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singing and playing guitar, listening to the Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan, and lots of other music, reading English literature, writing songs and poetry
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Artur Schouten


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I've been a teacher of English Language and Literature for over 20 years now. Before that, I've spent many years working in the music culture (rather than music business) as a singer and guitar player, concert organiser, band promotor, recording studio hand, sound crew member, roadie, etcetera. I am a writer of sorts, having composed songs and written poetry, as well as publishing some music reviews. I have been among the lucky few who watched The Dead play at the foot of the Great Pyramid, and I rode after them into the desert night at the end of the final concert. The diary notes I took at the time have been worked into a piece of free lance journalism which was published in the Dutch music magazine Oor in December '78. Now that the Egyptian tapes have finally been released from the vaults, this story is just dying (for lack of a better word) to be told again - if only someone would ask for it. Uncut Magazine just might, so keep your eyes peeled...

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The current whereabouts of Bobby Banner III ('the third') who travelled with my mate Paul Kloosterman from Afghanistan to the Netherlands in 1971 and who later sent us two Dead bootleg reel-to-reels. These live recordings, some of which have later appeared as Dick's Picks Vol.8 (Binghamton) have marked our lives indelibly. If you're still out there, Bobby, we owe you lots of gratitude and we'd love to hear from you.


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