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Some of you know me already as

Well another project underway, Building Your Family One Festival At A Time

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lamagonzo (not verified)
Thankas - in hand, on sale (can send photo)

Contact me directly at
Sorry Marye, we have no website. But you can always go to the popular auction site and see examples. You can also look up archetypes easily. Tibetans will usually give you their interpretation while Nepali's will almost always give you exactly what you hand us.
Popular choices we have in hand at present include:
Padmasambhava 1: $190
Buddha Shakyamuni: $215
Medicine Buddha: $230
4-armed Chenrezig: $210
1000-armed Chenrezig: $250
Yellow Dzambhala (wealth deity): $180
Nepali mandala 1: $225
Nepali mandala 2: $225
4-armedChenrezig 2: $155
4-armed Chenrezig 3: $210
Red Tara: $200
Solitary Vajrsattva: $225
Samantabhadra: $215
Padmasambhava 3: $250
White Tara (long life deity): $240
Nepali mandala 3: $250
White Tara 2: $215 (very nice work, excellent value)
Kalachakra mandala: $240
Yellow Tara (wealth accumulation): $250
Buddha Shakyamunni 2: $310 (lots of fine detail in gold!)
Blue Tara (Wrathful): $360 (very rare)
Kalachakra mandala 2: $240
Yellow Tara (wealth): $240 (yellow on gold, fine detail, deserves a fine home!)
Kalachakra mandala 3: $300
1000-armed Chenrezig 2: $210
1000-armed Chenrezig 3: $225 (cosmic, lots of rainbows)
Yellow Dzambhala: $190

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Joined: May 26 2007

do you have a Web site/online gallery for these?

Joined: Nov 21 2007

Looks like some very nice work !! I like it , very nice indeed ...

Joined: Jan 13 2009
Old Used GD related Ticket Stubs Wanted

I am collecting the old ticket stubs and willing to offer cash. I am looking for any Grateful Dead JGB Ratdog Mickey Phil and any dead related ticket stubs.

PM or Email( ) me if you want to sell the old stubs



lamagonzo (not verified)

Hand-painted pictures of Buddhas and the entire pantheon of Hindu-Tibetan deities & mandalas (literal blueprint type designs of the celestial mansion of the deities). I have connections in Nepal with a group of excellent thanka painters, Nepali and Tibetan, who can do any style if you have pictures.

These are the real deal, imported items with real gold paint that never fades away for the detailing (when needed or specified) and hand ground pigments from minerals and hand prepared canvass with real silk brocade.

If you don't know what these items are, but interested, just search it on auction sites. Our items sell in the $3-500 range, depending on size and complexity.

Send me an e-mail on this site or drop a post card to my address. Satisfaction guaranteed or money back! You will see a picture of the line drawing before the project will continue, at that time a 25% deposit will be due. That is traditional for this kind of art.

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Joined: Jun 17 2007
Original Artwork

check out my website and drop some feedback

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and now a brief Storefront moment...

...Amazon's storefront, that is....

Today only, "Wake of the Flood" is Amazon's Daily Deal, which means you can download the whole thing for $1.99. Better than the '70s!

Details here.

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Cosmic Wimpout

If you are looking for the game--try (big surprise)


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