Grateful Dead

May 1977 Box (Digital)

Digital Download

What's Inside:
Five Complete Shows
5/11/77 St. Paul Civic Center Arena, St. Paul, MN
5/12/77 Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, IL
5/13/77 Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, IL
5/15/77 St. Louis Arena, St. Louis MO
5/17/77 University Of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL
14 Discs, 111 tracks
Mastered in HDCD by Jeffrey Norman, Plangent Processes playback system for maximum sonic accuracy
Artwork by Grammy Award-winning graphic artist Masaki Koike
Period Photos by James R Anderson
Historical Essay by Steve Silberman
Individual show liner notes


If you're a Dead Head, chances are you've spent many an hour expounding upon the distinction of May 8, 1977, Cornell University, Barton Hall. Well, at the risk of preaching to the choir, we'd like to reintroduce you to a series of shows that matches said greatness from that same gloriously fertile season. While Barton Hall is well known, the astounding tour that surrounded it has occasionally flown under the radar due to the uneven quality of tapes in circulation. May 1977 is set to change all of that with a boxed set that zeroes in on this high-water mark in the Grateful Dead's long strange trip.

For a band resurrecting itself after a 20-month hiatus, there was a great frenzy of expectancy that surrounded the Spring of 1977. We anticipate a grand reoccurrence of this fervor with the release of May 1977, a 14-disc boxed set featuring five complete shows from consecutive stops on that magical tour. Mastered in HDCD by Jeffrey Norman at Mockingbird Mastering, the "psychoacoustic phenomena" as Jerry once put it, of St. Paul Civic Center Arena, St. Paul, MN (5/11) Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, IL (5/12, 5/13), St. Louis Arena, St. Louis MO (5/15) and Coliseum at the University Of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL (5/17) can now finally be appreciated. Each of these shows finds the Dead delivering punchier, more focused sets, tightening up the framework; each night turning out first-ever renditions ("Passenger,""Iko Iko,""Jack-A-Roe"), unloading potent new pairings ("Scarlet Begonias">"Fire On The Mountain", "Estimated Prophet">"Eyes Of The World"), classic covers ("Dancing In The Street") and soon-to-be staples ("Estimated Prophet," "Samson and Delilah"), and ultimately rising up to paradise.

And now for the nitty-gritty...

Due June 11, May 1977 is limited to 15,000 individually numbered copies. Presented in a psychedelic box that boasts an intricate die-cut design created by Grammy®-winning graphic artist Masaki Koike, the set also includes a book filled with stories about each show, as well as an in-depth essay by Dead historian Steve Silberman, who delves deep into the history behind the tour and the band’s return from its extended hiatus.

Once these 15,000 boxes are gone, May 1977 and its shows will never be available again on CD. However, the 111 tracks will be made available on release date as FLAC and Apple lossless full-set-only downloads for $99.98.

Like its predecessors Europe '72: The Complete Recordings and Spring 1990, we expect May 1977 to sell out. Your best bet is to pre-order it now, then sit back, relax, and enjoy all the exclusive content we'll be rolling out over the next few weeks right here and on and

May 1977 Show By Show

Take a closer look inside of our numbered, limited-edition boxed set May 1977 with listening parties, videos, artwork and more from each featured show.

5/11/77 St. Paul Civic Center Arena, St. Paul, MN
5/12/77 Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, IL
5/13/77 Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, IL
5/15/77 St. Louis Arena, St. Louis MO
5/17/77 University Of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL

Listening Party

MAY 1977

"Wharf Rat" 5/11/77
"Mississippi Half-Step" 5/12/77
"Jack-A-Roe" 5/13/77
"Dancing In The Street" 5/15/77
"Terrapin Station" 5/17/77

David Lemieux on What’s Inside May 1977


Show #1
St. Paul Civic Center Arena, St. Paul, MN (5/11/77)

Disc 1
1. Promised Land [4:54]
2. They Love Each Other [7:38]
3. Big River [6:25]
4. Loser [7:39]
5. Looks Like Rain [9:18]
6. Ramble On Rose [7:48]
7. Jack Straw [5:54]
8. Peggy-O [8:43]
9. El Paso [4:44]
10. Deal [5:49]

Disc 2
1. Lazy Lightning> [3:32]
2. Supplication [5:20]
3. Sugaree [13:49]
4. Samson and Delilah [7:08]
5. Brown-Eyed Women [5:28]
6. Estimated Prophet [8:38]

Disc 3
1. Scarlet Begonias> [9:47]
2. Fire On The Mountain> [11:02]
3. Good Lovin' [6:29]
4. Uncle John's Band> [9:11]
5. Space> [5:48]
6. Wharf Rat> [9:51]
7. Around and Around [8:48]
8. Brokedown Palace [5:34]

Show #2
Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, IL (5/12/77)

Disc 1
1. Bertha [7:16]
2. Me and My Uncle [3:04]
3. Tennessee Jed [9:32]
4. Cassidy [5:05]
5. Peggy-O [7:52]
6. Jack Straw [5:45]
7. They Love Each Other [7:47]
8. New Minglewood Blues [5:20]

Disc 2
1. Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo> [9:54]
2. Dancing In The Street [14:19]
3. Samson and Delilah [7:07]
4. Brown-Eyed Women [5:28]
5. Estimated Prophet [9:25]
6. Sunrise [3:46]

Disc 3
1. Terrapin Station> [10:13]
2. Playing In The Band> [8:36]
3. Drums> [4:06]
4. Not Fade Away> [14:15]
5. Comes A Time> [10:20]
6. Playing In The Band [7:00]
7. Johnny B. Goode [4:18]

Show #3
Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, IL (5/13/77)

Disc 1
1. The Music Never Stopped [8:37]
2. Ramble On Rose [7:33]
3. Cassidy [4:46]
4. Brown-Eyed Women [5:35]
5. New Minglewood Blues [5:06]
6. Friend Of The Devil [8:38]
7. El Paso [4:55]
8. Jack-A-Roe [5:56]
9. Looks Like Rain [8:17]
10. Scarlet Begonias> [7:05]
11. Fire On The Mountain [13:19]

Disc 2
1. Samson and Delilah> [7:24]
2. Bertha [6:52]
3. Estimated Prophet> [9:51]
4. Drums> [5:47]
5. The Other One> [16:28]
6. Stella Blue> [11:51]
7. Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad> [8:05]
8. One More Saturday Night [5:21]
9. U.S. Blues [5:57]

Show #4
St. Louis Arena, St. Louis MO (5/15/77)

Disc 1
1. Bertha> [6:34]
2. Good Lovin' [6:07]
3. Row Jimmy [10:51]
4. New Minglewood Blues [5:33]
5. Tennessee Jed [9:35]
6. Lazy Lightning> [3:34]
7. Supplication [4:42]
8. Jack-A-Roe [6:24]
< 9. Passenger [4:31]
10. Brown-Eyed Women [5:16]

Disc 2
1. Dancing In The Street [18:49]
2. Estimated Prophet> [11:32]
3. Eyes Of The World> [12:48]
4. Drums> [3:13]
5. Samson and Delilah [7:28]
6. Ship Of Fools [7:41]

Disc 3
1. St. Stephen> [5:28]
2. Iko Iko> [3:54]
3. Not Fade Away> [9:38]
4. Sugar Magnolia [9:58]
5. Uncle John's Band [9:06]

Show #5
Coliseum, University Of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL (5/17/77)

Disc 1
1. New Minglewood Blues [5:46]
2. Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo> [10:28]
3. El Paso [4:48]
4. They Love Each Other [7:42]
5. Jack Straw [5:37]
6. Jack-A-Roe [5:59]
7. Looks Like Rain [8:10]
8. Tennessee Jed [8:46]
9. Passenger [3:36]
10. High Time [8:32]
11. Big River [6:39]

Disc 2
1. Sunrise [4:35]
2. Scarlet Begonias> [13:02]
3. Fire On The Mountain [13:14]
4. Samson and Delilah> [6:43]
5. Bertha> [6:16]
6. Good Lovin' [6:02]
7. Brown-Eyed Women [5:34]

Disc 3
1. Estimated Prophet [8:55]
2. Terrapin Station> [11:23]
3. Playing In The Band> [12:20]
4. Drums> [4:49]
5. Wharf Rat> [12:53]
6. Playing In The Band [6:06]
7. Sugar Magnolia [9:15]


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mayormarionbarry's picture
Joined: Apr 4 2008
Where are the 1977 downloads?

They were supposed to be released today. How do you buy these?

mayormarionbarry's picture
Joined: Apr 4 2008
Where are the 1977 downloads?

They were supposed to be released today. How do you buy these?

marye's picture
Joined: May 26 2007
Download FAQ link

is here. (This is for all downloads, not just this one which will be with us shortly...

marye's picture
Joined: May 26 2007

Link should be up now, at the top of the page right under the link to buy the box set. Speak up if you have difficulties!'s picture
Joined: Nov 3 2007
"The CDs are easy to removed from each sleeve as well."

Hmm, I had a problem getting a couple out and I usually don't have a problem getting them out. In fact, whoever put the discs in looks like they might've had a slight problem too as there were a couple of slight creases. Still, very pleased with the set so far.

mattthrelkeld's picture
Joined: Jun 18 2008
May 1977 has arrived

#10804 has arrived in Atlanta!! First off, I love the packaging and the artwork. The case is about the size of a DVD set. The CDs are easy to removed from each sleeve as well. Like the spring 90 set, may 1977 was shipped in a nice decorated outer box. I really like that touch.

I think everyone is going to be pleased with this box! I know I can't wait.

I started working at 4am today in Birmingham AL. After putting in a solid day I rushed back to the ATL because my tracking number said the box would be delivered today. I get home and beat the UPS guy by 30 min. The kids are gone for 2 days, my wife is still at work, it's 90 degrees outside but cool in the house, and it's time to crack open May 1977!! You can't beat that on a Tuesday! I'm working in Mobile AL later this week, 12 hours round trip of drive time, May 1977 came just at the right time and I think everything is just exactly perfect.

Thanks to Rhino, Dave, Jeffrey, Betty, and anyone else who in any way, shape, or form was a part of this release. I love everything y'all release for us and I gladly purchase them all. The music enriches my life is makes it a little easier to get by day to day. Thank you

Joined: Aug 29 2011
Reading too much into

you all are. Mine said backordered this AM and then I got an email saying it shipped today and now it says shipped. They're all on the way, I'm sure. The term backordered is probably just how they need to enter it into inventory before it gets shipped from a different location or something logistical like that. Can't wait to hear these. And FWIW DP #6 is a total prize.

Joined: Jun 7 2007

i expect nothing from these people other than that i'll like the music when it arrives. sometimes it takes an email or two. sometimes it requires a returned disc. sometimes i get shipping notices, sometimes i don't. sometimes it arrives 3 weeks after people post about receiving theirs. sometimes it comes before the release date. sometimes the deliverer wants more money. sometimes i get that money back. i used to care about all of this, but nothing changed, so i did. now i don't care and i just wait for the music, because that's what it's all about.

you can complain about rhino, but really, the provision of hard-copy product is a dying industry. nobody but collectors and people over about 35 buy CDs anymore. hell, i'd lay odds that the amount of people who steal this boxset by way of bittorrent will exceed the amount sold tenfold. what's left of record companies is outsourced and understaffed to preserve profitability. we'll be very very lucky if there are GD boxsets being released in as little as 7 years' time.

enjoy it while it lasts.

Joined: Jul 15 2007

'However, the 111 tracks will be made available on release date as FLAC and Apple lossless full-set-only downloads for $99.98.
' - anyone found where this is yet?

frunobulax's picture
Joined: Jun 13 2007

Like others, my status switched to ''Backordered'' last night. I feel good about shipping times, though, since both Europe 72 box and Spring 1990 arrived at my door BEFORE I received shipping notice or was dinged on my credit card. Rest assured, they're getting these things out as fast as they can -- though for almost $12 shipping, it seems like they could get it to us "same day as release" via FedEx.

Underthevolcano's picture
Joined: Feb 6 2008
lucky fans

we are really lucky to be still getting all this "licorice" all these years-keep them coming. I may like one release more than another one for any variety of reasons but I'm happy to have all of them. ditto with the Jerry releases. Man am I happy to have those too. Its not the same as being in the crowd 10 feet from the big guy but it's the next best thing at this point in time. Buy some for gifts to your friends who may be in the dark about all this.

PalmerEldritch's picture
Joined: Jul 25 2011

Thanks thismike. Nice post. My feelings exactly. Enjoyed the LouisCK clip, too.

Joined: Nov 3 2010
I'm just not cool

I'm with nottwo... I must not be very cool, smart, or discerning. I must have really low standards, as I have almost always been somewhere between happy and totally blown away by the fact that I can wiggle my fingers on the keyboard of my computer, have my bank account dip a little, then at some point BOOM some pretty amazing music that sort of accidentally got saved from when I was a baby {I was born in '67} will show up at my door, having been restored and made suitable for CDs.

I have been sharing this video clip from Louie CK with lots of folks lately, My wife and I love the perspective suggested in this 5 minute clip.

"Everything is amazing and nobody's happy"

WHenever these CDs make it to my door, I will enjoy listening to them, and thankful that in this way, I can stay connected to the international brother/sisterhood of fellow Dead fans. I am so grateful that the music vaults are accessible, and that there are enough of us still around that can support the Dead industry nearly 20 years after the band itself stopped touring.

I'm in BOulder Colorado, so I am fortunate to go to a lot of close-by Furthur and MIckey Hart Band shows every year, and that makes me happy too!

gratefaldean's picture
Joined: Jun 22 2007

Here as well. Whatever that means, at least I know that I'm not the only one. Just out of curiosity, I just added a set to my shopping cart to see what it would say -- status was "backordered" there as well.

Was really hoping that the package would arrive this week in time for my birthday...if it does, by some chance, it'll be an excellent surprise! Happy listening, everyone!'s picture
Joined: Jun 6 2007
For the record . . . .

I got the shipping notice half a day after the package was delivered.

cub's picture
Joined: Mar 20 2008
Human sez . . . .

I called the 877 332 3638 24 hr order info line. The words "back-ordered" threw me too. However I was told that my order with the standard Free Shipping offer would ship in the next 24 to 48 hours. It's Tuesday morning June 11th. When I call back Thursday morning I expect to hear that my order has left the store and is on it's way to me.

Joined: Jul 9 2007

Just checked my order status on this site. It states "backordered". Guess that answers thismikebenz question about what does 10,000 - 15,000 boxes look like in the shipping department. There are no 10,000 - 15,000 boxes in the shipping department. Hopefully this is just a mistake on the shipping status.

Joined: May 4 2012
Out for delivery this AM!!

Looking forward to getting it when I get home from work today!! Hmmm, maybe zip home @ lunchtime? CD player @ work though and no way to rip 14 CDs in 15 minutes...Still a pretty happy day!! Nice job on the shipping Grateful Mission Control!

Nottwo's picture
Joined: Jan 19 2011
Sound Quality

I'm so glad I'm not intelligent enough to notice the problems with sound quality that others seem to.
I am stunned by Dave's Pick 6, sound and performance.
I'm intensely grateful that they patch up these old masterpieces. And it seems to make sense that these get done before much of the later stuff gets released.

Joined: Nov 3 2010
shipping over 10k boxes

I wonder what a pile of 10,000 - 15,000 of these boxes looks like in the shipping department warehouse... Do they have a few warehouses, or just the one in Kentucky, or what? And where's the factory?

Joined: Nov 3 2010
what to listen to while I'm waiting for the arrival of the box

I recently obtained a decent set of CDs of the May 9th show, and have been listening to it in preparation. I'm looking forward to hearing how the jams evolved throughout the shows in the upcoming box. How fun that some European folks have received theirs while mine has aparently not yet shipped to Colorado. Kind of makes up for some previous box sets which had trouble getting to Europe. I once ordered a box from and sent it directly to a fellow in Australia because he was having difficulty with shipping, but that was a few years ago, and I think I heard that they have a newer outfit for "fulfillment" which I think means "order taking and shipping."

Joined: Feb 2 2011
I Got a Fever and the cure is more Cow Bell & May 77!!!!

My temperature is rising!

Joined: Sep 9 2012
May 77 shipping

Just got my email confirmation Things are moving and shaking!

Joined: Nov 11 2010
Just got my notice for DHL shipment ...

... to EU (Greece) and wonder what the import taxes and duties will be. Better with USPS... Anyone that had to pay these crazy DHL fees?


mattthrelkeld's picture
Joined: Jun 18 2008
Shipping Notice

Just got my shipping notice, May 1977 will be in Atlanta tomorrow afternoon! This set is sure to be outstanding!
Its almost time!!!

mk81ting's picture
Joined: Sep 19 2011
Double post, sorry

Double post, sorry

mk81ting's picture
Joined: Sep 19 2011
Order status

Just an FYI for everyone. You can check your order status and it does actually work. Just make sure you use your order number and FULL 9 DIGIT zip code. Hope that helps some of you. I know for spring 90 I sure as hell could have used that information. On that note, my May 77 is still listed as a preorder and my card hasn't been billed so here's hoping for tomorrow ;)

Joined: Sep 9 2012
Shipping notification

My credit card hasn't been dinked yet, so I'm sure mine hasn't shipped. Hoping for tomorrow!

Joined: Feb 2 2011
Thank you DancingBear.DK!

. . . And enjoy May 77 in beautiful Denmark.'s picture
Joined: Jun 6 2007
Shipping notice

@deadegad: OK, I see what you're getting at. And the answer is NO, I did not get an advance notice, by e-mail or otherwise.

Joined: Sep 18 2007
Good sound, bad vibes

Glad to hear that this is starting to arrive on folks' doorsteps! I'll be awaiting my copy in New Hampshire. This thread has indeed taken on a bad vibe, and I find that it often is useless to argue with those who are impossible to please. My advice is, if you think that Rhino, Norman, et. al. are releasing a poor product, check out what other bands are releasing. Has anyone heard the Allman Bros. archival releases, for example? Some are pretty much unlistenable to me, a real shame, especially considering that the Brothers won't allow their shows to be shared at places like etree. In fact, one of my favorite live Allmans release is the one from Feb. '70, recorded by Bear, that GD merchandising released many years ago and is now OOP. If you don't like what the powers are putting out, don't buy it. No need to get vitriolic.

Joined: Feb 2 2011 Email notice????

Hi Dancingbear.

Did you receive an email from saying that your order for May 77 was shipped to you?

If yes. When did you receive the email notice?'s picture
Joined: Jun 6 2007

oh, sure, it has just arrived - in Denmark.

Joined: Feb 2 2011
Email notification???? -- Did you receive an email notice that May 77 was being shipped or did it just arrive? Are you in Denmark?

Enjoy!'s picture
Joined: Jun 6 2007
And.... Here Comes Sunshine!

The box set has landed - made it all the way across the Atlantic ahead of time - #11555. No time for listening yet, but oh, what a beautiful box! It's much smaller than I imagined it would be, just right for a bookshelf. Big kudos to Dave, Jeffrey and Rhino.'s picture
Joined: Nov 3 2007

Man, I love this China Cat Sunflower->I Know You Rider->High Time and you can hear everyone in the band just going nuts.'s picture
Joined: Nov 3 2007
Bacon Bacon Bacon

What, no love for sausage? -:)

Joined: Feb 2 2011
. . . And the next release

These various box set releases sound good to me but I am no audio expert. Tuesday is coming -- and I cannot wait to unwrap this one. Christmas, Hanukkah, your birthday in June!!!!!!!!!

Gravy, Baby, Gravy, with Bacon!!!!!

A good early 80s box would be welcomed by me. Maybe a 79 box, you know, early Brent. Spring 80 from in and around "Going to Nassau."

Coconut Phil's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
The Big Picture

Seems like a lot of negative vibes have crept back up on this upcoming release. We should all be grateful that these releases keep coming. No other band has an archive like the Dead. They had the foresight to tape and archive their shows. We as fans are treated to many releasees a year, nice quality CD's, made to sound the best they possibly can. I just don't see why so many attack Dave for his choices, or fuss over the sound quality. We will continue to receive these releases for many more years. I for one am grateful for anything released. Some I like better then others, but we all have our favorite periods and songs. Lighten up folks and just take it as it comes.


Seth Hollander's picture
Joined: Aug 27 2009
UnkleSam, here's a reason

"why would the powers that be authorize a release if it is 43 years old and has been sitting on a roof or wherever for this long?"

1- How many times have commenters in these threads claimed they were not going to purchase an upcoming purchase because they already have high-qual copies of those shows? Almost every thread has one or more of us, the very-interested-in-new-releases community members, taking this stand. The internet has delivered unto GDM/Rhino both a blessing, the means to efficiently market to and interact with the customer-base, and a curse, the means for that same audience to get widely-available high-qual recordings of many of the Dead's shows.
Newly discovered tapes means these recordings were never torrented, treed, or LiveMusicArchived.
2- Ever decide to not buy a new GDM release because you have high-quals already?.... It isn't very pleasing. Some of us have collected A LOT OF DEAD over the years, tape-trading in the 80's/90's and internet harvesting in the later years... People in that position tend to like new-to-them shows! They're fun!

Personally, my perfect DaP year would be two new-to-me releases and two upgrades-of-shows-I-have releases. So far DiPs , Road Trips, and DaPs have provided me with many more new-to-mes than upgrades (and, as for 5/15/70, a brutal downgrade!), but I do enjoy first listening as much as when I was a young'un!
Your experience may vary...

Joined: Sep 5 2012
Unkle Sam

Unkle Sam: “As far as a sound system, had it for years, some parts over 40 years and there ain't too much better out there, it ain't new, but it kicks butt, I won't discribe it lets just say ‘top of the line’.”
Translation: My equipment is better than yours, so shut up.

Unkle Sam: “I'm not tone deaf so I can hear and what I hear is sub par.”
Translation: My opinion is not subjective. Those who disagree should see an audiologist.

Unkle Sam: “Now the real argument is will you pay for better sounding releases? I doubt it.”
Translation: Y’all just don’t care much about sound quality.

Unkle Sam: “I really have no beef with Norman, he just does what seems to be the norm today, just get it done and collect the cash.”
Translation: Norman is a greedy hack. Of course, I’m fine with that.

Unkle Sam: “Why the beef with ebay sellers? For those of you who think that capitalism ain't all bad, it's a great way to make some cash from yourold worn out cd's and lp's. It's the system that makes these recordings valuable for resale, not the individual.”
Translation: I’ll conveniently ignore the fact that – much like mail order ticket scalpers of days past – unsavory characters are sucking up limited releases before they can be purchased by actual music lovers, and flipping them for 100%-200% markups on eBay.

Of course, this translation is NOT intended as a personal attack - just my own personal, highly subjective and agitated take on Mr. Sam's antagonistic tone. Why can't we all just enjoy the music?

simonrob's picture
Joined: Jun 7 2007
Those were the days...

I remember when almost every release was greeted with almost universal approval. Most notably, Jeffrey Norman was regularly singled out for praise, and quite rightly so I reckon. Lately things have changed which could be due to any number of things. It is possible that the best sounding shows have all been released. It is also possible that Rhino have reduced the budget for each release with the result that Mr. Norman no longer has the time to make them sound "just exactly perfect" It is also possible that some people have set their expectations just too high and when these expectations are not met they become overly critical. I have not had a real problem with any of the releases to date. I will be the first to admit that a few have been less than perfect, but none have been so much below par that I feel the need to complain. I would much rather have the chance to listen to these shows (which have, after all, been deemed fit for release) than be denied that opportunity. I doubt that a poor performance will ever be put up for release by Dave, but there will undoubtedly be a few where the performance is great but the sound quality falls a bit short. I would still be grateful for the chance to hear such shows and would settle for "that is just how it is" rather than blame the engineer for being incompetent - which in the case of Jeffry Norman is clearly not the case. I listen to my music on a pretty good system (including HDCD) which can be a double-edged sword - if the recording is good, it sounds great, if it is not so good, the problems are obvious to hear. Even bearing that in mind, I still haven't heard a GD release where I think "this is crap. They shouldn't have released this". Ultimately, the whole listening experience is very personal and subjective so most opinions have some degree of validity.

Chitown rider's picture
Joined: Sep 10 2012
..personal attack

Unkle sam re-read your original post and tell us how that is not a personal attack on J. Norman, Rhino and "the powers that be" while you were at it why didn't you throw DL under the bus as well for his choices for the releases?
Here is a little info for you. perhaps it will change your "opinion"

•Mastered in HDCD by Jeffrey Norman, Plangent Processes playback system for maximum sonic accuracy.

PROMachine speed instability in the motion picture and music recording industries is a well-known and often unavoidable phenomenon due to the mechanical nature of analog recording. Two artifacts commonly known as wow and flutter result from mechanical speed inconsistencies and can conspire to ruin a soundtrack. Traditionally, wow and flutter anomalies have been considered unsolvable audio problems without the availability of an alternate, unflawed source.

The correction of wow and flutter is now possible thanks to a few unique technologies including Clarity™ Audio Restoration by Plangent Processes. Clarity is a combination of proprietary DSP (digital signal processing) software and hardware for the playback of 35mm magnetic sound film and audiotape that corrects the anomalies generated by both gross and subtle speed instability.

Using the ultra high frequency bias signal recorded onto magnetic film or audiotape, the Clarity process “re-times” the audio as if it had been recorded on a machine running at a perfect, constant speed. The result is a soundtrack with stability similar to that of a high resolution digital recording. Additional audio restoration processes are also more effective once the track has been stabilized with Clarity. Restoration engineers can more effectively target sonic anomalies like hum and hiss, which become more stable due to the Clarity process.
Plangent’s proprietary signal processing which eliminates wow, flutter and other speed aberrations present on even the finest analog tape recordings, revealing previously unheard clarity and increased image depth and focus.
Record labels, film studios, producers, artists and archivists turn to Jamie Howarth, founder of Plangent Processes, and authorized provider Airshow to restore their back catalog of high-profile works. Satisfied Plangent clients include Grateful Dead Productions, Neil Young, Pete Seeger, Queen, Sony Pictures, Fox Video, and many others.

as far as "who is this guy" Jeffery Norman

If you would like to know more about him you can visit his website at
please spend a little time there and read all about him and what he does and who he has done it for. I think you will find a new appreciation for him, and probably glad that GD productions picked him to work on the music that all of us love.


Chitown rider's picture
Joined: Sep 10 2012
this double post needs to be fixed.

sorry for the double post.

hbob1995's picture
Joined: Jun 26 2007
DP6 Sound

I also agree with Little Ben. While the time period of this release is not my favorite GD era, I think the sound is phenomenal! Considering these tapes are over 40 years old, and they were certainly not stored in any way that would have protected their integrity, I was amazed at the sound quality. Crisp & clear. I think Jeff Norman is a magician with the highest standards and is always trying to give us the best quality based on the tapes he is given to work with. Bravo I say!

unkle sam's picture
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personal attack?

not hardly, just a question, which it seems there is no answer to. How about answering the question? I was not out to attack anyone, just want to know what Mr. Norman's qualifications are, and to assume that I would attack anyone is just that, an assumption. you did't like the tone of my post or you didn't like what I had to say or you think Mr. norman's work is great, that's cool, but try and look at it from another point of view. why would the powers that be authorize a release if it is 43 years old and has been sitting on a roof or wherever for this long? Because we asked for it? Perhaps someone could explain what it is that norman does, ben, you seem to know, enlighten us would you?
This is an OPINION, if you don't like it, that's cool, you have that right, but to assume that some don't know what an engineer does or that we should all just love what we hear because Mr. Norman did it is blind faith.
I'm glad that some think that certain releases sound good, more power to you, I'm not impressed and will not blindly follow some down the path of " it's all good"
I would love to hear what Norman had to do to make these tapes releasable, did he have to scrape dust and cobwebs off of the tapes? or pick them out of a dumpster? if so, why are they deemed worthy of release. If one doesn't think that money is involved in all of these decisions, then I have some high and dry land in the everglades up for sale.

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listening party?

Little Ben Clock I couldn't agree more with your post. Maybe there should be a listening party posted demonstrating how the tapes for Dave's pick #6 sounded when they were returned. That might be interesting and help to stop the personal attacks.

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Sound quality

Well, I innocently asked about the Europe '72 sound quality complaints. I didn't expect quite this level of criticism directed towards Mr Norman.

I think one thing that is worth considering - if you haven't heard the master tapes, you don't know how a recording "should" sound. We don't know what condition tapes are in, what the budgets for projects are and what the bosses ask of the engineer.

More extraordinary was this outburst in an earlier post: "then, we come to Dave's picks 6, what's up with the pitch? why so shallow, no depth, can't hear certain players during the tunes, sometimes they come up, sometimes they disappear, what the hell is going on? "

You realise you're talking about a 43 year old recording, some of which was sitting in a box in someone's roof don't know? What do you propose the engineer do - travel back in time and tell Owsley to change his mix? What's wrong with the pitch? Sometimes you can't hear different players at different times because they play more quietly than other times. I actually think DP Vol. 6 sounds great. A nice, roomy Owsley recording, captured with the minimum of microphones. Pure sound.

Then there's this: "Dare I say it, who is this Jeff Norman guy? where did he come from?...Mr Norman, how about doing a mix right for once, tell the powers that be that you won't do it if it ain't right."

Outrageous. Personal attacks - and don't deny this is a personal attack - have no place in the discussion of sound quality. Try to show some respect to the guy who has prepared some wonderful music for us. If you don't agree with his mixing or mastering choices, fair enough but if you don't even understand what he does, don't hurl insults at him.

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mere dictum

rusty, I dearly wish I could have exercised your discipline with regard to this entirely superfluous release; alas, like a package of Oreos, if they're on the counter I'll surely eat every last one. However, I am resolved to be economically within the parsimonious confines of my abode on the evening of August 1st...

Mr. Mike, crack is a terrible thing - so, put down the pipe and start playing complete shows; remember, friends don't let friends play Dead compilations...peace/katie

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Re this set...

I don't have "To Terrapin" but my main Dead listening is via my ipod and whatever 6 CDS make it into my car's CD changer. It'll be a challenge to figure out which 6 out of this set would make it, right now, I have Dave's 6 and 3 or something like that, and like them both pretty well. But then I have my playlists. I like to take the chunks of shows and toss them into playlists. I will admit I don't have any "China Dolls" in my frequent hits. I have "show" playlists too but, if I'm at work for 8 hours, I toss on a playlist and let it roll and like what I hear. I'll check the whole sets out, since I have 2 weeks off *and* an new couch for our sunroom coming and it'll be great to check them out. I presume there'll be some parts that will be sick and I'll toss them onto the "AAASickDead" playlist [AAA so it's on top of the list of playlists...] and jam all day. Sure there's some odd transitions every now and then when "album shuffle" goes from 1977 to 1969 but I can roll with it...

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