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Doing art--- I drew the Fall Tour '94 BANJO design, and 5 other venue designs thru CLUB DEAD in San Fran before Jerry Passed. - - - since then, my passion has been 'Making Live art with my favorite bands while they play, or illustrating for them while they jam in my headphones. I paint the backdrops and do t-shirts for some big festivals (10, 000 Lakes Fest, ((where Bobby, Phil, & Mickey have all played twice so far)) WeFest--- (the biggest drunk cowboy music fest in the world) --- and all of the Harmony Park, MN gigs -- where BILLY will be playing this summer., Other than that- I'm an ex skateboarder who loves surfing/snowboarding and hiking into the heart of Mother Nature (in all her beautiful places). ((And If I could have a soundtrack to hike to- you probably know who would be on there!!! :-))
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