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Joined: Jun 21 2011
hey now!

Sunshine Daydream, your goods are really cool.. so cool, I placed an order. Thanks for the discount! I'll definitely be back for some more Dead gear.

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Joined: Jun 4 2007
Save 20% at Sunshine Daydream because it's Jerry's Birthday!

It's Jerry's Birthday today so save 20% on all internet orders. Use promotion code "JERRY" . Not valid on previous placed orders, subject to stock on hand.

May the four winds blow you safely home...

Sunshine Daydream Chicago
708 S. Rand Rd.
Lake Zurich, IL 60047

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Joined: Jul 28 2011
jerry's birthday party!!

hey gang!!
i run a restaurant in LA and am having a birthday party for jerry - one day late - on august 2nd.
info is on the facebook page...

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Joined: Jan 9 2011
Poetry Slam Help!

I don't run a store, but I do run a weekly poetry slam in San Antonio, TX (my day job is teaching) and every year my poetry venue sends a team of 4 poets to the National Poetry Slam to compete against 300+ other poets. This year, we are struggling for funds because of the economy and because SA's art budget was slashed and thus so were our funds. I also help run PuroSlam Working, an organization that works with Non-Profits and Charity Organizations so that we can give back to SA what they give to us (both can be found on facebook as puroslampoetry and puroslamworking).

Anyway, in order to raise money to help get our poets to Nationals this year (Boston), we have set up a PayPal donation center on facebook. If you have the time, the money, and the passion to support local arts in a city that may not be local to you, follow the link, donate a couple bucks, and forever hold the appreciation of four struggling artists in the Alamo City!

Thanks for the indulgence!

J.T. Gossard

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Joined: May 26 2007

that's a really nice image. Sorry for your trouble and I'd sure take you up on it if I could afford it. I was just admiring this image elsewhere the other day. Good luck and I hope you find a good buyer.

Joined: Jun 14 2011
Jerry art for sale

I'm desperate to sell this lithograph I have of Jerry's. It's called the "Banyon Tree" and is in mint condition, framed, #273/500 hand-signed. Bought it in New Hope in 2002 and am looking to get back what I payed for it, which was roughly $2,000 (or I'll take the highest offer!)

Even if you, personally, don't want to buy this (or can't afford to) it would be appreciated if the word-of-mouth could get around. I'm desperate....about to get kicked-out of my house and I have 3 dogs and a daughter. I need the money to pay off bills and my rent.

If you have any questions, or would like some pictures, please email me at


Joined: Jul 6 2011
Jerry Garcia Grateful Dead Signed Infinity Guitar w/COA

Jerry Garcia Autographed Guitar

Beautiful "Infinity by JTG" black electric left handed guitar - autographed hand signed and inscribed " Jerry Garcia Grateful Dead" by Jerry Garcia. This is a great guitar produced in the 80's by JTG of Nashville. Highly collectible and rare on it's own (one sold without signature for $2,500 in May 2011). This collectable guitar has original authenticated hand signature of Jerry Garcia - Grateful Dead. Signature is on Guitar, not a pick guard signature. There is currently an identical signed one at an online music store currently on sale for $3,575. Starting bid on this one is only $1,595.00 for a great guitar and piece of Jerry Garcia history.

Includes Certificate of Authenticity. Will be carefully packed and shipped insured, or may be picked up in the Atlanta, GA metro area. See link below,

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Joined: Jul 5 2011
USB 3 Ch. Gemini Mixer for Sept.23 OR extra

3 Channel USB Mixer Gemini. Has rca jacks for cd/record player/ aux input(s). Bought brand new in March 2011 for $99.00 + tax to use for an online radio station broadcast. Total time on mixer about 2 hrs. Have all booklets. have pics if needed. Does not come w usb cord(any universal usb cord will work - we used one off our printer). Asking $60 cash or extra for Eugene(rather have extra - not cash :) if your doing Eugene and interested in the mixer, and heading through n CA on your way there, maybe we could work something out.

"...fields of fragile thunder..."

jonapi (not verified)
Lizard, lizard, there a gecko in here?

Sorry marye for not replying sooner!! ha ha!!
Damn, i'm sure i'm going about this Forum thing all wrong, as i post comments and then forget where!!! Those ol' grey cells giving me insubordination at every turn.
We'll be moving first to Yokohama and then hopefully, not too many years after that, further south to the countryside. Picked a good time to go, didn't we?!!!
That old saying about eating carrots makes you see in the dark could well turn out to have some truth in it! Well, glow in the dark.....
A sad, sad thing has happened to my beloved Japan; the people still aren't being properly informed about the radiation. The government as effective as a chocolate teapot.
SHAME on fellow human beings who don't respect their brothers and sisters. SHAME.

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Joined: May 26 2007
hey, this is the right place

and good luck with your relocation and new venture! whereabouts in Japan are you headed?


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