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Anne Agura
God, Reading, Music, Geneaology, Traveling, Gardening, Personal growth ..... Love to cook, Love the Dead, and other music speaks to the soul. Love to go to concerts and dance, of course! Love interesting people who make me laugh and challenge me to grow and think. I certainly love outdoor life, cycling mainly, camping, hiking, and national parks.


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About to hit the half decade birthday. Married with 3 almost grown daughters. I'm originally from New England, and have lived in Seattle, and now in Texas, not my first choice, but hey, you gotta go for the jobs sometimes, and I have a good attitude about it! I have found this big ol' state to be a lot more interesting than people give it credit for.(And George Bush certainly generated a lot of negativity about Texas) When you live here for a while the Dead's songs of motorcycles, bandits, outlaws and gambling, and cowboys-- REALLY come to life in a fun fun way!!

My first Dead show was in 1977 - an incredible year to tune in - and the 70's was my favorite Dead decade. I had no idea at the time the impact these years would have on my life.

Looking for

Family in Texas, people to give me a heads up about good music going on in Dallas-Fort Worth


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