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Joined: Jun 4 2007
ok, mom...

ok, mom. thanks for the info.

thought it was 'our' bob.

no soy Senor Bob

soy vendedor


Joined: Jul 20 2007
No ccjoe!

That's not our sunshinedaydream Bob!! Someone new I guess!

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Joined: Jun 4 2007
soy marinero?

soy marinero?

soy capitan?

que paso que pasa??

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Joined: Jun 4 2007

Bob? thatyou?? sunshine daydream???

que hora es?

donde esta senor Bob?

es verdad?

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New Grateful Dead T-Shirts

Hey Now,
We just got some new Grateful Dead t-shirts in stock, just in time for the spring tour. Mens and ladies styles, and some new baby onesies as well.
You can check them out at our store in suburban Chicago, or on the web at

Mention when ordering and we will toss in a Grateful Dead sticker with your order.

See you on tour at Allstate Arena in Rosemont.

May the four winds blow you safely home...

Sunshine Daydream Chicago
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Joined: Mar 19 2009
artwork and tattoos

Hey all, please have a look at my myspace page. I t has my tattooing portfolio and a handful of painting s on it. I am hoping to start raging shakedown again. A few of you may know me from the late 90's, but I am back and getting back on the road. I am taking appointments for affordable custom tattos for late night, and days off for the spring tour, and will have some original artwork for sale as well. i hope to see you all and can hardly wait to get back home.

May the clear light inside guide you on your journey home;)

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Joined: Aug 20 2007

I'm collecting books about the DEAD.... if anyone has some for sale drop me a line.
I have about 90 and I think there are about 20 to 30 out there I don't have.
Tell me the title, author and if it's hardcover or paperback and how much you want and I'll get back to you. Thanks and see you at Shoreline May 10th

Joined: Mar 8 2009

Check us out at! We have the coolest t-shirts, longsleeve ts, hoodies, tiedyes, philathongs,etc. We are looking to change the world one shirt at a time! We give 10% of our gross sales to charity. 5% to a charity of the month, and 5% to the philabowl foundation which goes to feed the hungry! So join the philabong revolution, buy a really cool shirt, and help us make a difference!!!

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Some of you know me already as

Well another project underway, Building Your Family One Festival At A Time

Welcome to Festival Family, your one stop resource for music festivals. Festival Family is a unique experience combing music fest reviews and information, a kind pace to meet fellow heads and the only online shakedown street. Festival Family is music festivals!

At Festival Family, you will find our music festival reviews located in our community section of our website which means they were submitted by fans just like you. Going to a music fest for a first time? Just got back from a music festival? This is where we can learn about that particular music festival or share all those experiences with your friends.

Want to speak to someone that has been to a particular festival before, our forums are broken down per music festival so there is no need to search through the clutter. This is where you can talk openly and freely about your experiences, anticipations and upcoming plans for a particular music festival. Make a friend at a music festival, want to get to know people before you go? The forums are a great place to talk about that music festival in real time. What are you waiting for, start building your family now!

Shakedown Street is where you can connect with all the wonderful hippy artists that are out there making hippy goods just for you. Shakedown has everything the lot has to offer, minus the burritos and duct tape. It is in Shakedown you will find those true hippy goods that are handmade with love just for you! Finally, Shakedown Street is online!

Our family welcomes you with open arms to join our community as we grow it one festival at a time.

We are looking for additional Vendors before we launch Shakedown!

lamagonzo (not verified)
Thankas - in hand, on sale (can send photo)

Contact me directly at
Sorry Marye, we have no website. But you can always go to the popular auction site and see examples. You can also look up archetypes easily. Tibetans will usually give you their interpretation while Nepali's will almost always give you exactly what you hand us.
Popular choices we have in hand at present include:
Padmasambhava 1: $190
Buddha Shakyamuni: $215
Medicine Buddha: $230
4-armed Chenrezig: $210
1000-armed Chenrezig: $250
Yellow Dzambhala (wealth deity): $180
Nepali mandala 1: $225
Nepali mandala 2: $225
4-armedChenrezig 2: $155
4-armed Chenrezig 3: $210
Red Tara: $200
Solitary Vajrsattva: $225
Samantabhadra: $215
Padmasambhava 3: $250
White Tara (long life deity): $240
Nepali mandala 3: $250
White Tara 2: $215 (very nice work, excellent value)
Kalachakra mandala: $240
Yellow Tara (wealth accumulation): $250
Buddha Shakyamunni 2: $310 (lots of fine detail in gold!)
Blue Tara (Wrathful): $360 (very rare)
Kalachakra mandala 2: $240
Yellow Tara (wealth): $240 (yellow on gold, fine detail, deserves a fine home!)
Kalachakra mandala 3: $300
1000-armed Chenrezig 2: $210
1000-armed Chenrezig 3: $225 (cosmic, lots of rainbows)
Yellow Dzambhala: $190


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