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art, teaching, kids, nature, cooking, gardening-perennials & veggies, fine California Chardonneys-Napa & Sonoma
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Saw my first show in '78 with a friend at 14, towed about by her DH brother, been on the bus ever since. I teach Art in an elementary school and love it. Have tie-dyed everything you'd ever imagined and know one of my friend & my original shirts has been ripped off by the likes of Sesame Street! I can't say I am defined entirely by my job or love of the Dead, but they are a large part of who I am. Have a wonderful family with a jazz guitarist husband and 2 kids. Miss going to see the boys, but the occasional Ratdog, Phil, or DSO shows hit the spot...but leave me wanting more. Been to many shows than I can remember and never a stub-saver, truly don't remember them all! even more if I count in all the JGB, Bobby, Phil, Fuurther, Dead, & Other Ones shows....I am a ceramic artist doing small mosaics and tiles. Rider, Eyes, & Slipknot-Franklin's are my favorites hands down, any show, anywhere

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