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Michelle Akullian ,Michael McNally
music, music music, festivals, art, camping, living and loving a positive life!!!!


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we are the Alilfurther bus family, you may have seen our beautiful van featured on Deadnet band videos from the recent tour. Mike and I have know eachother scince we were kids and going to shows in the 70's.We didnt have a car then but somehow we always got there. We remet after a seperation of 20 years !The wheels turn in a mysterious way! We went to a Bobby show on our first Anniversary at Albanys Palace Theater.We were forever set on seeing all the shows we could(more than the 5 ) . We aquired our van in 2007,painted her up and off we go !!It has been a blast ever scince. We love all the people we meet , people add trinkets to our van everywhere we go .Just last evening a gent presented my husband with a custom made Dead shirt his mother had made .it was a beautiful moment. we smile and wave to everyone while going down the road feeling good !We will post photos soon we promise .Peace and love to you all!!!


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