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lamagonzo (not verified)

Post this in the Furthur threads. I've seen one vote for "too much excess" and the rest of the votes have been positive vis-a-vis families with a small percentage of real concerns from parents.

Different venues will have different vibes depending on who shows up.

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Furthur Parking Lot?

I'm taking the family (my wife and I, and 2 boys: 9 and 12) to the Lowell, MA show later this month and am wondering what to expect in the parking lot.

My elder son has been into making wallets, cell phone cases and such, out of duct tape for family and friends. i told him he should embellish them with a lightening bolt or two and try to hawk them outside the show.

I went to 70 or 80 shows between '79 and the passing of Jerry, and to me the parking lot was always almost as enjoyable as the concert. But I've since been on "hiatus", and I don't know what the current scene is like. I remember that, as it got into the 90's, things were degenerating, with lots of yahoos and nitrous and whatnot.

I want to know if this minor league ball field parking lot would be a safe and happy place for the family to show up 2 or 3 hours early, do some tailgating, watch the crowd, and maybe sell some handmade wallets without getting hassled.

What do you all think?

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Reasonable Tie Dyes for YOU

Hi all. Please take a second and check out our goods and get ready for your summer Furthur love. We make straight forward, reasonably priced dyes and we donate 5% of every order to VH1 Save The Music Foundation. Thanks in advance and we'll see you guys this summer!

Seth & Amanda

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My blanket is spread... I don't get upset when the kid's and dogs wander on the shirts... but adults?

Creating and Teaching Tie Dyes at a parking lot near you since 1985.

Galen's Tie Dye Workshop @

10% of all orders benefits The Vermont Food Bank.

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starving artist

hello yall, please give my art a looksy, i have cheap bertha artist prints, and some very nice originals of bertha, jerry, MLK, BB King, and more.
thanks and keep on keepin' on!

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Multi-stone metaphysical wire wraps


We met many of you at the Spring 2010 Furthur show in Broomfield, Colorado (Denver). If you loved our jewelry and want to re-connect with us, please visit our website

Or stop by our boutique in Morrison, Colorado on your way up to Red Rocks. We'd love to see you all again.

~ Terrapin Dave
Morrison Jewelry

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2010 Furthur tie dye shirts on sale at

2 great shirts from the Furthur 2010 Tour

A purple tie dye with the cities and dates on the back

A brown, yellow and purple V tie dye with Furthur on the front and back

Also alot of old tour shirts too....

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Does anyone know what lot shakedown is happenin in @ Atlantic City 2/28 when Furthur is playing.

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Re;Jacie's farm and marye's comment

As Neal might have said,yes,yes,yes,one of you researcher types print me up a catalog of farm stays and other kind ways to 'make it' on the road and send me a copy yesterday....

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that sounds like a movie. Tourheads on the farm...

I'd have LOVED something like that back in my younger days. Good luck with it!


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