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Thank you!

Thank you for the kind words, Anna!

I'm continuing to blog about the book here:

I'll be updating the blog often to share my experience writing the book but to also share the fascinating American history I discovered in researching the South West of the late 1800's and early 1900's. I hope to convey the rich tapestry of that particular American experience and one that we all find in the music of the Grateful Dead.

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Thanks for your writing efforts and generous e-coupon to get the kindle version for $1.99. I hope to see somebody reviewing it in the "What Are You Reading These Days" thread some time soon.

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Walk me out in the Morning Dew today...

Remember walking down Shakedown Street in the parking lot at a Dead show?

This lot style t-shirt will bring back some memories of tour.

Morning Dew T-Shirt
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my video

This is a video of me playing my sticks to the Grateful dead music. Paying tribute to the Grateful Dead,For their devotion of bringing the party and music to us for thirty years .The link below will take you to YouTube where this is posted. .Please enjoy the video. Please feel free to post comments good or bad because that's how grow .

Thank you. The rev ben stone...

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Jack Straw - The Novel

Hi Friends,

In 2008 while walking to work, Jack Straw came on the iPod and for some reason on this occasion, it struck me like a bolt of lighting. I knew I had to write the rest of the story. I became fascinated by the circumstances of the song.

Well.....Three years and two kids later.....I began in 2011, what became a full year of research. On January 1st of 2012, I started writing and had the first draft in June. About a million edits later, I self published Jack Straw this past weekend. It's been an amazing journey and I'm very proud of the book. Community members can use Coupon code: HF85E on Smashwords to download for $1.99. Thank you and I hope you enjoy!

Smashwords: All eBook Formats can be found here:

Kindle can be found here:

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Grateful Dead Headbands for sale $10 each!

I just started making these and am super excited about them :)
I can make any custom color combo, just email me

I have a coupon code going on right now for 15% off until April 27th (Use Code: '200LIKES')

Let me know what you think, and if you'd like a custom!

Love, Chelly

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Vintage Dead, Garcia, BGP T-Shirts for Sale

Just spreading the good word about 20+ original Grateful Dead concert/event t-shirts from the 70s & 80s up for grabs:

If you don't know about this site, take a second and check them out. I've shopped a few of their auctions and have picked up some great stuff in the past.

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Chirag Bangdel, An Emerging Nepali Artist to the World Stage

We (myself and spouse) have the pleasure of representing a very popular artist in Europe by the name of Chirag Bangdel. Chirag has sold out three straight shows in Amsterdam with his series called "Tattva". He has also exhibited in Germany and Belgium as well as several other European locales. His show in Lahore is due to open soon and he has one scheduled later in the year in Dubai,

We are now looking for galleries in in NYC and Stowe, Vermont to receive his pieces for exhibition as well as a gallery in Ottawa and Mexico City. His work is contemporary and very exciting and is not astronomically priced, as will be the case when his North American shows conclude and his positive reviews precede him.

From his biographical snapshot:

Chirag Bangdel is an artist, writer and poet from Nepal. He exhibits regularly in his country and abroad. Chirag has always shown his loved for figurative paintings and has created a large volume of works in the genre.

His eighth solo exhibition of paintings in 2006 was organized and hosted by The World Bank, Kathmandu, to mark Women’s Day. In 2012, The World Bank, Kathmandu organized and hosted another exhibition in it’s Public Information Office premises. Fifty-three of his paintings have been featured in United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) 2009 calendar, selling 2000 copies.

Chirag is also loved for his other series of mixed media and collage artworks which he calls “Tattva”. His series of “Tattva” has been exhibited in the Netherlands, where he had three complete sell out shows, in Germany and other countries in Europe.
Chirag is also appreciated for his on going series of installation art which he calls “ Experience Red” where he tries to show the futility of violence.

Also a writer and poet, he has authored five books, the last one being “Mist Around The Stupa”, a book of short stories and haiku poetry, published by Chautara Publications, the Netherlands.

Chirag Bangdel is also a radio presenter and producer.

From his Blog, Spring 2012:

"I've been painting in the brightest of colors. Red, blue and mauve. This time spring has hit me hard. I have been dazzled. Been painting like insane. Used up all my stock of canvass. Must have visited over eight times to the art store to get paint. My paintings are thick in Pasto. All juicy. Nothing overburdened with false intellect. Pure colors and pure joy. I now know why the impressionists were mad with happiness."

If you are a patron of contemporary art and you know an art gallery looking to identify rising stars from around the world that might be interested in inviting Chriag Bangdel on a standard gallery contract, please reply to me by PM for further details. We will try to post examples of his work in the coming days. We are currently discussing placement with a gallery in Stowe, Vermont.

Thank you and please tell others who might have an interest. This artist is going from poor and starving to famous and rich right before our eyes!

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A little wierd from my angle


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Tiz Ye Aft Yar Birdith Dove Ye Moon Glow Lion Go Rah Jah Folk

~~~~~"Kuntfilturdpeesh * Mayanayshevetz~~~~~~


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