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I saw my first show in Oct '88 in New Orleans (my home) The Neville Bros and the Bengals came on stage. That was my only TLEO ever and I saw 90 shows after that. I was hooked from the 1st note. ... and from the first minute I walked on the lot. What a scene! A head on roller skates sold us tix for 15 bucks and dropped some paper. I told him, he picked it up, and gave me my $ back for my ticket! My 1st show was my 1st miracle!

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Sndbrd of the New Orleans '88 show, the 2 New Orleans Saenger shows in Oct 1980, and anything and everything from Spring and Summer tour 1991 (Bruce baby!) ... my 1st full tour! and the Omni, Atlanta shows from '90 and '91. and Auburn Hills '91. Also Cali shows starting NYE 1991. (my 1st and only NYE shows... ) and the Dec shows from '92 and '93.


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