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Alan Sheckter
Photography (concerts and nature), music, sports, gourmet foods, TV


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My Grateful Dead show career was based out of my home town of Philadelphia. I was lucky enough to officially shoot photos of about 15 shows for assorted publications. I saw 275-plus shows between 1976 and 1995, relocating to Northern California in November 1998. Been living near Paradise, Calif., in the Sierra Nevada foothills, since 2000. My old cassette collections sits idle in Rubbermaid containers under my bed, but for me, the music stays alive, in remarkably high fidelity, courtesy of Sirius Satellite Radio's Channel 32, the Grateful Dead channel. Nice rekindling those old memories while driving around in the mountains (and valley) in my pickup. After six years as entertainment editor of the Chico, Calif., daily paper, I've moved on. I'm now a grant writer and consultant for a small, socially conscious company in the Sierra Nevada foothills that does work for non-profits. On the side, I'm a regular freelance arts photojournalist for the local alternative newsweekly, the Chico News & Review. (updated 7-08)


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