realized that I don't think any spammer has ever hit this topic.

Yes, I suppose it would be something of a moderator's quandary to suddenly find a post here offering prom dresses and diet solutions, but if there were any legitimate locale for it, this would be the place. Unfortunately, they tend to post their pitches on archival photos of Watkins Glen instead...

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Joined: May 7 2011
Authentic Jerry Garcia Guitar 2 be eBayed 4 charity June 5, 2011

Amicus Foundation (Matthew Kelly, Bob Weir) who help refugees in Thailand are auctioning a Jerry Garcia guitar, Lucky #13. Please visit our website for more info

Joined: Apr 8 2011
New Children's Book: Mr. Charlie

Hello everyone. Please visit my website for my new children's picture book titled Mr. Charlie.

Thank you,


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Joined: May 4 2008
Good Idea for old, worn out, hole-ey (Holy) tiedye shirts...

Check out what my lovely wife Katie did to several of my old tie-dye shirts....




Good way to preserve the shirts even longer!!!
heres a link to her blog spot!


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