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Joined: May 26 2007
is this it?

the Norton Simon Museum seems to have a print. That's yer classic Thomas Weir all right!

Joined: Jan 24 2011
Thomas A Weir photo

Howdy,I have this photo by Thomas Weir ( not Bobs brother) that I have been doing some research on.It seems he is the same artist that took the back album photo on AOXOMOXOA. It is an artists proof dated 1967.From my searches I have found it in a few museums.The picture is a framed print titled Renne Oracle.I know Mr Weir was not as prolific as the big 5,Mouse,Griffen ect.It was givin to me as a gift from the late Chesley Milliken. I know it has some value,I just need to be pointed in the right direction to someone that has some knowledge on this subject.It might be for sale if I can find a realistic value. Hopefully this is the correct forum to post this.

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For all you Kindle owners

For all you Kindle owners out there, I recently published "The Hallucinogenic Bible", a novel, on It is a fictionalized narrative of 3 college kids following their favorite band around the country for 4 weeks. It is based on 20 plus years of following the Dead, Phish, and Dead-related bands, and in the course of the narrative, it discusses the scene, music, drugs, cops, friendships, and spirituality entailed in it all.

Thanks for letting me promote!

J.T. Gossard

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sweet hat pins!

Moondancer Hat Pin

Mayan Calendar SYF Hat Pin

We also have some cool goods on our facebook page for sale!

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Cant wait to see everyone on Furthur Tour!! Peace&Love

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Chicago Area Heads

For all of you last minute folks in the Chicago area, Sunshine Daydream will be open on Christmas Eve from 9am - 4pm. Lots of Grateful Goodies for that special someone, or even yourself.

If you spend more than $100 on Xmas Eve, we will even kick you down a 2011 Grateful Dead Calendar for free!

May the four winds blow you safely home...

Sunshine Daydream Chicago
708 S. Rand Rd.
Lake Zurich, IL 60047

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moved from the wildly inappropriate location

where it was first posted:

On December 20th, 2010 Angel B said:

Hey..I love your page and I am so proud to be a part of this community of colorful people, personalities and creativity..My boyfriend and I have a website where we sell our artwork shoes..These shoes have been in the making for 30 years and we have just put our artwork on high tops shoes and canvas shoes..Our website is dont let the name fool you!!'')..I think you will be surprised at the creativity of these shoes!..These shoes are unique in their design as you will not find these in any store or anywhere else but our site!!,,Check out our website and see the variety of designs we have to offer!..A friend named Kim told me and my boyfriend about your site ( says shes friends with all of you!!)..I think you will like what you see and we are taking orders now!!
Thanks!..~Sunshine Daydream~!

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Hampton Va August 9 1989 Warlocks stub for sale

Hampton Va August 9 1989 Formerly the Warlocks stub for sale. Hate to let it go but it's time.

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Win a Copy of Dead-O-Poly Signed by Bob Weir

Anyone and everyone who orders from is entered in a drawing for a copy of Grateful Dead-O-Poly signed by Bob Weir. Yes, that Bob Weir.*

We've got tapestries, t-shirt, tie-dyes, hoodies, bandanas, incense, posters, mousepads, all tailored to the sense and sensibilities of todays discerning Deadhead.

Have your own store and see something your customers would like? Sweet, order with a wholesale account and we'll get a lot out to you ASAP.

*Just so we're clear: I do mean Bobby from the Dead and not Robert "Honest Bob" Weir of the Weir Auto Emporium

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American Beauty Ski's

Hello to Everyone,
I have recently been inspired to part with some of my collections... Right now I have to let a pair of American Beauty k2 Ski's go... They are original, and still in the wrapper. Time has been pretty kind to them, some of the plastic is splitting apart at the seems; but that just adds character... Feel free to send me a message on here, or an email to if you are interested... I also have some pictures of them upon request...

Peace and Love to all the world!

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Joined: Nov 29 2010
All righty then...

The BG 134 is also posted on ebay for a tad lower start price...


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