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Joined: Jun 13 2007

I have 8x10 or bigger I have all the negs... took pictures from 72-91 not tons of old stuff more 84 on half dozen from before 80 great prices for 8x10 just pic or framed your call email me I send you an invite to webshots where i store them
steve walker

Joined: Aug 19 2007
Gary Fisher Grateful Dead Bike For Sale

This was my long time pride, hanging from my heady themed restaurant. I've since closed! So I have to sell some things close to me. Atleast here I know it'll go to a loving home. It is a 1995 Gary Fisher Limited Edition Grateful Dead Mountain Bike. It has slight wear to the rear wheel, (ocasional sidewalk cruise). It also, comes with a Limited Edition Poster. Email or call me for any pics or questions:
$799. Free Shipping
(419) 602-2052 Jim

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Joined: Jun 23 2007
any one want it?

i am liquidating my collection of dead daughter said she dont want the stuff - I thought she would consider it her inheritance, but.................???????????? I have concert photos, tie dyes I have made, buttons and stickers.....etc. let me know if ya are interested.....all it will cost ya is postage and a smile!

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Joined: Jun 7 2007
Thanks for the heads up

Thanks for the heads up nysteve! If I only had a fireplace, but...probably won't stop me. Thanks Gypsy, grate idea and art is good. thank you,pk

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Joined: Jun 8 2007
Addendum to "GD Christmas Stocking"

If you're a Dead head who believes in Santa (we all do, c'mon...admit it!!) you owe it to yourself to contact Gypsy Cowgirl and get one of these stockings. I have one...they are approx 24" long and if you like "stocking stuffers".....they will hold a ton of "loot" LOL!! I have posted a picture of it in the fan photo section so you can see it. You, or the DH in your life will love it!

..even a blind man knows when the sun is shinin' can feel it!..

Joined: Sep 2 2008
Inviting Vendors to CBGB FEst

What's up guys, I just wanted to give everyone a heads up about the inaugural Chicago Bluegrass & Blues festival, this 11/22 at the historic Congress Theater, all benefiting the Saving Tiny Hearts Societies fight against the country's most common birth defect.

The first 10 vendors that hit me up at will get a pair of tickets and free entry and free vending. We're excited for you to help us spread the word about this righteous endeavor

Michael Raspatello

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Joined: Sep 21 2008
Paint on down the...

road. We are traveling blues to Houston to acess things and paintn' fools no matrter what. See Anegle and I paint for the people and combine our love of photography and paint, come see the video because we also found a master in Frank Covino, he teaches and he comes to you...33 plus workshops May there be peace, love and roses for you and yours always and in all ways from Brother Jeff-IAm-A.LoverroM.F.A. Yo reach out, My last tour '94, I painted my way across the USA thanks to the boys, so thanks to the boys. And thanks to you, we are looking forward to your painting order, we except your photos or come see us @ Tex. Ren. Fest, for we are/you are all F.A.M.I.L.Y.(FromAnotherMotherILoveYou) pEACE

Joined: Jan 11 2008
hallo,fellow Deadheads...

in fact i am not tryin to sell something,but being an graphic artist and illustrator i am interessted getting into contact with people who are wheter interested into illustration themselves or you are a writer.poet etc.who is looking for collaboration with an illustrator.for all the rest of you who just like nice pictures you can find some (about 15)of my works on the community page of the dead net under Fan-art.all pics are drawings so you find them easily.if you click on the name of the pic it will show up in its best possible quality and you can leave a comment.they are not all together,but all over the page.otherwise you can also look at my profile (FRANKLY) where all pics are on one place,but the quality on is better.thank you very much.every sign of interest into my work helps me to get going and keepin it onPEACE:-)(-:Frankly

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Joined: Jul 10 2008

OK a lot of people asked for photo's of the art that have for sell. I really don't want sell this stuff but, times are really tough right now. I'm so far behind on all my bills its crazy. I really need the money more then the art at this point in my life. I just hope this art finds a good home with some one to love them as much as I have. They have brought a lot of loved and enjoyment to my life so this really sucks that it has to come to this for me. If it was meet for me to have all this great art Ill be able to buy it back some time down the road when times are better.

Everything that is framed has UV glass and acid backing. The Garcia NEVER SWAT A FLY, All the Bill Kreutzmann art, Griffin, Mouse and the Kesy is hand signed art. All the belt buckles are made by Stanly Owlsey (Bear). The blotter Madhater is signed be Kesy the roses print is signed by Timmothy Leary. Here is a link to my Photo bucket with all the photos of the art i have to sell. Please feel free to email me for more info. IF any one needs prices of anything feel free to PM/Message me with what you need a price of. Chuck

((( LINK TO MY ART ))))

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Joined: Jun 7 2007
dunno if this is the right thread......

but does anyone have any of the old Golden Road zines from back in the day?


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