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Jody Davis
The Grateful Dead, everything/ anything connected to my 41 years of the never ending journey to neverland; weirdly enough, martial;arts which is the yin to the yang of the Dead, ; music, martial artist, martial arts master instructor, animal lover; NCIS Fanatic and oddly. I never thought I'd say this in 1 million years never mind the fact that I started practicing martial arts quickly becoming a WWE fanatic as well, Most of all, my son there's my world together with my beautiful Abby of course named after Abby shoot out or abs or Gabby or Gibblett from NCIS


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Deadhead, martial artist, mom, NCIS fanatic, with WWE coming up as a fast 2nd, animal lover, and I love to just chill.

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i am looking to see if anyone knows anyone who can make me a Dead themed cane... either like hand carved, painted, sculpted ... it doesn't matter. I need to use a cane and since the dead runs through every fiber of my body I might as well have it running through my canes and stats and extension of myself as well now does anybody have any ideas who might be able to help me ? I would really appreciate it !! Thank you


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