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NE Ohio shows, Cleveland 10/73, summer tour '83, Norcal shows '90 on. 1991 New Year's, Oakland. '95 Mardi Gras, Oakland. All west coast SF electric music - Big Brother/Janis, Quicksilver, Airplane, GD. Electric guitars and bass, amps, sound, lighting, multi-media, theatrical pyro (my field). Songwriting, lyrics, singing. "When in doubt, twirl, or, alternately, learn how to play guitar." The entire American mythstream of the wildflower seed of the 60's peace movement. Can never get enough.


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1st show 11/73 Cleveland. Took a while to get into it - about once a year except for Stanford, Eugene, Seattle in '83. Not a lot of shows, but seriously into the music and the cultural mythstream. Pyrotechnist for stage & screen - my job. Worked final NYE show Oakland Coliseum 1990. Set up gear on stage, thrilled to see what the crowd looked like from up there! Met Mountain Girl in front of the stage, watched the show from 80 feet up in the rigging after midnight. Very attached to the feeling of helping to put shows on, have worked on Stones & AC/DC too. Guitarist, singer/songwriter - ELECTRIC - no busker here! Love trains.

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I like the people in the band, of course (!) and I dearly love some of the songs, and have been at some truly wonderful shows (incl. Further at Mountain Aire) but I am a musician, and I play the songs, too. In over 40 years of guitar, have never been able to play GD, Airplane, Quicksilver or Janis/BB songs with anyone. And I mean, "plugged in." Would it really hurt anything if someone could faciliate getting people to a "themed" jam, who already knew how to play? I don't mean drum circles and campfire music. I went to the Alembic store in '74 just to modify my guitar. I'm looking for people who can play this stuff - I can't possibly be the only person outside the band family that knows how to do this - it's preposterous - but it's been desert island for 40 years! Isn't that how long Moses was in the wilderness? I can't drive 100 miles to Oakland to jam Tuesday night at the Starry Plow, and be back at work in the morning, but I would do it for GD tunes. Sorry folks, but it's come to this!


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